Perfect Match

Thank goodness it’s humpday.

And that I have had a great morning so far  :)  That’s what getting up on time, spending some time in Proverbs, and playing with a puppy will do for you.

It didn’t hurt that Nick made breakfast for us, either.


I figured I would have either some oatmeal or a pb & j sandwich, but Nick cooked up some bacon and eggs for both of us while I was finishing getting ready.

You know you married your perfect match when they give you the eggs that didn’t break  :)  Thank you Nick!


I had 2 eggs, 1 slice of bacon, and 1/2 an apple that we split this morning.


No coffee at home, sadly, but I’ll probably have that or tea at work – I have a feeling today is going to be just as busy as yesterday.

And Maggie says hi –


We keep her in her kennel when we’re eating so she can eat her meals and so we actually eat for a few minutes.

Nick’s actually about to take her on a short walk this morning to burn off a bit of her energy ;) She’s a little fireball.

Everyone had such great guesses yesterday! All of the answers you had made total sense, but the first person to guess Rose was…

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat)

Chickpeas? It’s gotta be Rose.

Congrats Amanda! Email me your address and I’ll get your gift on it’s way :)


What’s your morning schedule?

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  1. Aw what a good hubby! :-)

  2. Gah every time I see that pup my heart melts – what a love. My morning routine is pretty simple, workout, shower and off to the office. Sometimes if I’m super productive some laundry gets done…rarely though!

  3. I wish my hubby made breakfast!

  4. My morning routine has been so lazy and slow since vacation started. Then again, my dog sleeps in until 11, so I suppose he outdos me

  5. So funny what you say about the eggs. I give the ones that break to my dh because he likes them better :)

  6. Such a great breakfast! I love your Maggie pictures — she is a cutie :)

  7. Wake up, run, strecth and foam roll, shower, eat brakfast, start my day. It is the same every day :)

  8. No coffee?!?! ;)

    That’s a good idea you guys keep her in her kennel when you eat. Our dogs BEG and BEG and BEG! It’s so annoying!! Someone (my dad) started a bad habit with them.

  9. You’ve got a winner there…cooking breakfast? Awesome!

  10. Hey lady! Just playing catch up after being out of town for a whiles….Maggie is adorable!! I want her. So so cute. Happy humpday!

  11. I’m working on making my morning routine less rushed! This morning I was up at 5:30 and at the gym for a weightlifting class at 6:00. Then it was in the shower at 7:00, breakfast/coffee, finished up some emails, got ready, packed lunch and was out the door at 8:30. Mornings are hard for me, but I’m working on it! What a nice husband you have – can he come teach my bf to start making me eggs and bacon? ;)

  12. awww, i wish my fiance would make me breakfast!

    although, knowing him, i’d get something like microwaved eggs and burned toast. cooking is not his thing

  13. You know what, I thought it was me – but I didn’t want to guess myself. I should have so I won the prize :) hehe.

  14. hahaha I knew it was Rose! Yay!!!!!! I’ll email you now.

    How sweet of Nick to make breakfast. It looks so good!

  15. Nick is so nice to give you the good eggs :)

  16. awesome surprise breakfast! Maggie is too cute too=) My morning routine is getting up at 6 and hitting the gym. Then shower and head off to work where I eat breakfast at my desk. Usually oats i can microwave. Nothing spectacular but it works! Have a super day!

  17. My morning schedule is always so rushed. I get up and get dressed quickly (unless I need a shower…I usually shower the night before). Then I throw my oatmeal in the microwave while I do my hair and makeup. I fill up my water bottles and take it down to my office to eat. It usually takes me 15 minutes to get ready. I hope soon to do some yoga in the morning.

  18. aw Nick is such a sweetie!

  19. I’ve loved starting Proverbs this month! It’s such a thoughtful book.

    My morning consists of turning on the coffee, eating breakfast (usually I’m hungry right away), checking email and blogs, and then digesting and working out. Of course, this is my dream life while on vacation. When school starts it will be a bit different ;)

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