New Year, New Goals

I know what you’re thinking – more resolutions to read? Aren’t I a little late with this?

Maybe so.

I’ve just been thinking about this coming year and what I want, and it’s taken me a while to come up with the right words.

2009 was actually a pretty good year, if I consider the few years before it. We finally had a year with no major medical issues in my family – no heart attacks, no 5 am phone calls, no ER visits or emergency surgeries – and I am extremely grateful for that. After 2 years of craziness, it seemed to calm down for us in 2009.

I’m not sure what 2010 will bring, but I want to be ready.

I don’t really make “New Year’s Resolutions”, but there are things that I would love to see happen this year so I’m just going to put them out there.

I want:

To be a better wife, daughter, sister, and friend.

To trust God more and lean on myself less.

To find a job that I love. I want to be excited about what I do and use my education and my passions every day.

To make a difference in someone else’s life and stop thinking about myself so much.

To wear high heels more often. I feel awesome when I do; I’m just too lazy to really dress up most days, and I shouldn’t be! Go me for doing this today!


To do things I’ve never done before: bake my own sourdough bread and biscuits (soon!), travel more (soon!), hike new trails, try new foods, wear patterned tights, …


To cook even more. I want to try new recipes and make up more of my own.

To have this in February (more on that later).


To read more, to write more, to get out my Pampaw’s old guitar this year and learn to play again (or at least attempt it).

To find peace and joy every day, no matter what happens around me.

To spend as much time with family and friends as possible. They are my everything and I don’t know what I would do without them.

To stop worrying about things I cannot control.

To not miss a moment of this year.

To not sit out of something because I’m scared or nervous or anxious.

To embrace everything I’ve been given and stop pining over the things I haven’t.


I look at some of these things and think they’re totally possible and I know that they’ll happen. And then there are some that I’m not so sure about, but I’m putting them out there regardless.

I want to know that the things I’m striving for are worth it for me.

I’ve read through many resolutions that have been posted and heard a lot from other people and I had to really think about these things. The things I want. The things that are important to me. If I’m constantly striving for what other people have or their goals or their wants, I’m never going to find that peace and joy because I won’t be going after what I want.

So here they are – for me to read and remember at the end of this year.

And who knows what it will bring?

We’re only 6 days in, but I have a good feeling about this year.


What are you goals for this year?


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  1. Those are great goals! Mine include running my first half marathon, practicing yoga at least 5 days a week, move to a new city and get a new job.

  2. I think you’ve put together some really amazing goals. I also need to stop worrying about things I can’t control. I can identify with so many of your goals. I’m not so good at keeping New Year’s resolutions, so this year I basically made just some cooking and baking resolutions – like making more homemade bread and soups, cooking more creatively and less from recipes … and a whole list of things over on my blog.

    Glad to hear your year is going well so far. And hope everything’s going well with Maggie! I show my boyfriend the pictures that you post of her every day — he’s such a dog lover and suggested a while ago that we think about getting a Brittany for our second dog. Maggie is definitely very convincing. :)

  3. Great goals! Sounds like you are brimming with motivation!

  4. HOT tights! Love. :)

  5. All of your goals are wonderful!! I love high heels too! You look marvelous in them!

  6. Well, I have 2 I am really working on, and others that are a continual process :)

    We are leaving our church of 25+ years and starting at a different one. My goal in that is to make an effort to meet and make new friends and get involved in a ministry of some type there.

    Second is that I am giving up sugar for 2010. I have several reasons for this. In the past, I have always tied it to a “diet” which I give up on after I lose a few pounds. This year, I am doing it independantly of any diet I go on.

    So there you have it. Good luck to all of us who are striving to make in better in 2010!

  7. Great goals!

    I really need to work on dressing up for work more often. I am an engineer and work with bunch of engineers so I don’t see the point. I can wear the same exact thing everyday and no one will noticed.. but on days that I dress up I feel great.

  8. Your goals sound great – completely achievable!

    My goal is simple – take it one day at a time, reach the goals set for the day and start again the next day.

    So far so good! :D

  9. Great goals Brandi. I posted too many on my blog to list here in your comments. But my most favorite (today) is to make sugar free desserts. I miss dessert but not what the sugar does to me. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some that don’t involve splenda too.

  10. Great goals! Although I did outline a few specific ones, mostly I am just working on being healthier one day to the next ;-)

  11. Great goals! Some of mine are too stop the bingeing at night, run my first 5k, and also find a job I love.

  12. These are awesome goals, and I know that you can accomplish all of them :-)

  13. I love your goals! I hear you on the high heels… I put them on, then took them right back off this morning!

    Am still coming up with my own…

  14. I love all your goals. I have been tossing a few of mine around. I really want to make an inspiration board too.
    Be warned with the sourdough. It was be sinfully good. My Mom used to do it and make the best biscuits I have ever had in my whole life!..true story :)

  15. that’s a terrific list! i’ve yet to think about my own. so you’re ahead of me already!!!

  16. I love your wants for 2010. I can definitely relate to a lot of them.

    I was late in posting my goals too. It takes awhile to come up with things like that.

    Love the shoes and tights girl!

  17. Goals and resolutions are never late. Make them as you’re inspired to! Your list is lovely and perfect. I may have to take some tips from you to enhance my year (and LIFE) too! :)

  18. These are fantastic goals! I want to wear high heels more too, because you are right, I always feel super sexy and confident when I do, but I am also way to lazy and prefer my flats when I am on my feet ALL day!

    You are adorable and always make me smile! ;)

  19. Cute tights and heels! Love it!!

  20. I think those are fantastic goals, and it’s never too late to make/talk about them. You def got me thinking about a few of them for myself even though I already made my goals…such inspiration :)

  21. You have a great set of goals for this year! I posted a few of mine on my blog but am pretty sure I will be adding more as I think of them!

  22. It’s never too late to make a list of hopes and goals :)

    This is the same approach I took–I made a list of things I would like to continue to see happen in my life, a list of hopes that are optimistic. The only way to begin the new year is with positivity.

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