Puppies + Mugs

I better be quick! The Orange Bowl is just starting  :)  Georgia Tech vs. Iowa – I have no clue who will win, but I have to hope for the ACC in this one.

Work was nuts today – we’ve been so busy lately! It’s never slow in our office, but it’s not normally this busy at this time of year either.

I ended up not having a snack this afternoon and I’m glad I didn’t because I would have wasted my dessert!

We got home around 5:40 today and played with Maggie a little bit until we wanted dinner.


Cute, huh?

Too bad she can make your hands bleed in 2 seconds.

Or make you wash the kitchen rugs again because she had her first accident in the house in days.

Oh well – puppies are puppies, right?

Thankfully, dinner was leftovers tonight, but they were more fun than last night!


I got to use one of my Christmas gifts tonight!


My older sister painted a mug for me and Nick for Christmas, and this is mine. I love it!

It was the perfect thing to use to try this new brew.


I found this one this weekend – the company started in Virginia, but is in Delaware now. I liked it!


I heated up the leftover chicken, couscous, and green beans from last night and we ate that while Maggie ate dinner in her kennel.

Having a puppy just makes the days go by so fast! I feel like it’s so late already. At least I’ve already gotten some things done.

  • I fed my sourdough starter.
  • I made hard boiled eggs.
  • I packed part of lunch for tomorrow.
  • I started washing those rugs…
  • I’ve got dessert ready and waiting :)


This is why I’m happy I didn’t have these for a snack :)

I’m happy I have them for dessert!

Nick and I went to The Chocolate Spike at lunch today, and I got 2 truffles to try.

1 milk chocolate gingerbread and 1 mint medley fudge.


and….she just pooped in the kitchen.

It may be a long night.


You all had some great guesses – I’ll announce the winner in the morning :)



  1. Your dog is adorable!! It seems like you’ve been pretty productive! :) Enjoy your night.

  2. Just remember she will eventually grow out of her puppy stage!
    Mine has eaten the new area rug in the living room, stolen several balls of my yarn, Barks none stop (especially at her reflection) and races around the house like a crazy dog and then passes out! lol
    Hang in there hun! After her starts listening to your training and all she will be an angel!

  3. Puppy is so cute that the rugs can totally be overlooked. My pups chewed on all of my kitchen rugs too. Wonder what the obsession is? Oh well, rugs are rugs. :)

    Mmmm, truffles for dessert. Now that’s livin’!

  4. She is so cute! Mine ate through half of my house, and ripped out the whole bottom lining of the couch with his sharp little puppy teeth. Oh, but it’s the best! Enjoy the puppy time. Seriously, not to sound like a mom, but it goes so fast!

  5. AHH I want to play with maggie!

  6. Wow, that peppermint truffle looks like it’s going to be good!

    Good luck w/ the “cleanup” in the kitchen…hopefully she’ll learn soon!

  7. I want a puppy sooo bad!! Mmmm I also want a truffle!

  8. Gingerbread truffles sound INTENSE!

    As does, uh, cleaning up after a puppy. I know I am not responsible enough to be a puppy owner.

  9. oh, puppies. julius wasn’t officially housetrained for a year. i still have a giant bottle of nature’s miracle from then!

  10. Oh dear–good luck, house training dogs is tough, but eventually they learn!

    Those truffles look delicious, nice end to the night :)

  11. Puppies are like that until they learn and adjust to the new environment. But she is so adorable.

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