Foods for Thought

Today’s lunch made me think of another blogger.

Can you guess who?


I’ll give you a hint.

My lunch was leftover Indian and it had chickpeas.


and a clementine, but that’s not what made me think of this person.



Any guesses?

First one to get it right will something from me :) 

The prize? A surprise!


Do certain foods make you think of other people?


  1. Eat, Live, Run!! She always has Indian frozen meals that she heats up!

  2. Chickpeas? It’s gotta be Rose.

  3. MamaPea!?!

    Oats always make me think of Kath and anything with Kefir makes me think of Allie.

  4. I would guess Miss Everythingtarian, Holly.
    And food definitely reminds me of people. Trail mix reminds me of you, especially the Trader Joe Perk Me Up one :-)

  5. Kerf
    Never had Indian Food!

  6. I say Rose from on a lobster placemat!

  7. I’m not the first but Jenna loves those things!

  8. Chickpeas always make me think of Rose!

  9. Either the Fitnessista or Rose from on a Lobster Place mat.

  10. That makes me think of Holly!

  11. Fitnessista! Maybe. She always goes for Indian on Wednesday!

  12. I don’t have a guess so I can’t enter your contest, but I wanted to let you know that YOU won my contest! If you e-mail me your adress I’ll send out your (tiny) prize! emilyhwax(AT)

  13. I would have to guess the Fitnessista!

  14. I think that it’s the lovely Miss Holly! I definitely checked out her chickpeas last night, and she is always having herself some Clementine love for a snack. :-) Foods definitely make me think of people, especially if it’s something that my Mom makes. Sometimes food makes me think of different events too.

  15. Darn, I was hoping I’d be the first to guess Rose!

  16. Iowa girl Eats has had ‘um a couple times lately!

  17. ROSE!!!!!!! Chickpeas are her favorite. ;)

  18. the fitnessista(Gina) or Rose!

  19. aw man tough call .. all bloggies love chickpeas! I’m gonna through out Caroline over at Caroline Dines. She’s a chickpea whizz!

  20. I am totally going to say Eat, Live, Run … because she is Always making combinations of Beans, rice, and sauces!!

  21. certain foods definatly make me think of certain people!
    potato sausage=my dad
    sauerkrawt=my mom
    veggie chkn bugers=my sister
    icecream=otha sista
    and scallop taters=my auntie:P

  22. Definitely Rose!

  23. haha I always think of Gina the Fitnessista when I hear about Indian food.

  24. The hungry, hungry hippie? She’s a hummus lover…so chickpeas, maybe? Looks good!

  25. My guess is the lovely Holly. She always has a bit of “everything” but chic peas with a side of Indian is right up her alley.

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