Is There Sugar in Syrup?

If you know that quote, I like you  :)

I felt a little like Buddy the Elf while making dinner tonight.


2 of our dinner dishes included maple syrup.


For dinner tonight, we had Maple-Mustard Chicken and Israeli Couscous with Apples, Cranberries and Herbs (with a maple dressing).

The chicken was easy.

I thawed some chicken thighs today and just coated them with a mix of maple syrup + honey + whole grain mustard + dijon mustard + salt + pepper + garlic.

I spread the mustard mix on the chicken and baked them at 375 for about 45 minutes.


This couscous dish was awesome! One of the best couscous recipes I’ve ever made, hands down.

We love Israeli couscous – it’s like little doughy pillows and is even better mixed with diced apple, cranberries, almonds, and a maple + apple cider vinegar dressing.


No snack this afternoon – I had a crazy day with work, and not a “good crazy”. I just didn’t even think about a snack until the workday was over, and then I didn’t want to ruin my appetite.

I’m thinking that some of the last of my Mammaw’s fudge + some hot tea will be my snack tonight  :)


Football starts now!



  1. I will use any excuse to work maple syrup into my meals :-) It goes sooooo well with roasted root veggies

  2. I absolutely love Elf. What a movie! And maple syrup isn’t too shabby either :) Your dinner looks fantastic!

  3. I made almost the exact same thing for dinner, only I used tofu. It turned out delicious!!!

  4. I love Buddy the elf and Hunni really is his embodyment :-)

  5. what’s your favorite color?! ;)

    love Will, and Elf, and maple syrup, and you :) xo

  6. Love that movie! I love mixing sweet with savory even better :) Your dinner looks awesome!

    Santa!? I Know him!

  7. Your dinner looks fantastic!! I need to try couscous!

  8. I heart Elf! I love adding sweet flavors with main dishes. It is like getting dessert early :)

  9. Buddy the Elf, What’s your favorite color? LOVE that movie! Dinner looks fab :)

  10. haha love that movie :)
    The couscous looks delish!

  11. I looove Elf. That movie is so funny.

    Your couscous sounds awesome. I love adding fruit to my side dishes at dinner. Who says sweet is only for dessert?

  12. I <3 maple syrup :)

  13. Yummy dinner, I think maple tastes the best paired with savory.

  14. mmm i love how pretty isreali couscous looks! i need to get some one of these days…

  15. At least you’re not pouring maple syrup over spaghetti. :)

  16. You’re the only person I ‘know’ that also has a Mammaw :) I always feel a little goofy saying Mammaw when everyone here says Grandma, Abuela, Nana, ect… AND…my Mammaw made me fudge this year too :) But I’m taking it to work tomorrow to share since there’s absolutely no good reason for me to eat a whole tray of fudge by myself. lol

    btw…got your response and I’m glad you’re okay!! And most glad that you enjoyed your break.

  17. This is weird! I was just talking about making maple-mustard chicken later on this week. Too funny! That Israeli couscous dish sounds and looks amazing. I’ve never cooked Israeli couscous before but I always love it whenever I eat it at a restaurant or from the WF salad bar. What a delicious dinner. I hope you are enjoying the new year!

  18. I’d really like to try Israeli couscous, because I tried regular and did not like the “tiny-ness” of it. This kind looks so yummy though!

  19. GREAT meals!! love your oatmeal..def like an almond joy candy bar!

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