Apple of My Oats

Good morning!

No headache to speak of this morning so far :)  I’m happy about that!

Maggie’s been playing like crazy this morning – which means toys are everywhere, shreds of toys are everywhere, and I have lots of little bite marks on my arms, hands, and toes.





It’s a good thing she’s so cute ;)

This morning is the first morning with us both getting ready to leave for work and playing  with her, taking her out, etc. Nick woke up and took her out this morning and fed her breakfast before I got up, and then he played with her while I was in the shower. After I got out, we switched and I played with her while he was getting ready.

That system seems to work pretty well right now, and I’m very thankful that Nick has been getting up early to let her out and feed her in the morning.

I decided on my breakfast last night so I could get ready pretty quickly today.


Apple Cinnamon Butterscotch Oats!

And actually the butterscotch was a last minute addition, but a great one!

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • cinnamon
  • 1 small apple, diced and microwaved for 1.5 minutes with cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp cinnamon raisin pb
  • 1 Tbsp butterscotch chips


Apples + butterscotch = A great match and a great breakfast.

One more trip outside with Maggie, and I think we’re ready to go.


What pet(s) do you have?


  1. Has she chewed any furniture? We want to get a dog, but growing up a few dogs chewed my moms furniture when they were puppies!!

  2. i really need to start adding butterscotch chips to my oats! everyone always says they taste the best!

  3. We have 3 large dogs. Shelby, a Lab mix, is 14. Maggie, a Lab Shepard mix, is 5. Doogie, a Rottweiler mix, is 3.

    Since moving to a very rural area the dogs have exposed us to more nature than I care to know. Last year Doogie got a little too curious with a skunk. I don’t have the words right now to describe the severity of the smell.

    Christmas Eve Doogie found a deer carcus to feast on. I don’t know where it is but he’s been nibbling on it for days. The smell is vial.

    All this aside, Margaret, our 1-year-old, LOVES the dogs. They are so very good with her.

    I think I need to write my own Marley & Me book……

  4. I have a 12 year old dog named Montana. These days he’s more of a sleeper than a player

  5. We just have a dog; a golden retriver named Rex. He is a pain sometimes, but in a loveable sort ofway ;)

  6. I have a 75lb bulldog named Ruffy.
    He is 13 and I wish I trained him in a crate like you are doing with Maggie.
    Unfortunately he sleeps with us, or should I say we get to sleep with him.

    But at least I am in the middle.

  7. OMG cutest dog ever….its so hard when they just keep yelping when they are puppes but are just so darn cute!!! :)

  8. Glad the headache is gone! I want a dog but we aren’t allowed where we live :-(

  9. I think the blog world knows my Terrors (yes, Boston Terrors ;) ) by now. You know what toys are really good for dogs – Kong brand. They might be a little too tough for puppy teeth but keep that brand in mind when she gets a little bit older. Kong has been the ONLY (and I’m serious when I say only) brand that has survived three dogs who love to shred their toys.

  10. I’m dying for a puppy – but after having spent the week with my sister’s I’m realizing what a lot of work it is…but look at that face! They’re so worth it!!

  11. Your oats sound soooo good. We have a pet lizard and a pet fish…they’re not very fun lol

  12. I love butterscotch chips, perfect topping for morning oats!

  13. I really enjoy seeing Maggies pics everyday.. she is a doll.

    I have an English Setter Sadie… and I love her to death. I used to have a dog phobia so we bought her as a puppy to help me get over my fear of dogs. The first few months I would just watch her and not touch her or let her get close to me… now I wish I could have cuddled with her when she was just a little puppy.. but Raymond cuddled with her for both of us. :)

  14. I don’t think i’ve told you, but Maggie is the cutest puppy ever!!! :) so glad to hear things are going well!

    I hope you have a great day at work! xoxoxxo girl!

  15. mmm excellent oats! do you have a kong for maggie? if not, you should get one and fill it with peanut butter and she will be occupied for hours! or.. at least ONE hour :P i have 2 doggies! glad you have NO headache, hooray :)

  16. It is SO like having a baby, isn’t it? With Janetha on the kongs! Kong actually just came out with a Kong Extreme line. This is the only toy Frank can’t chew through!! Great looking breakfast

  17. My boyfriend has a 100-pound chocolate lab named Gunner… and since we live together now, he’s kind of my dog too. :) At home (my parents’ house), we have two jack russells. Love them!

    My boyfriend and I are contemplating getting another dog… our dog loves small dogs. And now that I’m seeing all your puppy pictures of Maggie, I am dying for a new puppy!

  18. mmm butterscotch oats!? terrific!
    glad you are headache free:)

    I have two pets! A cockerspaniel named Quincy, who is the love of my life. And a white kitty we adopted named Ozzy.

    no package yet :(

  19. YAY for your headache being gone! Apple Cinnamon Butterscotch oats sounds absolutely amazing!!

  20. Ahh! I sooo want your doggie! Stop posting such cute pics of her :) Lol!

    Apple Cinnamon Butterscotch oats sound scrumptious! I want some!

  21. I love the little routine you guys have going with Maggie–such good puppy parents! :)

  22. Butterscotch and apples are awesome.

    We have two older dogs Peanut and Leo. We adopted them from the Humane Society last August. They are little balls of fluff.

  23. Butterscotch chips may be one of my favorite little treats, ever!! I used to add them to my oats a lot last summer, but haven’t remembered to in forever!! Changing that soon :)

    Maggie is just so precious!! It must be so fun to have a little puppy in the house, even if she’s biting you all the time–hahaha
    Oh, and I have a dog and cat–between 11 & 14 years old!

  24. No pets yet :( I want a puppy but since I live alone in an apartment it just isn’t feasible right now.

  25. those oats are a dream! do you microwave the apples separate from the oats and then add them in? I’m so intriguedddd.

    I have no pets, unfortunately :( never have. Unless of course you count the goldfish that I won at a fair who died before we got her in the car. So tragic!

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