Worn Out

Hey, hey, a dinner post :)

Maggie just laid down and is snuggling Nick on the couch – it’s been a busy day with her.

I got a little laundry done while she was napping this afternoon. When she’s really sleeping, she doesn’t even notice me getting up and moving around the house, which is great – otherwise, she wants to follow me everywhere and we don’t have her (or want her!) going downstairs yet.

After taking her out to the bathroom and sneaking Roxy a little leftover yogurt snack, Nick took Maggie for a short walk.

I heated up some of the leftover tuna casserole from last night and steamed some broccoli for dinner.


Salt + crushed red pepper make everything better.


We finished dinner and played with Maggie for a while before she got sleepy again.

I’ve got one load of laundry to fold (that just finished!) and then…


I’ve got a Christmas treat plate waiting for me  :) 1 homemade sugar cookie (baked by Nick’s parents, iced by Nick and me) and some of my Mammaw’s fudge. This will probably also involve a cup of hot tea, which has happened the past 3 nights.


*And I have not forgotten about football. Oh no. ;)

I’ve been watching the bowl games, but with Maggie taking over our lives and traveling, I haven’t been remembering to put them up!

So – tonight! 8 pm – should be an interesting game.

8:00 PM ET
No. 15 Miami (FL) vs. No. 25 Wisconsin*



  1. I am watching the game right now with a cup of tea in hand!! Enjoy it:)

  2. love your dessert plate, really really cute! :D

  3. homemade sugar cookies make everything better :D
    enjoy your football game

  4. Are you looking forward to the Alabama vs Texas game? I will be there :)

  5. Your pasta looks so yummy! So do those cookies!! Hope Maggie is adjusting well. :-)

  6. i’m not usually a casserole fan, but that tuna casserole looks delicious!

  7. Having a nice break! And glad to see you are coming along well with your new furry baby! hehe. Is she coming with you when you travel???

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