Merry Christmas!

From our sleepy family, to yours.



Maggie wasn’t too bad last night, but she whined for about half an hour before Nick or I got to sleep. She slept for a few hours, and then woke us up again around 2:30 this morning, so Nick took her out to use the bathroom.

She did good, but never really went back to sleep after that.

After 4 poops, she was ready for breakfast :) She is a bundle of energy in the morning…it is going to be hard leaving her at home when we have to go to work.

We ate breakfast – bacon, eggs, homemade sourdough biscuits, and jam + tea and then opened presents. It was a fun time with Harley cuddling Cindy on the couch and Maggie cuddling with Nick in the chair.

After showering and giving both dogs a bath, Nick and I took some little naps with the dogs and Bob decided to take pictures to prove it.



We just finished eating lunch + making tons of sugar cookies and fudge!


We all had turkey sandwiches with the leftover turkey from last night’s dinner and some Martin’s bbq chips – the best bbq chips ever.


I had a sugar cookie star and am now watching the dogs play and Nick’s parents take a nap.




Not sure what’s on the agenda for the rest of the day – probably lots of cookie eating, cutting into that fudge soon, and dinner after the sugar coma :)


Merry Christmas!!! I hope today is filled with joy and love and that the giving spirit continues on into the new year.



  1. Everyone at my house is sleeping too lol. Merry Christmas!

  2. We took a long nap and then a walk on a the beach! What a Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, Bran!

  3. Congratulations on the new puppy :) Maggie is the best name for a dog.

  4. aha, sounds like all the Christmas prep has wiped you out! Hope you and the guy get lots of R&R today :)

  5. merry x-mas! those pix with the dogs are great. mine, unfortunately, had to be in a crate all day b/c he isn’t allowed to roam around my parents’ house.

  6. Aw, new puppies are like babies (I think) ;)

    Merry merry Christmas!

  7. Christmas naps are great!

  8. yupp! Sleepy, relaxing Christmas…it’s the best!

    Is that schnauzer I see? I’m in love! :)

  9. Merry Christmas! I love middle of the day naps. Cute puppy :)

  10. I LOVE all the dogs. Merry Christmas!

  11. love the naps! esp w/ the puppy!

  12. Merry Christmas! The new puppy is adorable :)

  13. Those pictures are way too cute! And yes there is nothing like a good sugar coma on xmas :-)

  14. CUTEST PICTURES EVER. Those doggies are so precious!!!!!

  15. oh my goodness! How cute is your new puppy! <3 that baby! Naps are wonderful. Hope you're enjoying your Saturday girl!

  16. Aw, so cute of the napping dogs! :D

  17. merry christmas my dear brandi!

    maggie is ADORABLE! soooo cute! lots of love to you and your family – enjoy the season :)

  18. Oh! These are sooo cute! Happy Christmas!

  19. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year to come!

  20. That picture of you and Maggie is adorable!! Love it!

  21. hehe napping is a good idea!! m loving that puppy!! hope ye had a wonderful Christmas! wish you a very happy new year!!

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