Signs of the Holidays

1. I’m awake and melting chocolate at 8 am…in my pajamas.

2. Breakfast is only made after we shift lots of dishes around so we actually have room to cook.




After shuffling around the kitchen, Nick started cooking some local VA sausage and cut up some apple while I cooked some eggs for us (and oatbran for me!).




and some coffee!


I’ve still got so much to do!!!

Nick just left to help set up sound for church, so while he’s gone, I’m going to be working on:

  • finishing up presents
  • wrapping gifts
  • cleaning the house
  • packing my bag

Can I get it all done?!?

What color are your dishes?

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  1. I have so many dishes, all different colors. My favorites are clear ones, tho! :)

  2. Our dishes are grey-blue with black around the edges and on the bottom.

    Have fun today – I know you’ll get everything done!

  3. good luck with everything, and have a wonderful holiday!! :)

  4. Our dishes are red glass!

    Have a great day… I love checking last minute errands off my list!

  5. lol, I had to shift dishes around to make breakfast this morning too :)

    My dishes are all white. boring!

  6. you CAN get it all done and you will!

    my dishes are mostly black and white =)

  7. my dishes are a bunch of colors cause i buy them at random…i like to vary my dishes so they look pretty on the blog…and now i need to buy more dishes cause mine are getting boring!

  8. Those eggs look so perfectly cooked! Mmm delicious :)

  9. Your morning and my morning are the exact same! My kitchen is a mess, I’m still in PJs, and I love it! Good luck with your list :)

  10. enjoy packing and cleaning!! have a happy holiday :)

  11. I love having different colored/patterned dishes. Whichever one I use reflects my mood :)

  12. my dishes are of complete random colours.. well mostly my mugs.. my plates are generally white!
    Your breakfast looks awesome.
    melting chocolate at i’d of put it in my oats;) xox

  13. Brandi I hope you get all your stuff done!!! I know you will!! I wish you, Nick, and your family Happy Holidays!!!! xoxoxo

  14. Good luck with your to-do list!! You’ll get it all done!

  15. Sounds like a fun morning :)

    My dishes are black and white, but I want new ones!

  16. Most of my dishes are white with black curvy stripes, but I also have 2 green plates :)

  17. yay I was baking early the AM too! With my new Magic Bullet! LOL and of course sweets too! Thanks to Roxie being a early riser (puppy barking at 6am must make the neighbors love us) Good luck getting everything done!!!

  18. I have this odd thing where I only like white dishes! So white it is!

  19. Chocolate at 8am is always a good idea! I have white dishes and green dishes :-)

  20. I have dark green plates and dark blue bowls and lots of different colors mugs and glasses.

  21. Best parts of the holidays= cooking treats in pj’s!

    Good luck cleaning, cooking and packing! You CAN do it :)

    We have plain ole white dishes at my house, I like ’em!

  22. im glad to hear im not the only one that does things like melting chocolate early in the AM ;)

    i have dark and light blue fiestaware. :)


    i am at home, relaxing, watching my parents cable and reading blogs…life is good :).

  24. Our personal dishes are white square Corelle ones with pale blue dots. The ones that come with the quarters are an ugly brown color and just sit in the cabinet.

  25. You can definitely tell when it’s the holiday season, that’s for sure–I am sure you’ll get everything finished and more!

  26. m loving the perfect eggs!! yumm!! happy holidays and merry Christmas!! :)

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