Going Nutty

This day is dragging by just like yesterday!

I’m busy with work, and my mind is just racing with all the things left that Nick and I need to do tonight and tomorrow.

I’m ready for today to be over because I have a to-do list that is super long, and I need to get working on it!

Lunch today had to be quick, because I also have to run up to the store during lunch to pick up something I need for our gifts.


I knew I wanted a big salad, and I somehow ended up using pecans + almonds in my lunch today!


The salad is:

  • romaine
  • carrots
  • broccoli
  • cranberries
  • pecans
  • dressing with: 2 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp blackberry/pear balsamic, 1 tsp dijon


and I really wanted some yogurt with lunch today.

Thank goodness for these little containers! They’re the perfect size to have with lunch.

I topped this plain Oikos with some Frog Hollow Farm apricot conserve + salty roasted almonds.


I’ve got to get up to the store and get back to work – wish me luck!


Are you ready for the holidays? Presents bought/made, wrapped? Or are you scrambling like we are?  :)

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  1. Since we are going away for a romantic weekend instead of the usual holiday stress, I’m actually handling it pretty well this year. Now, next weekend might be a different story!

  2. That salad looks delicious! I’ve got all of my presents bought and most of em wrapped. The rest of my family is a little behind, though. My sister hasn’t done ANY shopping, haha

  3. Im ready for the holidays and ready to duplicate that yummy lunch you had!!!! Yummmm!!!!!! Hope you have a great day!! xo

  4. Ahh I am totally in your boat (sled?) too girl, this snow storm really threw off my schedule and I feel like the next 2 days are going to be a mad dash to the finish line!!! I def can’t concentrate now that the test is over either, all I can think of is the running tally of things I still have left to do swirling around in my head :/ Good luck with getting your list completed too!

  5. Definitely ready :-)
    I love all the nuts! Such a satisfying crunch

  6. All set on the gift front – haven’t wrapped a single one though! Need to go buy wrapping paper and get started on that asap! Oh and then start cooking…yipes!

  7. any possibility that blackberry balsamic was from teh foodbuzz fest, if so – i looove that stuff!

  8. pear balsamic?! that sounds fantastic!!! delicious looking salad love the addition of dried cranberries!

  9. i need to start scramblin to WRAP my gifts.! haha

  10. We’re definitely scrambling around lol
    Loveee cranberries in salads :)

  11. Adding preserves on top of Oikos is such a good idea!

    Luckily, I think we are pretty much ready for Christmas, I’ve got a few more things to wrap, but nothing too bad :)

  12. I’m in denial about holidays. Per usual.

    But love those nutz on the salad.

  13. surprisingly, i think i am ready!

    and your lunch sounds FABULOUS!!!!

  14. Luckily my daughter loves to wrap presents, so it is nice not to have to do that! Hope you get it all done! :D

  15. I’m pretty much ready. Just have to figure out a recipe to take on Christmas day!

  16. somehow I managed to get all of my shopping/wrapping done ahead of time. So unlike me!

    Hang in there, Brandi!!

  17. sorry to hear that your day is still dragging :[
    but on the plus side your salad seems amazing!! love pecans because they add nice flavor/crunch!

  18. That salad looks great! I’ll have to try that dressing out–hmm I need the blackberry/pear balsamic though, hahah

    And I still need to get another present or two sometime today or tomorrow..but will probably wrap/write cards all day Thursday :)

  19. In my line of work if everything isn’t done before Black Friday it doesn’t get done. So now I’m just finishing up work with Hunni.

  20. I am done with gifts but still need to wrap! My boyfriend hate gift bags so he makes me wrap everything! I think my puppy needs a couple extra presents though :)

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