Pizza for Breakfast…

and hot chocolate for lunch!

What a fun Saturday  :)  We are officially snowed in, probably for the weekend. Church is already cancelled for tomorrow, so I doubt we’ll be leaving the house unless it’s to play in the snow or walk around the neighborhood.



We got somewhere between 10-12 inches at our house, but I know a nearby town reported that they got 24 inches!



While I was working on breakfast this morning, Nick played outside for a while and started to clean off our walkway and the cars. Everything was completely covered!

It may be messy in the next day or two, but it’s beautiful right now.

Since I had all the ingredients and I wanted a fun breakfast, I planned on making something that I’ve never made before.


Breakfast Pizza – aka, the best breakfast to make for your husband or boyfriend.


I saw this recipe on Joe & Betsy’s blog (they’re getting married this weekend!!) and just had to try it, but I did “health” ours up a bit.


  • I cut the dough recipe in half since I was only making one pizza for us and I used almost all whole wheat flour.
  • I only cooked about 2-3 oz. of local Virginia sausage and used 1% milk in the gravy.
  • We only used 2 total slices of bacon and maybe 1/2 cup of cheese?


Just imagine this –

  • whole wheat pizza crust
  • homemade sausage gravy as the “sauce”
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • cheese


I can’t even describe how good this is!!! We ate almost the entire pizza this morning, but we didn’t eat breakfast until almost 11 am, so we were both starving.


We also got to try out some new coffee this morning. I received this from Cleo Coyle herself!  :) Cool, huh? I was so excited to try it.

We got this Amaro Gayo coffee from gimme! coffee and decided to try it this morning in the french press and using our antique coffee grinder.



This coffee is a light roast, so it’s very different than the Columbian and Kona we normally drink, but I loved it! You could definitely taste the slight berry finish in the coffee.



After eating breakfast (and watching 2 episodes of One Tree Hill) :), Nick cleared off more the walkway and I went over to talk with our neighbors and watch them all have a snowball fight.

I got caught in the crossfire a few times, but it was fun to be out there.

Nick and I took a drive around the town to see how bad the roads were, and most of them near us still aren’t cleared off. I have a feeling the roads will be pretty bad tomorrow because it’s all going to re-freeze tonight.

By the time we got back, it was 1 pm but neither one of us is hungry! so, I just made some hot chocolate on the stove top.


I just used the recipe on the Hershey’s Cocoa box and it turned out great. I haven’t had real hot cocoa in a long time. Cocoa, vanilla, sugar, water, and milk – that’s all you need.


And a spoonful of fluff on top :) This filled me back up!

Oh yeah! For my family (and anyone else that wants to see), here’s my new haircut.



More bangs + shorter. Ah, it feels so much better! I needed a trim so bad…I couldn’t see past my bangs the other day. They needed some TLC and they finally got it on Wednesday.


*Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! Winner will be chosen / announced Monday at lunchtime.


  1. Oooh cute haitcut! Just started snowing in NYC…hopefully it sticks so I can be snowed in too!

  2. I am loving the snow day! We are snowed in here too. ;) Pizza for breakfast sounds wonderful and you are right, any guy would be in heaven with this in the morning! :)

    I love the new hair cut. Such a doll! :)

    Have fun today sweetie!

  3. I’m kinda jealous of all this snow I’m seeing. It never really feels like the holiday season in Arizona. That pizza looks darn good, but you’re so right, definitely a dish I’d most likely make for others :)

  4. Breakfast pizza sounds amazing! I need to try that!! Glad you’re having a great weekend snowed in!!

  5. Brandi i love your haircut!!! so adorable on you! :)

    I can’t believe all that snow, looks like a whole lot of fun! we got a little bit yesterday but nothing huge!

  6. you are STUNNING! love the hair cut.
    Pizza for breakfast.. awesome. And your coffee looks fantastic <3 mmmm

  7. YUM! I need to get me some fluff pronto and make some holiday hot cocoa. LOVE THAT STUFF!

  8. Your hair looks ADORABLE! I love it :) I cannot believe how much snow ya’ll got! Enjoy being snowed in with your honey. Love the idea of bfast pizza-too yummy.

  9. That pizza sounds soooo good.
    And fluff on hot chocolate–yes please! One’s the storm kicks up I know what I’ll be having

  10. breakfast pizza looks amazing! :D
    oh man, there’s some real snow out there! I wish I was there to look at it! :D

  11. love the haircut :) and horray for snow, ours is starting tonight ;) love that pizza idea, too!

  12. So cute! I would love to cut my hair shorter, but everyone tells me not to. Maybe I’ll cut it in time for summer.
    We’re at around 20 inches here and it’s still going, so who know’s what I’ll wake up to tomorrow.

  13. That breakfast pizza is better than the leftover cold type Hunni eats.

  14. love the new haircut!

    the breakfast pizza looks amazing!

  15. we got the same amount of snow too! i thought you’d get the 25″ but I bet you’re glad you didn’t :) Cute haircut!

  16. LOVE the hair!

    Oh wow! That is a ton of snow! We actually had “cool” weather today ranging from 61-72, lol :)

    Have a great time being snowed in. That pizza looks amazing!!

  17. We are snowed in too girl!!!!! Enjoy it though!!!!

    We are !!!!!

    Breakfast Pizza looks yummy!!!!

    Have a great night !!! xoxo

  18. LOVE the new haircut! you are too cute for words ;)

  19. Can I come have breakfast at your house? Haha that looks delicious! And I share the love for cocoa. :-)

  20. breakfast pizza sounds phenomenal. your hair looks great!!!

  21. Adorable haircut :) It looks great on you! I also cut real bangs recently. I have pretty long hair so it can get dull or boring if you don’t spice it up a bit.

    Ahh, I love breakfast pizza! I remember when I was younger and my dad used to make it for me all the time.

    The snow looks so peaceful. I love it! In Sweden, it looks like it has glitter everywhere.

  22. Pizza is so good any time of day–but breakfast pizza is definitely in my top three–yours looks delish :-)

    Ooo have fun in the snow–days stuck inside together are so much fun!

  23. The snow looks like fun, wish we could have made it there, as always the food looks good and your hair looks great

    Love Ya

  24. I like the haircut! :D and pizza for breakfast? Why not?

  25. That is so. much. snow!

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