S’more Cinnamon

Finally, my days are lining up  :) It IS Friday and it feels like Friday.

Sadly, our fun weekend plans have pretty much been squashed from this storm that’s supposed to come through here today and tomorrow, but it does look like we might get a lot of snow!

Breakfast today = healthier dessert


S’mores Oatmeal!


I bought a jar of Fluff last night and just couldn’t resist trying this today.


The base is my normal oatmeal mix:

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • sliced banana
  • lots of cinnamon

I just can’t have oatmeal without cinnamon – no matter what the toppings are.


With some fun toppings!

  • graham cracker crumbs
  • dark chocolate peanut butter
  • fluff!



Do you like having snow?

I love it if it’s a pretty snow AND if it gets me out of work  ;) And that’s not happening yet today, but we’ll see!


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  1. I can’t WAIT for snow, we are supposed to be getting snow starting tonight!

  2. I only like snow in snow globes, where I’m not experiencing the rough roads and freezing temperatures, haha ;)

  3. Ohmigosh this is your best breakfast ever!! I love having snow, and I wish we’d get a ton of it!

  4. Yum, what a delicious breakfast. You are so creative!

    I like the snow if it gets me out of work, too. Which, thankfully (depending on how you look at it), in my industry the snow shuts us down completely so it usually does give me a day off or two.

  5. Ooo s’mores always make me think of warm summer nights by the bonfire!! Love the idea of s’mores for breakfast ;-)

  6. Here comes the snow, get ready!!!!!!! My sister just high-tailed it out of Blacksburg to try to beat the weather, but looks like it’ll be trailing right behind her :) Stay safe and warm my dear!

  7. Since I’m over Reese’s oats, s’more oats sounds FANTASTIC! I love snow as long as I don’t have to drive in it.

  8. I like snow when it stays in the mountains, looking pretty and staying out of my way. I hate snow when it oversteps its bounds and gets all over the place, turning commutes into death traps.

  9. Love fluff, but I can’t buy it because I will eat the whole jar with a spoon!
    I love snow because it’s pretty, but I hate when it gets all gross after a day or two!

  10. i like snow, but no one in portland knows how to drive in it! so i dont like it so much these days

  11. I like snow so long as I don’t have to drive in it!

  12. Genius idea with that fluff! And I’m the same way, gotta have cinnamon in my oats, no matter what ;)

    Hope the weather cooperates for you!

  13. WHY haven’t I thought of this!? Fluff is the best – I love it on sandwiches. Oh and I love snow!!! We don’t get a ton in NYC though…!

  14. Yes Yes I LOVE snow! I checked the weather for WV and it is supposed to snow all of next week… YAY! I am super excited :)

  15. I need that oatmeal. Right. Now.

    Good luck with the snow!

  16. great breakfast!

    and i don’t have much experience with snow, but i hate the cold, so i probably don’t/won’t like it.

  17. S’mores oatmeal sounds awesome! I have to get some ricemallow (the vegan equivalent of Fluff) and make some of that for dessert! (Am I weird for eating oatmeal for dessert? lol)

  18. Oh, I forgot…No, I hate snow! I am not a big fan of cold weather. Luckily, where I live we barely ever get snow and we do it’s only around 1 inch.

  19. I loooove snow. We’re getting 6-9 inches Sunday! Wahoo!
    I left the cover half off my vegan marshmallow spread and now it’s a little stiff :-( Thankfully anything melts on oatmeal :-)

  20. Sounds amazing!

    I love snow, but not the stressful driving :|

  21. OMG. That oatmeal is the best idea EVER!!!! You are a genius. :)

  22. Marshmallow fluff! Everytime I eat it I feel like a first-grader. Totally cool.

  23. Yeah I think weekend snows are a waste! It should happen during the week!

    That oatmeal looks amazing!

  24. Would you BELIEVE I have never tried marshmallow creme?? I know, I know. :-) Your oatmeal looks amazing! You are so creative.

    I feel the same about snow. The perfect time for snow (IMO) is a. on Christmas and b. when I’m stuck at home for awhile. It IS beautiful! I just hate it when it starts when I’m at work, and it takes super long to get home. But I’d rather have snow than rain!

  25. Yey! S’mores oatmeal sounds awesome. Cool idea!! I used to not like the snow, but since I moved out west and we don’t get it here, i kinda miss it. I used to love the first snow. SO pretty.

  26. I need myself a breakfast just like this!

  27. I’m soooo excited for the snow tomorrow!

  28. Smores oatmeal?!?!?!? that is the most brilliant idea ever to come out of your cute-new-hair-cutted-head :)

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