Let It Snow…

It’s snowing!!!


These pictures are from just about 30 minutes after it started (about 2:30 this afternoon), and it was already sticking to the ground.



Just one hour later.




That’s Nick, sledding down our hill :)

And it’s still coming down!

We already have between 6-7 inches right now and the brunt of this storm isn’t supposed to hit until later tonight and into tomorrow!

I don’t know how much we’re going to get, but Nick, Roxy and I are ready to be snowed in this weekend.


About an hour after it started snowing, Nick and I drove up to the store across the street to pick up some beer for a recipe tonight – no dinner out tonight, sadly. The roads would have been way too bad and I’m kind of glad we didn’t try to get out to the restaurant.

Even just an hour after it started snowing, the snow was sticking to the roads and slushy + slippery! They’ve been salting the roads and getting ready for this storm for the past couple of days, so I wasn’t expecting it to build up so quickly.

But dinner was great!

I stared working on it while Nick was out sledding with our neighbors  :) No worries – we’ll all be out there playing tomorrow, I’m sure.



The perfect cold + snowy-night meal.


I used this recipe from MyRecipes / Food and Wine as inspiration and changed just a few tiny things.




  • I used Virginia (!) ground bison instead of ground beef and only 1 lb. total
  • I used 2 15 oz. cans of crushed tomatoes
  • I forgot the tomato paste! Just realized it.
  • I used 2 large sweet potatoes and cubed/roasted them in the oven for 30-40 minutes (with olive oil and salt) instead of cooking them on the stovetop


I loved the sweet potatoes + raisins in this! It was such a great balance with the salty olives and the cumin + coriander spices.

We had some steamed broccoli with the picadillo, along with some of the beer that was also in the picadillo.


We love Starr Hill! This was our first time trying their Winter Lager, and it was great. I think we’ve tried just about every one they make and have enjoyed every one. We’ll have to visit someday – maybe a trip to Charlottesville needs to be planned.

Right now, Roxy is napping Nick’s lap and I’ve got one load of laundry to fold.

Other than that…it will be a pretty lazy weekend I think.

We’ve got one movie from Netflix plus a DVD with 3 One Tree Hill episodes  :)  Nick won’t be happy about that, but I think I might make him like it. We’ll see!


I can’t wait to see how much snow we have when we wake up! That’ll make breakfast even more fun.



  1. Wow lots of snow!!! Sled riding is the best!!!!!!! So fun!!!!!! We are supposed to get snow here too in Alevandria/DC, we will see!!!! I hope you have a great night!!! : )

  2. i’m jealous of that snow! so fun!

  3. Ahhh your snow is coming our way. PA is supposed to get hit hard tomorrow! :(

    Mmm, that dinner looks perfect for a snowy night. Maybe some hot coco would be the perfect ending? :)

    Enjoy your snowy lazy weekend. Sounds like we are about to have the same. :)

  4. Your dinner looks fabulous!! I love being snowed it!

  5. Wow that snow is coming down fast! Can’t wait to see your pictures tomorrow. Getting snowed in for the weekend sounds so nice. Wish I didn’t have to get up at 5:30 for work tomorrow morning. :(

  6. yikes, it is really coming down! that dinner is very appropriate for a snowy night :)

  7. Nothing better than being warm and cozy inside when it’s snowing outside! Have a fun lazy weekend…jealous!

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever had picadillo.
    And sweet! The snow is almost here, too

  9. I love bison meat!! soo good!

  10. yum such a warm and comforting meal! i love sweet p and raisins. harmony.
    and SNOW!! perfect timing for christmas;) xox

  11. We got about three inches and it is raining right now. They are saying more snow to come this afternoon but we are all stocked up on food and wine so we should be just fine :)

  12. Mmm I love winter lager! Your meal and the snow, it all looks so cozy. Stay safe!

  13. I actually heard about all the snow your getting on the radio–keep us updated!! Have fun! :-)

  14. Oh wow! The snow looks so pretty! I can’t even imagine what it’s like there right now since it’s been hot, humid, and raining here all week. It’s like 73 degrees so it doesn’t feel anything like winter.

    Enjoy the snow today!

  15. whooo! lots of pretty snow!! and that sledding looks so fun!

  16. I love the snow pics! I hope you had a nice evening in! :)

  17. Wow that’s a lot of snow accumulation! So pretty :)

    Very smart of y’all to head to the store early…and dinner sounds really good. I love that combination of ingredients.

    Have a great night, stay warm!

  18. Wow. Thank you for this!

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