Homey Lunch, Festive Dinner?

Okay – plans definitely changed.

Today is actually Nick’s graduation!!!

But, we’re not attending. The ceremony is not supposed to start until 3 pm and this is what the radar is showing (as of an hour ago, now):


It’s a’comin’!

Sadly, that also means that we won’t get to see our families this weekend. My parents, Nick’s parents, my sister and grandmother were all supposed to be coming in today for graduation, but everyone is staying home instead. I’m glad they’re not coming because of the harsh weather we’ll be having tonight + tomorrow, but I’m sad we won’t get to see everyone!

At least Christmas is next week, and we’ll get to see everyone then.

Nick ended up coming home at lunch today and to decide about going to graduation or not.

Lunch was…


More potato soup!

We finished it off today at lunch and had some awesome salads along with it.



  • romaine
  • broccoli
  • apple
  • carrots
  • pecans
  • cranberries
  • dressing made of: blue cheese dijon mustard, blackberry pear balsamic, olive oil, salt and pepper

We kept lunch on the light side because we’re going to try to go to one of our favorite local places for an EARLY dinner to celebrate if the weather isn’t too bad.

I guess we’ll see! If not, I have a good meal I can make at home so I’m not sure what the plan is for tonight, but it should be fun either way.



  1. Congrats on the graduation!! Im so sorry the weather is going to be so crappy though. Thats such a bummer=/ Your soup and salad look fantastic though. The blackberry pear balsamic sounds fantastic!! Yum!!! Have a great day!

  2. Congrats on the graduation! That is a bummer you don’t get to go though. That weather looks intense! It was all over the news this morning.

  3. Sorry about the graduation :( Are they going to reschedule it?

  4. Bummer about missing the family this weekend but fingers crossed for some pretty snow! Stay warm!

  5. Congrats to Nick on graduating! I bet he’s a happy camper :)

  6. Sorry that you don’t get to see your family this weekend! I’m jealous that you’re getting snow though!!

  7. Congrats to Nick! Are they rescheduling graduation?

  8. Stupid weather!! Im in NC and everyone is freaking out bc we are supposed to get like an inch of snow. lol.

    Stay warm!!

  9. Sorry Nick has to miss his graduation! Hope you have a fun night :)

  10. Congrats on his graduation! Bummer about the weather, hope you get to make tonight some sort of celebration anyways :)

  11. ick, though I am totally in favor of a “white christmas” I hate how snow inhibits us from going anywhere. Meh! Stay warm, Brandi!

  12. that soup looks a-mazing!
    I may have to give that recipe a try. Did you make it on the stove top or crock pot?

    • I made it on the stove top the other night – it was pretty fast, actually! and easy. As long as you have potatoes and some type of milk/cream, you can make it.

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