My week is so off! I totally felt like today was Friday – every single day this week has felt off for some reason.

My boss took our whole office out for lunch today, which was nice. We went to this new Mexican restaurant and they have a salsa bar! It has like 10-15 different salsas and things like corn salad (yum), cucumber salad, cactus salad, etc. It was pretty fun picking out all kinds of salsas to try with our chips and meals.

I got enchiladas with mole sauce (and topped them with lots of their corn salad) and had way too many chips, too. Having all those salsa choices made it hard to stop eating those dang chips!

I was full the rest of the day at work and I still smelled like Mexican food, so my only snacks this afternoon were water, gum + mints  :)


We’re actually supposed to get a lot of snow tomorrow and Saturday – like 8-13 inches! – so I went up to the grocery store after we got home from work to pick up eggs, milk, bread, and all the baking stuff I need for this weekend.

It. was. nuts.

I think everyone in our town was at the store tonight! I guess I just didn’t think everyone else would have the same idea. It took me about an hour to get the things I needed and get back home. By then, it was 7 pm and I was finally ready for some food.


I made myself a salad with some romaine, carrots, garlic almonds and a little ranch dressing. I needed some veggies today! Other than the ridiculous amounts of salsa I ate at lunch, this was it.


Nick and I also heated up some leftover potato soup, which is now almost Mashed Potato soup – it was so thick tonight! Just as good as last night, too.


I put the groceries away, put my pjs on, and am about to dig into a baked apple mess  :)


Chopped apple + cinnamon + cinnamon raisin pb + graham cracker crumbs


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Time for me to relax with my snack  :)


  1. You must live around the mideastern coast because I was hearing about that storm on the Today show and got so jealous!

  2. I live in upstate NY and I’m not getting that much snow tomorrow! I’m jealous!!

    That’s so nice of your office to take you out to lunch! I would have had a million chips with salsa if I was there!

  3. Haha I hate what I smell like after I eat Mexican. I usually get fajitas and all that smoke gets all over your clothes!

  4. I could easily make a whole meal out of a salsa bar!

  5. mash potato soup? That sounds like heaven right now. Everyone seems to get a little batty when they hear the word snow! Fun office luncheon- salsa is my FAVORITE condiment

  6. you are so smart to grocery shop early and plan ahead!!! i like that thinking! of course I would always take an excuse to grocery shop. whole foods, let me hear ya!


  7. We are expecting snow tonight and i need to go shopping. I dread going with this weather coming, folks get crazy around here!

  8. We are supposed to get a lot of snow too! They say 8-10 inches! Ugh, that kind of puts a damper on the weekend plans. :( Oh well, tis the season.

    Love your apple mess for dessert! It looks so warm and cozy and yummy! ;)

    Good luck in the snow! :)

  9. I haaate how the grocery stores get when heavy snow is predicted–but glad your all stocked up now!! We have actually only accumulateda about 4′ so far and most of it is gone!

  10. That’s a LOT of snow! And that salsa bar sounds fantastic!

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