Knock, Knock…Giveaway!

Time for a Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Knock Knock to check out this “Plan a Menu” notepad.


If you haven’t checked it out yet, Knock Knock has all kinds of stuff! A Plan-A-Meal Bundle2010 365 Days to Procrastinate Calendar, and one of my favorites – Total Crap Folder. They have lots of funny products and they would be great for gifts!


I chose to check out the “Planning the Menu” notepad and I love it! I’m actually hoping to have a dinner party soon, so this will be extremely helpful.

You can note the occasion, date, and number of people you expect, and it has spaces to list the dishes for the party, the source of the recipe,  what ingredients you need AND boxes to “rate” the dish!


One of my favorite things about this notepad? It has a magnet on the back so you can put it on the fridge!

I love having useful notepads like this on my fridge – otherwise, I end up losing them somewhere in the house.


And this notepad has 60 pages, which is awesome. This will last through many get-togethers  ;)


Want to win your ownPlan a Menu Bundle from Knock Knock?

30000_Meal_Bundle_webthumbnailThe winner will receive:

  • All Out Of Pad: The essential grocery list—the miracle of checking off depleted items as you go
  • What to Eat Pad: Helps you plan, track, and execute household meals with ease
  • Takeout Menu Organizer: Unites everything necessary to feed oneself via telephone or Internet, including tipping sheet, helpful ordering advice, frequently called numbers list, and more

To enter:

  • Visit the Knock Knock site and tell me what product you like the most

For an additional entry, you can do the following:

  • Link back to this giveaway on your blog AND leave me a comment letting me know you did so.
  • if you don’t have a blog and want another entry, leave me a comment with your favorite dinner party appetizer, entree, or dessert!

 I’ll pick a winner Monday at lunchtime!!!


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  1. Oh I have seen these an yes I have always thought that they are great. I would love the Pack this pad. I always write everything down as what i am going to pack and which bag it is in so I can easily find it.

  2. I love the Plan-A-Meal bundle! I have been eyeing it forever.

  3. The Pack This list is a great idea!

  4. I would love to have the all out of pad!!

  5. I would the All Out pad. It just seems so helpful.

  6. Cool products! I like the pardon my french stickies set but anything would be fun to receive!

  7. I currently have the All Out of Pad which works great to organize a grocery list and allows my boyfriend to note what foods we need more of that he only eats. I love the things to do around the house!! This would help me get organized and be able to cross things off, I love crossing things off!

  8. Hi Brandi!

    LOVE the Gifts For Annoying People

    Dont show my husband, he would probably get me the
    Bitch Citation

  9. I like the what to eat pad

  10. 365 Days of Procrastination Calendar. I know some people that would make a great gift for!

  11. I think that the Shit List pad is pretty funny!

  12. I love the “All Out of” notepad. I keep a list like that in my google tasks but it’s not as easy to get to once I am at the grocery store! All their products are super cute.

  13. I like the Plan A Meal bundle as well. I love all of their stuff though!

  14. Love the poopy task clips!

  15. Favorite party dessert is fudge…fool-proof, simple and delicious!

  16. i think the all out of pad is exactly what i need! thanks for a fabby giveaway love :)

  17. The Plan A Meal bundle looks awesome! The ‘All Out of Pad’ would be so useful!

  18. Of course, I had to click on the “Gifts for annoying people link.” I really love the “Things you Do that Piss Me Off” pad! Just for fun, though.. perhaps.. not really.

  19. The take out menu organizer!! I mean, I live in NYC – I get at least a menu a day shoved under my door…and I can’t throw them away of course…but I need an organization method!!

  20. I have the All Out of Pad on my fridge and I LOVE it!! It’s so convenient and fun!

  21. I like the “All out of” pad, although it may not have all the weird items that healthy eaters need….

  22. The it’s Imperative I speak to you about pad is awesome!!!!

  23. Love the Information Central Paper Notepad!

  24. The Pack this list would be sooo awesome. i’m the type of person who writes down tons and tons of lists and still manages to forget something but having this pad would be so cool! :)

  25. I see that take out organizer all the time. I really want one for us and also to leave for the people who will eventually replace us so they know where to get good food.

  26. Because I’m a little bit weird, I’d really love “The Complete Manual of Things that Might Kill You” book!

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  28. I want the try the Chef’s Planning Kit!

  29. What a fun site! I think the Insults & Comebacks for All Occasions book is hilarious

  30. Id definately get the make a decision kit for my boyfriend he needs help in that area!

  31. I really like the “pack this” list and the “to-do” file folders. I suck at both packing and organizing my to-do’s. I need these!

    I will be linking back to here in tomorrow’s post :)

  32. The temperature clips are fun!

  33. I am so in need of the Plan-a-Meal bundle!

  34. My favorite dinner party appetizer are dates stuffed with goat cheese, drizzled with honey, and baked in the oven until the cheese is melty and the honey is gooey. They are to die for, and vegetarian friendly!

  35. I saw these notepads when I was out Christmas shopping yesterday and I really wanted to get them but resisted. I like the pack this list because I always forget something even on the lists I make. They seem to have everything there to remind you what to take.

  36. i need the dysfunction journal.

  37. Haha, I got a kick out of all the notes on there. I have to admit the To Don’t Pad caught my eye!

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  39. Oh and I linked back on my blog!

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  41. The grocery pad is pretty cool, I could use that so i forget less, makes fewer trips!

  42. i love these products! would be much better than my random scraps of paper everywhere :)

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  44. I love the “all out of” sheets, that’s what we usually use!!

  45. I’ve seen the what to eat pad and love it! I’d love to own it!

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  47. I really like the Greens Classified bag–my dad would so love it since he is an eco guy and always brings reusables when he shops.

    I will be linking back on tonight’s post!! :-)

  48. The “Pack This Pad” would be great to have. I am always forgetting stuff when we go away.

  49. Love all of Knock Knock’s stuff- I love the little “Eat Me” Gingerbread man sticky notes!

  50. No blog here- my favorite dinner party desserts for the holidays are gingerbread cookies and dark chocolate peppermint bark!

  51. I love the “Rate that Wine” pad, such a cute idea!

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  53. I have the wine rating notepad. It’s really fun! My boyfriend and I try to use it as a way to keep track of wines we’ve had and determine whether we want them again.

    I like the Note to Self pad – I’m always writing notes for myself!

  54. I really like the menu planner!!!

  55. My fave dessert is GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE … my recipe for it is SO good

  56. I love the Don’t Kill the Kids Pad!

  57. It’s a toss-up between the Take out menu organizer and the “In My Humble Opinion” journal. (What a riot!)

  58. I like the Pet Organizer, it’s just what I need instead of the messy folder I keep with all of my little pooch’s stuff :)

  59. What a fun site! I loved the all out pad. Thanks for the entertainment and the fun giveaway!

  60. My favorite appetizer for a party is the fruit salsa/homemade cinnamon-sugar chips recipe from – it is the top rated appetizer recipe on the site. It makes a ton and is nice to have something a bit healthier in with all the other heavier appetizers. :-)

  61. ooooh, i like the rate that wine pad!

  62. Thanks so much for the opportunity! I really like the “Rate that Beer” Pad!

  63. I think the “Pack This” pad is great! I always make a list when I am packing for a trip and having it already made out would be nice.

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