Eggs + Bran

Have you tried eggs over oatbran yet?


You should. Especially if you like grits or polenta or something else with your eggs.


I actually use to hate grits, but that was before I knew how amazing runny eggs were  ;) Now I have to have something with my eggs to make sure I don’t miss any of it!


The oatbran texture is a little bit like grits but softer and the slight nutty flavor goes great with eggs.

Especially some some crushed red pepper on top.


Nick and I also split an apple this morning and I made coffee! But I’m taking mine to go.


Are there foods you love now that you used to hate?

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  1. I’m scared to try savory oats. I just can’t imagine them!

  2. I was skeptical the first time that I tried savoury oats but it is one of my favorite meals now, but I can never eat if for breakfast so I have it for lunch or dinner instead.

  3. I used to HATE quinoa, but it was because I didn’t rinse it… now i love the stuff!

  4. I used to hate spinach, now I love it!!

    le sigh. I miss oat bran. :(

  5. I used to have oat bran for breakfast daily about 5 years ago – not sure why I stopped buying it! I’m still nervous to try savory oats though, I so much prefer sweet breakfasts.

  6. I used to hate spinach but now I add it to everything.

    I also used to hate fish and beans and now they are my main sources of protein.

  7. Brussels sprouts! Can you imagine?! Now I ADORE them!

  8. I was def curious about the savory oat concept and once I tried it I was hooked! I like to make it on the weekends when I have the time to “treat myself” :) Do you put hot sauce (Frank’s preferably) on yours – if not you should try it bc it’s just a whole ‘notha level! Ketchup on there is really good too!

  9. I used to hate olives, but now I’ll eat them!

  10. I LOVE runny eggs. I don’t know how people can just eat the whites!

  11. Foods I used to hate: mushrooms, tomatoes, asparagus, I could go on! I still need to try your breakfast combo!

  12. I am not sure if I would like that combo..but I am glad you enjoy it!!

    I used to gag at the sight of cottage cheese and now I got through a large container every week!

  13. Mushrooms and brussel sprouts. I don’t love either, but I don’t hate them anymore. Oh, and fish, but I love that :)

  14. I want to try that! I used to hate A LOT of food that I love now. Oatmeal, Chili, Grapefruit, Coffee.

  15. 2 years ago I never ate fish and now it’s one of my favorite proteins.

  16. ummm can you believe what a horrible person i am that i have not tried this amazing concoction yet?

    do you think it would work with reg oatmeal? because i have lots of eggs and oatmeal – maybe i will give it a spin tomorrow :)

    hmmm…i used to HATE macaroni and cheese. i know. travesty. now i definitely enjoy a bowl or two. also, i used to loathe seafood but my tastebuds are adapting!

  17. I haven’t tried savory oats, but I really need to!

  18. wow, that list is very long!! beets (now love), brussels sprouts (now eat occasionally), nuts besides peanuts (i was crazy), and the list goes on…

  19. Eggs over oatbran, eh? Sounds like something I’ll have to try. I’ve done oatmeal before, but oatbran sounds even better.

  20. I have never tried oatbran or savory oats in general! I am just so used to sweeter oats. I guess I’ll have to try!

    I used to hate shrimp and now i love it. Shrimp is pretty much the only seafood I’ll eat!

  21. I used to hate all types of fish and seafood and now I love it so much I eat all kinds of sushi.

  22. i used to HATE tomatoes but LOVE them now,I dont know what I did without them!

    i still hate pine nuts :( I want to love them but just cant!!

  23. I think my taste buds have done a complete 180 in the past 5 years. It’s insane!

  24. i cant even begin to list all the foods i like now that i hated when i was a kid!

  25. I was convinced that I hated oatmeal when I was a kid, but not I am OBSESSED. I think I just didn’t like the instant packets that my mom used to buy.

  26. honestly, you could slap anything on top of oat bran and it would be divine!

    I used to HATE yogurt! What was I thinking!?

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