Chip-wich and Clicks

I loved reading about all your holiday traditions! Seems like a lot of people get new pjs for Christmas  :) That’s actually one of my favorite things! I love sleeping in a new pair of pjs for the first time on Christmas Eve.

My sisters and I also used to sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve – well, we tried to sleep, but we normally just kept asking each other if we could get up yet! One year, we just couldn’t wait and we made my parents get up at 3:30 in the morning to open presents! Then my parents went back to bed for a few hours while we watched a movie  :) Fun, right? I’m sure I’ll be repaid for that whenever we have kids.

Lunch today was hard to put together.

We had NO leftovers to bring – and I mean nothing.

I ended up packing a sandwich, which is usually my last resort, but it turned out to be a great lunch that brought back a lot of memories.


I made a chip-wich!


Do you ever do this?


In middle and high school, my mom always packed a lunch for us and it almost always included a sandwich and some type of chip/pretzel/cracker. I LOVED putting my chips on my sandwiches.

The best combos always included doritos or cheetos, and this lunch just made me smile.

I made a ham + provolone sandwich this morning on Nature’s Pride 100% WW bread with a little olive oil mayo, and then layered on some Salt + Pepper Popchips at lunchtime.

I just love the crunch in the sandwich – and it doesn’t matter what chips you use. It’s always good.

I also had a tangerine with lunch and am planning on having these veggies + hummus later on.

IMG_7651 IMG_7652

Okay, maybe not the carrots and not all of that hummus  :)


I’m actually going to get my hair cut during part of my lunch break – I can barely see because of my super long bangs!




What was your normal lunch in school?


  1. 3:30 AM?! Your poor parents! I miss the excitement of Christmas morning, but I’m sure it’ll return again once I have kids.

    We had mandatory cafeteria lunch!

  2. I used to do pb and lays

  3. Chips on sandwiches rock!
    I used to love Doritos on a bagel with cream cheese. It sounds gross, but was amazing!

  4. I love making chip sandwiches. Especially with tuna sammies.

  5. I loce chips on my sandwich, and I agree that doritos are the best. That definitely takes me back!

  6. i used to put potato chips on hamburgers at bbqs when i was a kid

  7. I normally ate school lunch. In high school, me and my friends would eat pizza and french fries dipped in mayo mixed with ketchup. It is amazing I was underweight then!

  8. Seeing the chipwhich really brought me back! I used to do that all the time in high school.

  9. I love putting chips on my sandwiches. I used to do that all the time when I was younger!

  10. chipwiches = delicious!

    thanks for the linkback love…it is MUCH appreciated :)

  11. LOVE chips on sammies, they always make me think of my childhood of putting lays in coldcut sandwiches, i don’t know why I ever stopped doing this! the combo of chewy bread and crispy chips is the best combo everrr

    thanks for the giveaway updates!

  12. my hubby’s always putting chips in his sandwich. i think it came from making “fry burgers” at mcdonalds when we were in college (he’s a vegetarian)

  13. YES i love chipwiches! they are the best!! oh man, i may have to have one for old time’s sake. i got my bangs trimmed yesterday, i was beginning to feel like cousin it. much better now!

  14. I was a book worm in school so I normally spent my lunches in the library reading and just ate when I got home. Bad habit to learn.

  15. As a kid I never did the chip-wich thing but that’s definitely something I should try! One year I had lunch at 9:10 in the morning – I wish I was kidding.

  16. I totally love putting chips on a sammie. That crunch is so good!

  17. I LOVE making chip-wiches! I honestly don’t like a sandwich without the flavor crunch. Great job at making a fun lunch without having much to work with.

    Yeah for a hair cut during lunch too!

  18. chip-which! oh, nostalgia. I my favorite combo used to be fritos and american cheese…oh, to be 10 years old again.

  19. My dad taught me how to make chip-wiches when I was little! Something about the way the cheese, meat, and chips all when together between the bread is just delicious :)

    My brother and I would wake up super early on Christmas too…never 3:30, but certainly close!

  20. I have 3 sisters and we did the exact same thing to my parents growing up. All slept in the same room and didn’t sleep all night because we were way too excited.

    I love the chipwich. Doritos and grilled cheese chip wichs are a favorite junk food of mine. I should try a healthier version!

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