Tolerable Tuesday

Is it really only Tuesday?

Today was such a long day.

From 8 am – noon, I sat at my computer at work, watching it start and stop working, having to “rebuild” my database over and over again, and just hoping it wouldn’t crash again. We think it may be something wrong with my email setup, but our IT guy is still working on that part.

Right before lunch time, it started working right again, so I guess we’ll see how it does the rest of the week?


Nick and I ate lunch together before running some errands, and we both had leftovers today.


Leftover shepherd’s pie, broccoli, and an apple for me.

Since I couldn’t do much in the way of work the past day and a half, this afternoon was super busy. I was going through all my emails that came in all day yesterday and this morning, processing stuff, getting it where it needed to be…it was nuts!

I ate my snack while going through emails this afternoon, but this did nothing to curb my hunger! I was starving this afternoon for some reason.


After putting gas in the car at lunch, we ran over to our favorite little bakery (Our Daily Bread) and I got a golden raisin and black currant bran muffin to try.

I actually brought granola to put in my yogurt, but decided to save that and have my muffin instead :)  It was really good! It has this light sugary glaze on the top of the muffin, so it didn’t taste too healthy AND it wasn’t really dense and heavy like most bran muffins tend to be.

Before I knew it, it was 5. I didn’t get through all my emails today, but I only have a few to do tomorrow. Of course, there will already be new ones in the morning but it shouldn’t be too bad to finish catching up.

I think this day filled with doing nothing and then busting my butt at the end of the day just wore on me. I have been in a weird mood today and I’m ready for it to be over. I’m also really sore from yoga yesterday and it keeps catching me off guard – especially in my abs! I kept laughing at stuff at work and would forget I was sore until my muscles were killing me a minute later ;)

Dinner was a toss up tonight and I decided at the last minute what to make.


I had a bag of chicken/veggie potstickers in the freezer, so I made a stir fry with lots of veggies, some seasonings and the potstickers.


I just took 2 bags of frozen stirfry veggies and cooked them in a large nonstick skillet with a little oil. Once those were heated through, I took the veggies out of the pan, added a bit more oil and put the potstickers in with 2/3 cup water.

Then you just cover the pan and let them cook for 8-10 minutes or until most of the water is evaporated. Take the lid off and let them brown up on the bottom.

Once the potstickers were ready, I put the veggies back in the pan with the sauce that came in the potsticker package along with some extra soy sauce, garlic powder and ground ginger.


And we always top our potstickers and dumplings with red chile paste – spicy! I had a huge glass of water and a bunch of napkins with this dinner  :) My nose always runs with spicy food.

Not surprisingly, I’m sitting here hungry again already. I think I may have some popcorn tonight – it’s been a while!



  1. Sorry about the crazy day at work!

    I love potstickers!!!

  2. This week feels out of time to me–I wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s Tuesday or Saturday. I’m just exhausted.
    Potstickers are always fun. We used to get the from China town directly, which were very authentic but everything on the packaging was in Chinese–not very comforting lol

  3. i bet you will be relieved when it is all back to normal! the pot stickers and leftovers and muffin parfait all look great. xoxo

  4. Hi! I just discovered your blog and I’m guessing that you are a fellow hokie! I graduated in May 08 and I’m slightly jealous that you still live in the Blacksburg area. Have you eaten at More Than Coffee on Main St? It’s one of the restaurants that I miss the most and El Rod’s margaritas! Hopefully your computer gets fixed soon!!

  5. Dinner looks great, and you know? I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday either!

  6. Heh. You said muffin. :D

    <——dirty mind

  7. Sorry about the long day! I hope you get all caught up tomorrow and things start flowing more smoothly.

  8. oh, i love having dumplings, especially the veggie ones from trader joes! so yummy!

  9. I love potstickers. Those would be nice to make up for my super busy days at work right now. I might have to buy some next week to have for after Christmas as relaxing food.

  10. Ugh, I had a disgustingly long day yesterday too :( I’m having one of those weeks where I keep thinking it’s the day after. For instance, I keep thinking today is Thursday, when in fact, it’s only Wednesday…rats!!

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