I woke up on time today – I think my body is just getting into a rhythm of sleeping a bit later on the days it knows I work from home  :)  Because Mondays are the hardest days for me to get up now!

The only thing that took some time this morning was getting a few wrinkles out of my corduroy pants for today.

But my method lets me make breakfast while waiting. ;)


See, I don’t iron. Well, I don’t iron unless it’s absolutely necessary OR unless Nick has it out and I ask him nicely to iron something for me.


I just put my pants in the dryer for about 5 minutes – perfect!

And by then, breakfast was ready.


  • 1/3 cup oatbran, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • 1 Tbsp crunchy pb
  • dark chocolate chips, butterscotch chips
  • cinnamon!

If nothing else, at least my pants will be wrinkle free today. I’m not sure what work will be like when I get to the office!


Do you iron, steam, or fluff your clothes to straighten them out?


  1. I never iron. My mom is the ironing queen and she spends hours ironing. I don’t iron at all, but my husband does!!

  2. i should try ironing my clothes more often but i hate doing it! haha


  3. Eeek I never iron but will use my little steamer every once in a while…I pretty much stick to clothes that won’t wrinkle since I despise ironing so much!

  4. I love that you add chocolate and peanut butter chips to your oats. Especially around this time of year I should be doing the same. You and I are probably the two biggest oat bran eaters I’ve seen! Try adding 1/4 cup scottish oats with your oat bran sometime. I thought I didn’t like it, but it adds a great extra bite to it. Brittany at eatingbirdfood.com does it! Have a great day my dear!
    I never iron either haha

  5. I only iron for weddings and funerals and even then I would probably just try to find something else :)

  6. I am totally with ya sister – I DETEST ironing!! I throw my stuff in the dryer and hope for the best haha… unless the man is ironing something and feeling nice that day ;) He doesn’t mind ironing, what’s up with that?!

  7. I absolutely LOATHE ironing. If something can’t go in the dryer to be flattened out, I don’t buy it. Dry clean only? No thank you!

  8. I only iron them if it’s completely necessary. I have just way too many clothes, but a lot of them aren’t a wrinkly fabric!!

  9. Haha I do “none of the above”. I guess I am a lazy college student!

  10. I hate to iron! Whenever I need something ironed I always try to get my husband to do it. I purposely do not where button up shirts to work because I don’t want to have to deal with teh wrinkles.

  11. Definitely fluff my clothes, the most genius idea ever!

    And butterscotch topped oats are great! :)

  12. Only if absolutely necessary and that means when I have nothing else clean to wear except the things that have to be ironed. That happens about twice a year. Everything else gets fluffed in the dryer. Or steamed while I’m in the shower. Just be sure the bathroom door is closed, the exhaust is off and hang your shirt from the shower rod as you shower. Then when you get out, simply smooth it out with your hands.

  13. When I have time I’ll iron and when I’m running late my hair flat iron gets used! lol Works in a bind!

  14. i don’t do any of those things! ahaha….ok, only on holidays when i’m supposed to look nice do i ever even think about ironing something.

  15. I only iron for pictures and stuff. We are big believers of if you fold while still warm it gets less wrinkles. And the fluff cycle is perfect.

  16. I don’t iron ever. Or fluff, or anything. But I think I have easy clothes because I wouldn’t describe myself as particuarly wrinkley!


  17. Brandi, I don’t even own an iron. LOL

  18. I’m so bad, I just fold and shove them in a drawer(shh don’t tell :-))

  19. i want to up my chip stash…but pb chips were like $5 bucks at the store?!?!?! that’s not okay!

    have a fabulous day dear!

  20. I used to iron until the husband showed me that if I put a damp towel in the dryer with whatever needs to be ironed and spin it for a few minutes-it usually does the trick! I’m definitely a convert!

  21. At best I throw it in the dryer…if it’s too wrinkled for that, I don’t wear it ;)

  22. I just throw it in the dryer before wearing! I hate ironing. YUM butterscotch chips look good

  23. I HATE ironing…if something is too wrinkled to wear, I just bring it in w/ me when I take a shower and the steam straightens it out!!

  24. i like my clothes fluffed in the dryer too! taht way they are warm :) hehe

  25. i love corduroy! cute. i usually iron.. i actually like ironing believe it or not!

  26. I really, really can’t stand ironing!! It’s not so much the act of it, it’s getting out the board, heating up the iron, waiting for it to cool off when you’re done, putting the board/iron away….it sounds lazy, but it’s just too many steps for me. :-) I’m a dryer girl, too!

  27. I iron, but most times I can get my husband to iron my cloths :)

  28. I love being able to fluff when I’m home! But at college I have to iron. Meh.

  29. for some reason i only like to iron when i’m in hotels. it relaxes me. otherwise, i just don’t.

  30. If I can I throw them in the dryer, but 98% of the time I’m crazy and iron every thing. I can’t stand a wrinkle.

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