New Day, New Jam

Good Monday morning!

I was not up on time, but that’s okay :) It’s still going to be a good day.

My hair is half-dried, my glasses are on, and I’m ready to start my Monday.


Especially since I used a new product in my oatmeal this morning!

This Apricot Conserve from Frog Hollow Farm is too good to be true. It’s whole pieces of apricot in there, and they smell amazing. I got this jar at the Foodbuzz Festival and decided I needed to open it already.


I had a few bananas that were just right this morning and decided on an oatmeal banana split with these 3 as my toppings:




It’s like a big smile in a bowl! I should have put the pb on the other end for its “eyes”.

My oatmeal was just oats, water, salt and cinnamon today since the banana was the base.


What’s your favorite jam/jelly?


  1. I’ve always loved blueberry and apricot jams the best.

  2. What a good bfast idea! That combines pretty much all of my faves, right there. :-P
    My favorite jam is the Bonne Maman brand. It comes in a trillion different flavors, and like the jam you had there are chunks of whatever kind of fruit it is right in there. Yuuum!

  3. Yum!

    I am a purist when it comes to jam. I think grape jam will always be my favorite but I also love homemade strawberry jam or orange marmalade.

  4. I’ve actually never had apricot jam–looks good! My fav is homemade strawberry rubarb in the summertime.

  5. That breakfast lokos great! I love fig jam. Yum!

  6. Cute breakfast!! I like the combo! :)

  7. I love orange marmalade :)

  8. I am not really a huge jelly fan, but strawberry is a classic :)

  9. Homemade blueberry jam is my all time favorite. I am also a fan of cloudberry jam.

  10. I’m a strawberry girl! I need to pick up some ‘naners and try out that kind of breakfast for myself – looks delicious!

    Happy HIMYM Day :)

  11. that looks so cool!

    my fav jam is boysenberry…but i’m falling in love w/ tj’s cranberry apple butter!

  12. Your breakfast is so creative!!

  13. That apricot conserve looks amazing! I’m on the east coast so I could definitely not find it locally. I’d love to buy online, but no ingredient info.. Could you post a nutrition label pic by chance?
    I really love Sugar Free Orange Marmalade. I love the bite from the orange rind. I’ve never been a jelly girl – I’m definitely partial to jams with whole pieces of fruit.

  14. i love that banana boat. it is like it is all ready to set sail.. into your mouth. clearly i need more coffee this morning.

  15. I love a good jam. I think my favorite is American Spoon Cherry Butter or Earth & Vine Banana Pineapple Rum

  16. I love love orange marmalade the best – kind of sweet and bitter at the same time!

  17. Happy Monday Brandi!

    My favorite jelly of all time?? Hot pepper jelly – My Aunt Bea’s specifically.

    She passed away and I have yet to continue with her tradition – maybe this year??!!

  18. I love raspberry Jelly and TJ’s makes an awesome one. I love the crunch of the seeds.

  19. I have never had apricot flavored spread but I’ve heard it’s amazinggggg.

  20. This has to be one of the cutest and most unique breakfasts I have seen. I LOVE this idea!

  21. wow love the banan split!!! Looks so good!!!

    I used my PB&co Cinnamon Raisin today too and realized how amazing it is and why I do not eat it more!!

    Hope you have a great week!! xoxo

  22. I love apricot preserves – my favorite by far!

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