Good, Bad, Yoga

Let’s start with the bad.

I’m pretty sure my work computer is shot. Our awesome IT guy was working on my computer all day and has some of my data moved/saved, but will probably be working on it tomorrow, too.

The good?

There’s an extra computer at work that I’ll be working on until we figure out what can be done with mine. I can at least get stuff done, thank goodness! It’ll just take a little adjusting in the processes since I won’t have all my files yet, but it’s okay.

The other good?

I did yoga today! 45 minutes, thanks to Brooke Boon.

Although most of my day was topsy turvy…frustrating…slow…and not what I expected, I put that all on the mat, stretched and breathed into it, and then let it all go.

I mean, it’s only Monday! I can’t let an out-of-the-ordinary day mess up my night or my day tomorrow.

I had some veggies + hummus + kashi crackers this afternoon while working + finding out the updates on my computer and then got out my yoga mat as soon as 5 pm showed up and I got my computer at home turned off.

— insert 45 minutes of calm here —

Another good?

Dinner was easy  :)




We heated up some of the shepherd’s pie and I steamed some broccoli to have with it.

And I only had half a roll because I burned 2 of them! I let Nick have the full one, and I just took the unburned bottom half of one.

The last good for today:


Seriously, Liz. Amazing.

A Barefoot Contessa Blondie, How I Met Your Mother…and probably a cup of tea.

All in all, a pretty good Monday.

What were your good and bad moments today?




  1. Good = finishing my 28-page final paper for my theater class.

    Bad = my hip still hurting from yesterday’s nasty fall on the ice.

    Bonus good = reading that you’re loving the blondies! :)

  2. Good: Figuring out that there’s so much more than acing finals
    Bad: Realizing getting up to run tomorrow is improbable and needing to come up with a new plan

  3. Sorry to hear about the computer woahs. Nothing is worse than a technology crash to put a damper on your day.

    Those blondies look super delicious! And I imagine they must have been a cinch to make.

    I am going to keep my eye out for this mix.

  4. I have gotten frustrated many a-times on the yoga mat.. but sometimes you just have to accept your bodies limitations and try to stay as present as possible :)

  5. Ugh, I have such a love-hate relationship with technology.

    Hummues makes everything better!

  6. Bad: Got up with a headache and carried it through the day

    Good: I finished an estimate today for a project we are bidding for and there is a big possibility that I will be the lead engineer on it.. yay!

    Yoga is very relaxing and perfect after a frustrating day of work. :)

  7. glad to hear the good outweighed the bad for you! i am in the process of getting a new computer at work and having all the software and files transferred.. for the past week now. i know all about working from a different computer~it is weird!

    the good for me? made up a new type of grilled cheese~going to post it in a second! the bad? i am sick thus no workout para mi. ohhh and i got all my xmas shopping for marshall done! that is a DEFINITE good.

    hope you have a great tuesday, brandi! xoxoxo

  8. good: teaching, getting a full week booked months in advance
    bad: headache and needing to pee with a room full of students

  9. Glad you enjoyed your yoga session!

    Sorry about your computer, hope they get everything worked out for your soon.

  10. Looks like you had a great Monday!! I am seriously contemplating to look for those blondie’s, even though I usually do from-scratch, it seems these could be an exception!!

  11. Good was getting in yoga and having sushi for dinner. Bad was all the stress from being one week away from our Christmas distribution and thinking I wasn’t going to have it all done. I’m much better today.

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  13. I watched my very first episode of HIMYM last night and so thought of you :)

  14. Bad moment – getting lost on a 30min detour driving home. Good moment – getting to give my family a big hug when I got there. :-)

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