Computer Crashes, Christmas Colors

Well, thanks technology.


My work computer is apparently in bad shape. I started out working fine this morning, but then it disconnected and once I got hooked back up, it just wasn’t working right.

Our IT guy is working on saving my data and is going to have to transfer everything to a different computer.

Thankfully, my supervisor just sent me a few things I can do on my laptop on my own so I don’t have to go in this afternoon – I just hope everything can be saved!

While waiting for an email from my boss, I made a quick lunch since I didn’t know if I would have to drive in for the rest of the day.


After having those huevos rancheros for lunch yesterday, that’s all I could think about!


and today, they were decorated for Christmas with both red + green salsa.


Instead of using tortillas today, I cooked some oatbran while I worked on my eggs and then layered everything in a big bowl:

  • oatbran
  • refried beans
  • corn + black beans
  • eggs cooked with olive oil, salt, pepper, ancho chile powder
  • TJ’s green salsa (the last of it!)
  • red salsa


I’ve got to eat and get back to work – wish me luck!


Have you ever had a bad computer crash?

And no, my work computer is NOT a PC – it’s a Mac. So yes, Macs crash, too. :)


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  1. I have a Mac, so that scares me! I’ve never had a huge crash, luckily.

  2. My mac crashed once… but it didn’t really “crash” — it just needed a new hard drive. Believe it or not, it’s not a big deal… sounds much more serious than it is! I got a new one for ~$100 and they were able to retrieve all my data.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. When I visited my aunt in Santa Fe, you could order your salsas either red or green, and if you wanted both, you just said “Christmas.”

  4. Yum, your lunch looks awesome. I have never had a big time crash. This computer crashed once but it was actually just the power source had gone bad. Huge relief!

  5. My last computer literally dehinged before it crashed. I had to hold the screen with one hand and type with the othe!

  6. Mm that looks good! Unfortunately I’m notorious for having my computer crash! My family doesn’t let me near their computers anymore…haha

  7. Oh yes they do!! I have a Mac and have had quite a few scares!! Thankfully they have great customer service…!

    Oh and that oatbran looks delish!

  8. love your christmas themed salsas :) sorry about the laptop. i have had crashes and replaced hard drives and it sucks!

  9. I had my laptop crash right before finals in college. Since then I always have some sort of back up just in case.

  10. Yep to what Quinn said. I’m from New Mexico and it’s true that if you want both red and green chile (different from salsa, btw) you can order both by saying Christmas. Anytime you order enchiladas we ask ‘red or green’…it’s become an unofficial state phrase. Your huevos rancheros remind me of home! mmmm

  11. Sometimes technology seriously sucks. I backed everything up on an external hard drive just for that reason.

  12. I have the exact same laptop. It’s been acting weird lately too!

  13. My hard drive (mac) decided to deep fry itself the day after Thanksgiving. I learned a valuable lesson from this – BACK EVERYTHING UP!

    It was only 1.5 years old so I didn’t a lot on it and when data was able to be recoved I was okay with it (pictures were backed up online and I didn’t have much else saved there anyways).

    I took it into the apple store & they gave me a new hard drive and upgraded my operating system for free! I ♥ my mac!

  14. I swear tech disasters always hit us at the worst of times! hope everything gets fixed up for ya, love!

  15. i had a virus on my computer in college once, but never a big crash…. yet at least!

  16. i’ve never had a huge crash but my husband has. such a pain!!!

  17. in regards to computers crashing… my two suite mates both had their computers crash this past week…. one has 3 papers and her students grades on that computer gone. The other 2 exam reviews she was working on. Gone! And then I had a group project that we presented and did yesterday and one of my group members who was suppose to print out our 50 page plans book had her computer get a virus and couldn’t do the printing!
    Hope thats the end of the run of computer issues on my side! good luck w yours!

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