Pouring Pancakes



Today is cold, gray, and rainy.

We were supposed to have some freezing rain last night, and there were a few patches of ice on the deck this morning, but it’s mostly just rain now.

Still, a day in the high 30s with rain? Not the best fall or winter weather.

Guess that means there will be a lot of cleaning, laundry, napping, and baking today  :)

Getting up to the sound of pouring rain outside just made me want pancakes.


I found a whole wheat pancake recipe in my Ellie Kreiger cookbook and made some changes for what I had.

FYI – Oikos plain is awesome in pancake batter!


I mixed up the batter while Nick cooked some bacon and then our pancakes in our cast iron skillet. I don’t know what it is, but using the cast iron gives the pancakes this amazing crust on the outside. They get perfectly golden brown and almost taste toasty.


I had 2 pancakes with some maple syrup, 1 slice of bacon and a tangerine.


And Kona!



Off to church!

I think lunch should be good, but I’m kind of making it up in my head and my plans keep changing :\ We’ll see how it turns out!


  1. It is stunning to me how yummy this all looks. It is equally stunning that anyone could eat just ONE strip of bacon. I routinely eat my weight in the stuff. Delicious pictures.

  2. If it were really pouring pancakes, I’d be so much more excited to run in the rain, haha

  3. I might need to actually make pancakes at some point soon, because those look amazing!

  4. mmmmm i love adding corn meal or corn bread mix (or both) to my pancake mix!! i love the texture and flavor it gives!! :D

  5. Those pancakes look great! Mmm using Oikos definitely sounds like a good idea :) Good luck planning lunch!

  6. I’ve made that recipe and it is really good!

  7. I made pancakes this morning as well!

    happy Sunday!

  8. the weather is absolutely awful today! looks like we have similar plans to keep ourselves bus inside – cant wait to see wait you bake!

  9. If it were to actually pour pancakes…oh goodness. I mean, I am excellent at catching snowflakes on my tongue, so with those golden pieces of perfection falling down I can only imagine what I’d be up to. :-P

    P.S. – that mug is AWESOME!

  10. oh yum.. they are a perfect breakfast :)

  11. We made our pancakes on a cast iron griddle as a kid so I totally know what you mean about the crust. That is one of the biggest reasons I want one. :-)

  12. Ellie has the best recipes — I wish her show were on food network more often :( Screw Sandra Lee, give Ellie some more time!

  13. even though you arent happy about the rain that is a rad first photo! have a great day and stay warm :) xo

  14. I love Ellie Krieger! I wish she was on Food Network more often. She has such great recipes. Have you ever tried her granola bars? They are awesome!

  15. Pancakes= LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love me some pancakes!!!!!

    That Mug is so funny!!!! Love it!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!!! xoxo

  16. Brandi, where did you get that mug? I love it, and have been looking for one like it for my boyfriend (we have an ongoing joke because he makes a face that looks just like that…)

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