Barefoot Blondies

Today has been the best day!

I’ve got almost all the laundry done – just one more load to fold and bring up – and I did the laundry while watching 2 episodes of One Tree Hill  :) 

Sadly, the sun never came back out this afternoon. It just stayed gray and overcast, but that is good cooking weather. It makes me want comfort meals, and lucky for us, that’s what was on the menu for tonight.

I had some roast leftover from a few nights ago, along with the veggies that cooked with it, so I cut up all the leftover roast into tiny bite sized pieces and added in some Worchestershire, tomato paste, and frozen peas.

While prepping that, I made some mashed potatoes with 2 huge potatoes, salt, pepper, some milk, 1 Tbsp of butter, and 2 laughing cow wedges.


I layered the meat and veggies into a baking dish and topped it with the potatoes.

Since I heated up the meat/veggie mixture and the potatoes were already hot, I just put it in a 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes until the edges were bubbling and the potatoes were starting to brown.


Shepherd’s Pie with leftover roast is awesome! Definitely better than other recipes I’ve made where you cook the meat right before layering it in the dish.



We had wheat yeast rolls + salad to round out dinner.


I love casseroles like this, but they never look pretty once you scoop it out of the dish.


For the baking project, I got to use a new mix that I got from my favorite VeggieGirl  :)



The other day, we were emailing back and forth about the Barefoot Contessa, how much we love her and her husband and her brownies and I came home to find these Barefoot Contessa mixes on my doorstep. Thank you so much!!!


I had never used her mixes before, and I think I’m officially addicted already. The ingredient list was great, and all I needed to add was butter and an egg – how easy is that?

The house smells amazing – Nick just ate one and said they were awesome so I’ve got to go get one of my own  ;)



  1. Lol, that comment about casseroles is so true! It’s like trifles at holiday parties. They’re so pretty and then people start digging in and it’s a mess

  2. I love using LC in mashed potatoes. I swear, those little wedges are magic!

  3. YYYYES!! So glad you’re enjoying the mixes so far :)

  4. i’m sure those barefoot contessa mixes are amazing – her stuff always looks so good!!!

  5. Oooh good to hear the BC mixes are good…I’m always tempted by them in the grocery store!

  6. I need to try those mixes! Where is mine VeggieGirl!?

  7. love leftover casseroles! so good!

  8. AHh those look so good!! I love Barefoot Contessa recipes and I recently made cookies from one of her mixes which was to die for. I brought the cookies to the office and everyone thought I was the best cook in the world– leave it to Ina!

  9. that looks yummy! the blondies and the Shepard pie

  10. mmm everything looks delicious brandi! too bad i wasn’t at your casa tonight :)

  11. You always have the most amazing dinner ideas! And those brownies look ten times healthier than the ones I made tonight!! :-)

  12. barefoot contessa is the best. LOVE that lady.

    i also love shepherds pie – it totally brings me back to my study abroad days in london. yay for productive days – such a good feeling! love ya lady!

  13. I love simple lists of ingredients that turn out great. And how awesome for you yummy dinner.

  14. yum, I bet those blondies are delicious!

  15. what a clever way to use up the leftovers – I can’t believe I have never had sheperd’s pie; and those blondies look amazing!

  16. I love shepherd’s pie with a pureed pumpkin top instead–it’s SO good! I think the recipe is on my blog :-)

  17. I have always wanted to try Barefoot Contessa mixes. I think what I’ll be picking up very soon… :) I can just imagine the smell in your house after you baked the blondies…

  18. Those blondies look great! VeggieGirl is so sweet :)

    Love your Shepherd’s pie, looks delish.

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