New Nuggets

Most of my list is done for today!

  • Groceries
  • Blogger-related errand
  • Christmas gift errand
  • Potluck tonight
  • Laundry – in the works!

I got all the groceries bought and put away, found a few Christmas gifts I needed (with coupons!), and completed my fun blogger errand today  :)

After singing along to a lot of Christmas music in the car…I got home around 1:45, and Nick and I were both ready for lunch.


I had a coupon for an Applegate Farms product, so I bought these chicken nuggets for us to try for lunch today.


They were great! They only took about 10 minutes to crisp up and they just tasted like really good chicken nuggets.


Nick mixed up some honey mustard for us, and we each had a salad and some bbq popchips!

Yup, I finally found Popchips, too. I had some coupons to get a free bag of them, but couldn’t find them anywhere. Finally, I found a few flavors at Target last week. The bbq ones are so tasty – kind of a sweet and spicy bbq flavor.IMG_0513


I’ve got to go switch some laundry and get my hummus/veggie platter ready for our potluck tonight! It should be fun.

I’m just happy it’s kind of chilly because I’m wearing my gray boots again today – they make me happy.


What’s your favorite condiment?


  1. I think chicken nuggets are timeless. Thank god for companies like apple gate that makes them the ethical way

  2. ah chicken nuggets and I go way back. True story: I have dominated a 20 pack at mickey D’s. I wish I were kidding.

  3. I love those nuggets!

    New blog post + new music! New giveaway tomorrow. Woop woop!


  4. my favorite condiment is ketchup – I think i use it almost everyday!

  5. does hummus count?? :)

  6. BBQ sauce or ketchup. I eat those two on everything ;)

  7. Target it the only place closeby that has Pop chips for me too.

    I love salsa. I use it all the time on lots of stuff. So perfect!

  8. Congrats on tackling that to do list! And those nuggets look great, especially with a side of honey mustard :)

    I love potlucks, have fun tonight!

  9. boots make me happy too!

    have fun at your potluck tonight – i am loving up on your lunch. the BBQ popchips are by far my favorite :)


  10. I haven’t been able to find popchips yet. I really want to try them. Favorite condiment Ohh, mustard. Next up, hot sauce.

  11. Dang..I haven’t had chicken nuggets since forever.
    Sigh…it sounds like it’s REALLY cold in VA…I don’t wanna go back to that weather!! >.<

  12. condiments.. I am the condiment queen.
    I LOVE salsa, and ketchup. Hummus.. is that a condiment? And my moms homemade relish <3

  13. Ranch haha. I have about 20 sauces in my fridge that I rotate too :)

  14. I haven’t had chicken nuggets since back in my Happy Meal days!! I really want to try the HungryGirl recipe where you use chicken breasts and coat them with a fiber one coating–these sound good though if I don’t feel like doing all the work :-)

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