Frenched Flax

Happy Saturday!

I love not having to set an alarm clock  :)

Besides bacon, we are running low on just about everything this morning, so I had to get creative with my part of breakfast.



We only had 1 egg left, so I made Nick’s french toast with the egg and some milk.

Once his was done cooking, I coated my 2 slices of ww bread in a mixture of ground flax, water, and milk.


It definitely wasn’t the same texture of regular french toast, but it tasted great!

While the french toast was cooking, I took some leftover diced apple, pecans, and cranberries from our salads last night, tossed with some cinnamon, and heated up for 1 minute in the microwave.


A drizzle of maple syrup completed this dish – I love the tart cranberries the most! I wish I had used more, but we ran out last night.


Nick also made coffee  :) Freshly ground Kona. The perfect thing to have on a frosty Saturday morning.

I’ve got to go start the car + defrost the windows so I can head out – I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do today:

  • Call my parents for our regular Saturday morning phone call
  • Get groceries
  • Run some Christmas related errands (hopefully!)
  • Do a fun blogger related errand  :)
  • Come back and get ready for a potluck tonight


  1. Have a great Saturday!! We’re low on everything but bacon too… i do love bacon though!

  2. French toast on a Saturday = perfect :)

  3. Saturday’s are probs my favorite day, because the weekend workload doesn’t feel so necessary

  4. I slept in for me but now I’m on to work.

    I like your substitute. I don’ thave flax but I’m interested in it being used as an egg substitute.

  5. Yummy looking breakfast.. I love your mug too, how cute!!

  6. that looks really good! i haven’t had french toast in years.

  7. fruit on french toast is always so good

  8. Way to be creative with what you have in the house! Now that my run is over, I love Saturday! Have a great day, and yes I would love to write about you for my new Friday Foodie Feature! I will email you!

  9. The topping on that french toast looks amazing. Yum! Stay warm out there!

  10. no lie, I JUST made myself some french toast for breakfast. Now I wish I would’ve had some flax!

  11. Love that apple/pecan idea…sounds perfect for a chilly Saturday morning! Hope you’re having a good one!

  12. I love not having to set an alarm clock, too! Simple pleasures :) The breakfast looks delicious!

  13. Yum the french toast looks great! Good luck with your list!

  14. what a great idea to use “flax eggs” for french toast! I´ll definately try that asap!

  15. You put together a pretty impressive breakfast for running low on ingredients… the french toast looks delish!

  16. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!

  17. that is such a creative alternative to traditional french toast~plus you are adding your healthy fats! fabulous. enjoy your day brandi!!

  18. Sometimes it’s fun to try to come up with things when you don’t have all you need–you did a marv job :-)

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