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Friday is half over!

I’m ready for a weekend, even though we’re supposed to have really cold one AND even though there’s only one college football game :( I am really sad that the regular season is over – I think all the bowl games will be good, but then it’s over for 8 months!

I guess there are more things to be upset about, right?

Lunch today was quick, thanks to easy-to-reheat leftovers.

IMG_7612 IMG_7613

I brought some leftover broccoli + creamy chicken cacciatore (the last of it) along with a clementine for lunch.


I don’t know why, but leftover pasta is the best!

Right before Nick came over to eat, I started putting together my grocery / meal list for this next week.

I have a few ideas that I didn’t get to make earlier this week, but then my mind just went blank! I looked at the Kroger sale sheet for this week and have a few more possibilities, but I’m going to have to finish my meal plan and grocery list tonight.


What do you do for meal planning / making grocery lists?

And what are you making next week? :) I need some more ideas!


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The ONE football game this weekend:

2:30 PM ET
Army vs. Navy*


AND…a BIG congratulations to one of my best friends, Alicia, who just had her baby boy this week!!!



  1. I am not a pasta fan but I do agree it’s better the next day; I think then it has the chance to absorb the sauce better.
    My meal planning is so sporadic. I like to go and find what I can have that day.
    When I do plan it’s usually because there’s a recipe I really like but haven’t made in a while, which I’m starting to feel about my vegetarian philly cheesesteaks

  2. I don’t really plan meals. I usually just buy what is on sale and figure it out during the week. I like to eat what I am craving.

  3. i do most of my meal planning based on new recipes that i want to try out of cookbooks, websites, or food blogs. it is very rare that i actually cook the same thing for dinner twice, because i like to try new recipes. i like using google calendar to plan meals and keep track of the groceries i need to get for each meal. that way i can access everything from home or work.

    i’m not sure what i’m going to cook next week yet, but i feeling like i’m due for a stir fry. or maybe some salmon fish tacos with black beans.

  4. I was just making out my grocery list and meal plan! I’m always trying new recipes and get a lot of them from blogs or magazines. So far, I’m a little uninspired but we’re having a Cajun linguine with salmon, chicken and dumplings, and broccoli and pork stir fry. I think I’ll probably throw in a couple of vegetarian meals for good measure.

  5. I don’t eat a ton of pasta but Hunni loves it.

    I’m a huge menu planner. This week coming up I have homemade Chicken Pot Pie (tomorrow), waffles with blueberry or apples, Chile and cumin Mahi mahi, Rigatoni with creamy sausage sauce, very veggie chili wraps, middle eastern Lamb crockpot stew, Baked spaghetti carbonara and some sort of stratta or fritatta.

    Hope that helps :-)

  6. I have no idea what I am making next week. We are trying to eat our pantry/fridge/freezer bare this month and it is resulting in some interesting meals.

  7. I’m making latkes tonight! Just posted the recipe on my blog today. I might try to make some sort of bread and French onion soup next week. I usually try to plan 2 dinners a week, but I know we’ll have leftovers or that I might not feel like cooking one night, so I don’t overplan because then we’ll end up wasting food. I go through whatever recipes I’ve chosen and write down whatever ingredients we need before we head to the store.

  8. i should really start meal planning. But I do keep my grocery list in check!

  9. We make a list of what we would like to cook for the week on Sat morning on our drive from the gym to the grocery store. If I don’t get to the store before 11 AM on Saturday I won’t get any of my organic greens… mainly kale.

    As what we are having next week I can tell you tomorrow, once we talk about it on our way to the store… lol

  10. I’m horrible at menu/meal planning… in an ideal world I would book mark recipes and then go grocery shopping over the weekend, but it never works out that way!

  11. Pasta is the one thing that I actually like to eat as leftovers!

  12. Andy and I need to meal plan. It just sucks because I am one of those people who has to be in the mood for something in order to eat it!

  13. i am SUCH a bad meal planner. i admire your planning! i always wing it.

  14. I’m terrible about meal planning! I do know that I’ll be eating lots of veggies next week to counteract all the holiday baking that’s taking place in my kitchen!

  15. Ha! It’s so funny that you mention this because I was trying to do my meal plan for next week this morning and I went blank too! Here are some ideas that I came up with so maybe they will help you?

    Stuffed Potatoes
    Butternut Squash Soup and Pumpkin Corn Bread
    Coconut Shrimp
    BBQ tofu and Mac and Cheese

    Just some ideas, hope they help! ;)

  16. I’m sad the season’s over too! Basketball just isn’t as fun for me.

  17. I’m meal planning tonight too! I’ll let you know what I come across that sounds good… I already have some things in the back of my mind that I want to try ;)

  18. I think pasta is the only food I prefer to eat the next day.. and pizza! I don’t know why — cold pizza is amazing!

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