A Tisket, A Tasket…

Dinner in a basket.


The holiday lunch was fun yesterday, but last night was even better!

Nick and I rushed home so I could change clothes and came back out to town to eat dinner at a bbq place here. Their bbq chicken is so good – really smoky. I got their chicken sandwich and Nick and I split sides: potato salad and beans. The beans here are some of the best I’ve ever had – I don’t know what they put in their recipe, but they’re awesome.


After we finished eating, we headed over to watch some basketball!




It was so much fun! We hadn’t been to a basketball game since last year, and it was a really good game. I’m not sure what this Orange guy is supposed to be, but he’s funny and dances around the whole time.


We got home right as the Top Chef Finale was coming on…so I just watched that and then went to bed.

I was going to continue the basket theme this morning with some eggs-in-a-basket, but I really wanted oatbran, so no basket for breakfast!

IMG_0377 IMG_0378

While Nick was in the shower, I got breakfast ready. Bacon and eggs with some oatbran for me.


I just like having something with my eggs so I don’t miss any of the runny yolk – oatbran, grits, bread, etc.



I also got coffee made, and Nick cut up some tangerines for both of us this morning.

A complete breakfast!


Almost time for work – I better get some coffee.


What’s your favorite sport to watch?

Obviously, college football is my favorite  :), but basketball is so much fun when you’re at the games! I like watching it on tv, too, but being at the games is always better.



  1. I like watching College football too.

    The yolk is the best part of the egg ;)

  2. I actually don’t watch any sports (I was a cheerleader in high school!) except for gymnastics. I haven’t seen it on tv in years but I used to be obsessed!


  3. I like football games. I just loved it in high school when we would get bundled up and cheer for our team. :-)

  4. I like watching hockey…but if I’m actually at the game, I’d love to watch any sport…just something about being there makes it great!

  5. I like watching men’s soccer – although I’m mostly just watching the players ;)

  6. Football and hockey are my faves!

  7. What a great night!!
    I’m totally a baseball girl!

  8. I love the title of this post, totally made me smile this morning! BBQ dinner looks fantastic :)

  9. FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL obviously! I just can’t get into any other sport. I don’t know what I’m going to do after the season is over :(

  10. Love college football and NFL – also like NBA and college Basketball. Cricket, soccer – my life is on hold for World Cup, track … okay, I might be a sports nut.

  11. Yum! That dinner looks great! I love chicken BBQ!

  12. Every time I see your egg and oatbran combo it makes me want to try it more and more. Considering how much I love eggs I’m surprised I haven’t already! I will make note to def try it. Do you think it would be good with rolled oats too?

  13. I love watching baseball, but could watch ice skating and swimming for days on end. During the summer Olympics I am glued to the TV all through the swimming (it doesn’t help that I have been in love with Michael Phelps for years!)

  14. Are you a VT fan? I didn’t know that…

    I enjoy college football and basketball. I like baseball but I rather watch it at the game I get board watching it on TV.

    I am a big WVU fan ;)

  15. awww, VTech game! you must of had so much fun!

    favorite sport is college football too!…of course!

  16. Looks like so much fun, I love basketball games!
    Hmm my favoritie sport to watch in person is probably basketball or hockey (love catching the fights up close)
    But I enjoy watching baseball on TV.

  17. Oh you Hokie fans :)

    I can’t say I LOVE watching too many sports but I do love actually going to the games. Baseball and hockey are my favorites.

  18. I love going to watch a Devil’s Hockey game! But over the past weekend it was a lot of fun to watch my HS alma mater play in their state championship game. I was a 4 year Offensive Football Statistician in HS. According to some friends, I was smarter than the cheerleaders because I was on the sidelines with them! LOL

  19. I’m not much of a sports person, but I agree you need something to not miss the yolks! They’re the best part

  20. I love baseball! I was a “bat-girl” for the UM Hurricanes Baseball team all 4 years I was there! :)

    Btw, it’s lunch time and I’m starving cuz I had nothing in the fridge, yet again, and than chicken sandwich looks to die for!

  21. My favorite sport to watch is baseball. It’s the only sport I don’t get bored from watching!

  22. i actually hate watching all sports…haha. only running. and most people believe that to be torture.

  23. that bbq chicken looks so good!

  24. i’m a total baseball fan!

    Looks like the game last night was fun! :)


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  26. now bball i do love :) going to a game tonight actually! that sandwich looks incredible.

  27. Your chicken sandwich looks & sounds so good! :)

    I honestly don’t like watching sports that much. But maybe that’s because I can’t get into watching it on T.V… In the past few years I enjoyed watching some live soccer & tennis matches.

  28. Definitely college football. Loving the pics with your new camera :)

  29. I don’t watch anything but football really. When the olympics are on I watch almost everything…even curling.

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