Too Relaxed

I think that bath last night made me a little too relaxed…and it might have lasted until this morning.

I totally did NOT get up on time today! Why does the bed have to be so warm and comfortable?

Honestly, my bath last night was perfect. I used my Rose & Chamomile bubble bath from EO Products (samples I got at the Foodbuzz conference) and read in the bath for about an hour last night. So nice to take some time to soak and read!

But that bath and my good night of sleep didn’t take away my excitement for my breakfast…


Finally! I got to the bottom of our Nutella jar!


I wanted to taste all of that nutella, so I did a basic bowl of oatbran to put in the jar.

  • 1/3 cup oatbran, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • cinnamon!
  • sliced banana


I topped it with a few banana slices and some of those biscuits from my package the other day.

Most of my banana just melted into the oatbran – it was a pretty ripe one, and the banana sliced just disappeared when I stirred the cooked oatbran.


Now if I only had some of that hot chocolate from yesterday… ;)

I have our work holiday party today at lunch – see ya for dinner! It’s a new one I’m making up/trying and should be good.


Do you have holiday parties this time of year? Cookie swaps? Secret Santas?


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  1. We have tons of family holiday parties. I love them!

  2. All of the above! :)

  3. we’ve had our work holiday party already, and the family Hanukkah celebration is this weekend!

  4. I love a nice long bath in the evening too. I think the tub is my favorite place to read.

    My office does do a holiday party. The past 2 years it had been at Dave and Buster’s. I am kind of hockie and wish we did a pot luck at the office instead.

  5. I haven’t taken a bath in FOREVER, but back home we have one of the amazing antique claw tubs–it’s great!

    Have fun at your work holiday party =)

  6. Mmm, sounds like a wonderful bath!!! I love that feeling of drunk relaxation. I always feel that way after a message! :)

    Oooo, Nutella Oats in a JAR!! Now that is where its at. I just made my famous Nutella Banana Hazelnut Oats yesterday and it was scrumptious. I totally thought of you! ;)

  7. I havent had nutella in YEARS, wow looks good!

    Holiday party at work for sure!

    Tomorrow I pick 3 Zevia Giveaway WINNERS –

  8. I’m thankful to have quite a few holiday parties to attend, since we are new in town! I’m glad people are reaching out to us, and our efforts to meet people and make friends are working :)
    Oats in a Nutella jar? Seriously? Awesome. My bowl looks so LAME now!

  9. AMAZING. oatbran + nutella jar. i want that!

  10. Now that is my kind of oats in a jar.

    Oddly, we don’t really have much going on this year in the way of parties. I have my work party tomorrow night that includes a secret santa but other than that, not much else. But, I am actually kind of glad. I’m tired.

  11. That sounds like one decadent breakfast! I love it!! My work does holiday parties, our family friends host an annual one, and my group of friends typically have a party. I love doing Secret Santa so the more parties the better :)

  12. My BFF and I have a Gift Wrapping Day with snacks and wine each year. Fun!

  13. I LOVE your Nutella jar! Great way to start the day!

    I have a few low-key holiday parties in the next few weeks. Enjoy your holiday party today! :)

  14. I’m sad to say that I’m not involved in any sort of cookie swap or holiday party! I’m kinda bummed out about that. My work throws a big Halloween party instead because of the various religions.

  15. mmm that looks good… esp with melted bananas… :)

  16. I riously love nutella. It is really good in oatmeal with peanut butter and banana :)

  17. ohh it’s beautiful! :) We’re having a cookie making + Love Actually watching + holiday beverage drinking party of sorts tomorrow.. still finalizing my recipe selection though. Have a great day!

  18. Nope….we just have a church party because of work craziness.

    I think I’ll have to try eating less oatbran if I give it another try. I ate way too much yesterday and my stomach rebelled.

  19. mmmm nutella. so dang good! i love the EO products~they smell great!

  20. Nutella is like crack to me. lol. I had a Christmas party last week and this weekend. I can’t wait!

  21. Nutella oats? I need to get on that.. I prefer Nutella over nut butters any day.. but I see it as a treat so I don’t really put them in my oatmeal. I need to get over that, real fast!

    I have a lot of holiday parties. I have some with my family this weekend and a lot of parties in Sweden with my husband’s family. I never need an excuse to bake holiday treats though ;)

  22. a warm bubble bath is the perfect way to relax :)

    I need to go to more holiday parties.
    i am going to a “tacky christmas sweater” party!!

  23. Tub time and reading make for the perfect way to end the night! And nutella for breakfast make for the perfect way to start the day! Have fun at your party :)

  24. Mmm…I love me some Nutella oats! Banana makes it that much better, too. You know how to eat!

    I don’t think I have any holiday parties to attend this year, other than the XMas holidays on the 24th and 25th. I would love to have one so I could sport a new cocktail dress though!

  25. haha baths at nighttime are heavenly, i must say…and wow those oats in a nutella jar are definitely something to get out of bed for :)

    I’ve got a “end of exams, beginning of holidays” party tomorrow night with my lab group, and plan on hosting a wine party of my own later this month. I think holiday parties are wonderful!

  26. I couldn’t get out of bed this morning either!! But man that breakfast would have helped :)

    No parties this year, but of course a cookie swap!! :D

  27. Wow, your nutella oatbran looks amazing! I don’t have all that many holiday parties this year–the harp studio is getting together for a dinner tonight, but it’s thai and not-so-holidayish. Haha

  28. Nutella is brilliant. Period.

    We have work holiday parties, yes. No cookie swaps tho.

  29. I love holiday parties! We always throw a party for just the kids and their friends, we host a cookie exchange and we have a themed Stitch n Bitch with the weekly gals on the Saturday closest to Christmas (unless some of us are going away, then we do it a little earlier or later) and I often try to sneak in one more fete in January to celebrate Greek Christmas! We’ve never done a secret Santa but that would be fun!

  30. Nutella oats sound amazing! My company used to have a holiday party but they got rid of it because of the economy!

  31. Holiday party on Sat night.. my husband’s company, which means we have to go and be social but not really enjoy our time. I love nutella and introduced my husband to it.. he has become a nutella monster… lol he puts on EVERYTHING

  32. ah, being too relaxed is a problem I would love to have!

  33. mmm i love a good bath. i may go sneak off and take one now!

  34. Nutellaaa!!! So delish!! Nothing yet and I am happy!

  35. We have an office Yankee Swap and holiday party at a really beautiful old Boston brownstone. I need to plan my workouts accordingly!

  36. oh nutella…i have a bottle waiting to be opened…i’m resisting, or it’ll be gone too fast!

    and i’ve just got the blogger secret santa!

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