Mysterious Muffins

Remember those little cakes Nick and I had the other night?


Well, that recipe is actually a muffin recipe.


More specifically, Clare’s Cappuccino Muffins.

So, who is Clare?

You might remember me talking about those Coffeehouse Mystery books I’ve been hooked on lately – Clare Cosi is the main character in the series!

I have fallen in love with these books for a lot of reasons – they’re easy to get into, there are little tidbits about coffee woven into the stories, there are recipes at the end of each book(!), and they each make me want to own/run a coffee shop and solve crimes  ;)

I’ve tagged almost every recipe at the end of every book, but I finally decided to make these muffins the other day.


In Cleo Coyle’s Decaffeinated Corpse, Clare Cosi actually baked these muffins and served them to a "suspect" in the book right before she interrogated him.

If these muffins were good enough to get someone to talk in the book, I knew they’d be a hit in our house.

Plus, they have coffee in them – what could be better?

Unfortunately, I can’t post the recipe, because it is copyrighted to Berkley Publishing Group and permission is needed to reprint it, but I can tell you that Nick and I loved them!


I can also tell you that this recipe can be found in Cleo Coyle’s Decaffeinated Corpse…and that each book is worth getting and reading.


The best thing about making these muffins was the smell while they were baking.


Chocolate + coffee, baking away in the oven? It was hard waiting for these to cool down enough to eat, let alone frost!

I think the only things to make these even better?


A cup of coffee and a chocolate covered espresso bean on top.


Let’s just say that half the batch is already gone  ;)


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  1. May I claim the other half? ;)

  2. These look and sound amazing!!! Ohmigosh.

  3. You’ve got me really intrigued about these books if they contain such wonderful looking recipes!!

  4. Yum! I love the coffee bean on top.

  5. Coffee and chocolate in a baked good? It sounds like a dream!

  6. wow!! delicious :)

  7. That muffin sounds right up my alley! What a cute story to go with it!

  8. OMG!!! I want those muffins so bad!!! I can totally go out to Borders tonight to buy the book and snag the recipe. it looks 100% worth it.

    I love coffee in anything.

  9. these look amazing! :) i love a good muffin!!!

  10. Yummy. These would be adorable baked in an ovenproof espresso cup.

  11. That’s so fun that the books have recipes in them! The muffins look & sound delicious!

  12. I bet half that batch is gone!! they look delicious and so pretty too!! great recipe :)

  13. Oo I’m gonna need to try those! I’ve been wanting to check those books out for a while!

  14. Those muffins look really good!

    And those books sound fun :)

  15. wow – do they give you a buzz?

  16. Ohmygosh, thank you for that link! It’s very likely I will buy and become obsessed with those books!

  17. Ok this post took my breathe away! Seriously – I was intrigued before but now I just have to look into these books! I am impressed by the creativity of this author. Hm…interesting. Gosh, I love good writing and good food — aren’t they the greatest?

  18. that is an awesome muffin…so good.

  19. Whoa, these books sound like they are so good! And if they come with a recipe for those yummy things, well the deal is sealed! :-)

  20. These look so good and what’s not to like about coffee, chocolate and in a muffin to boot! love it!

  21. Good books with good recipes–sounds like my kinda reading! :-)

  22. I have to try these!

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