Hot for Chocolate

I had the best hot chocolate ever today!

And thank goodness, because lunch was just leftovers.


My lunch was good – don’t get me wrong – but I just needed something else.


I had some of the Ribollita from the other night with some Kashi crackers and a clementine.


And then Nick and I headed over to one of our favorites places…The Chocolate Spike.

Nick got some coffee and a few chocolates, but all I could think about was a cup of hot chocolate. It is so cold and rainy here today…I just wanted a hot drink to take back to the office with me.


Boy, did they deliver!

I have never in my life had hot chocolate that tasted like this. AND – this wasn’t even just their hot chocolate! I ordered a mocha, which is half coffee and half their hot chocolate.

I don’t even know if I can explain it….it’s this super rich mix of chocolates (dark, semisweet, and milk) and went perfectly with the coffee. I’m kind of sad that I waited so long to try the hot chocolate here but glad I finally did! Nick and I love their chocolates, so I should have known it would be amazing ;)

I had such a sugar rush after this – I was just buzzin’ through work this afternoon, but it did make the day fly by!

With this nasty weather here today, I was really happy we had leftovers to eat for dinner tonight.


I heated up the creamy chicken sausage cacciatore from last night and layered it on top of some broccoli.


Quick, easy, healthy, delicious!

I’m actually finished with everything for tonight – I can’t believe it. I think I may take a bath, read some books for a while, and touch up my nail polish.


What’s your favorite hot winter drink?


  1. I love coffee any time any place.
    Can I just say how much I adore that mug? A freaking lot.

  2. ooo your leftovers look delightful :)
    yumyum i want to try that hot chocolate!

  3. I love hot chocolate that comes from real chocolate instead of that lame powder stuff… I have to get some and soon!

  4. yummy hot chocolate! i should send you some of the organic cacao cocoa blocks i have for hot chocolate…sooo good!

  5. Hot spiced cider!! Mmmm

  6. Coffee is always my favorite, no matter what season it is.

  7. Hot chocolate is my favorite absolutely!
    Oh my goodness I am jealous of your amazing cocoa experience!

  8. I love hot chai tea with soy milk! :)

  9. I love lattes, especially the seasonal flavors at Starbucks!

  10. Ditto on the hot chai with soy. Also Russian Spiced Tea is a big pick me up.

  11. I really like the white chocolate mocha at Starbucks :)

  12. hot cocoa sounds sooooo good right now! here in MI we have some sort of wind advisory, and this would be perfect to warm up with!!!! hope you have a good night! :) xoxox

  13. mmm i love good hot chocolate. at starbucks it’s good if you get some extra vanilla in it.
    and we have a chocolate store that does amazing hot chocolate with cinnamon. i adore any and all things with cinnamon.

  14. I love really rich hot chocolate! I’m currently hooked on peppermint mochas at Starbucks…

  15. haha i had the same question yesterday! my answer was pumpkin spice latte with wassail coming in second!

  16. I loove hot chocolate–sometimes I will even drink it in the summer if we are out by the campfire or something–s’mores dipped in hot chocolate is heavenly!

    My all time fav winter/holiday drink would have to be eggnog!

  17. I love tea. I can drink it all day in the winter.

  18. I love hot chocolate and don’t know why I don’t drink it more often. That looks great!!

  19. I’ve been in such a hot chocolate mood lately as well! In the winter I definitely gravitate towards tea and hot chocolate.

    I’m trying to find the Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, so hopefully I find some soon!

    For my hot chocolate fixes, I’ve been using unsweetened chocolate almond milk or chocolate soy milk as my base for an extra chocolate kick.

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