Soup Solo

The one thing I don’t like about working from home 2 days a week? I don’t get to eat lunch with Nick!

I miss him when I don’t see him in the middle of the day – we always eat lunch together at work, so it’s strange when I eat at home by myself.


At least I had some good leftovers to have for lunch – especially for today! I went to the post office at lunch today and it is only 37 degrees here!


I heated up a bowl of the Ribollita from last night and toasted some whole grain baguette to have along with it.

Soup = the perfect lunch for today…no new snow, but it’s still outside.


I had the same amount of bread I had last night, but I sliced them thinner so I would have “more slices” ;) Tricky, huh?


2 of the small slices are on the bottom of the bowl, under the soup, and the other 3 are on top for dipping.

All buttered with 1 tsp of Kerrygold, aka the best butter ever, split between all the bread.


And a tangerine!


Citrus is the best ending to a meal, I think.

Well, maybe second after chocolate.


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What’s your usual lunchtime routine?

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  1. Yum! That looks delicious.

    My lunchtime routine involves me shutting the door, photographing food and then doing work/reading blogs while I eat. I hate the cycle I’ve gotten into – but it’s a hard one to break!

  2. That butter is sooo good. I bought some last night!!!

  3. I make lunch in my dorm usually and eat around 1. I think a simple and warm lunch can make the day more bearable :-)

  4. It’s only 21°F here!! You’re lucky ;)

  5. I wish I had a lunchtime routine, but I don’t have any consistency :(
    I’m also having a giveaway-a Wusthof knife and scissor set!

  6. I would love to work from home 2 days a week but aww that sucks! At least lunch looked yummy! :)

  7. Yum, the soup looks great. I wish it was cold here. :(

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  8. Well, I am trying to work on my online habits at work so I have been leaving the internet off during work and then logging on and surfing the web/blogging/emailing/tweeting all that jazz during lunch.

  9. Usually I eat at my desk at work and read food blogs, lol! I have a place mat and everything.


  10. Usually, it’s a time of peace for me. I don’t usually have too much time in between work and school, so I have my lunch time to sort of re-center in between those two activities.

  11. I usually eat lunch while surfing blogs (like right now :) )

  12. mmmm soup, bread and buttah – now that is a killer combo! i wish i worked from home – i think that would help my sanity some days :)

  13. we’re barely supposed to get above freezing here today! i wish we had snow so it was at least pretty!

  14. Lunch is usually with Hunni in our apartment watching Comedy Central Stand up. But during Christmas it is grab whatever is quick and easy and get back to work.

  15. snow!!! i was wishing for some in sacramento…didn’t happen. just a little too close to sea level. boo.

  16. I’m so jealous Brandi. I would loveto work from home, especially when the weather turns cold.

  17. aw at least you had that warm bowl of soup to comfort you during your solo lunch )

  18. I just bought my first tangerines of the season yesterday – can’t wait to eat one!

    I bring my lunch nearly every day. I want to say I may eat out lunch once every two months!

    Dinner? That’s another story!! :D

  19. i eat lunch by myself most days – that’s so nice you usually get to share yours with your sweetie!

  20. Your new camera is awesome. These pictures could be in any food magazine.

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