Sunday Supper

Whew! Sundays just get away from me…or, really, they just keep me from blogging  :)

And I love it!

First things first:


Nick and I tried this ice cream last night, and it. is. awesome.



The bites with the coconut-caramel? I’ve never had any ice cream like it! It was so good, and tasted just like a slice of german chocolate cake.

Even Roxy was begging for some.


We kind of watched/kind of slept through the 2nd half of the GA Tech/Clemson game, woke up just in time to see the end and went to bed.

We had to go to church early this morning because Nick was doing sound, so breakfast was fast + easy.


We each heated up some cinnamon rolls and had a tangerine on the side.


The cinnamon roll recipe I used is from MyRecipes, but I used all whole wheat flour instead of the mix they call for – everything else is the same!

Taking our coffee on the road, we headed to church this morning in the most beautiful weather.

No snow today, but the sky was blue and the sun bright. This one section we drove through looked like Narnia…all the bare tree branches covered in snow, glittering in the bright morning sun. I could have walked around for hours! Everything was just spotless and bright and beautiful.

Lunch was spontaneous today – we were planning on coming home, but ended up at our local place, the New River Grille, today. And since we were originally coming home, I didn’t have my camera with me. But it wasn’t anything new: blackened chicken, side salad, and some green beans. And about half of Nick’s fries :)

After we got home, we got started on some stuff around the house – everything needed to be cleaned, dusted, etc, and I had laundry to work on. Nick vacuumed the house for me while I baked muffins, dusted, cleaned the bathroom, and did laundry.

And we got everything done!

I’m happy I picked this dinner to make today because it was easy and quick to make.


I made Ribollita, an Italian soup that is served over bread.


I read a bunch of recipes for it, and kind of followed most of them but made just a few small changes.

  • 1 diced chicken sausage instead of bacon or pancetta
  • 2 cans of white beans
  • 2-3 cups of fresh spinach
  • vegetable broth
  • crushed red pepper sprinkled in


I had some whole grain baguette that we sliced, spread with a little Kerrygold butter, and served in the soup. The one slice at the bottom of the bowl absorbed the broth and it was the best piece!

And this will be dessert:


The muffins I made earlier left me with some extra batter that wouldn’t fit in the muffin tin, so I made Nick and I each a little tiny cake in these ramekins.

I’m trying to figure out if I can post the recipe for these or not – I got it out of one of those Coffeehouse Mystery books that I love by Cleo Coyle. If I can post it, I’ll post it soon!


Here are some of the ingredients that went in – they turned out great!

I hear that mini cake calling…and then pajamas :)


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  1. LOVE the dessert creation!

  2. That ice cream sounds great! I really want to try their all natural vanilla bean. Yum :-P

  3. ummm you had me at german chocolate cake ice cream. that looks beyond words.

  4. What a wonderful dinner! That soup looks delicious.

  5. a hybrid of german chocolate cake and ice cream? sign me up!

  6. that little ramekin of cake is so cute!

  7. Those ingredients look pretty yummy! I hope you can post the recipe. :)

  8. yay for mini cake! and is that orange zest i see!??! yippee!!!

  9. OMG!!! I would die for some german chocolate cake icecream.

  10. Mmmm I love soup with white beans and especially with bread to soak it all up!

  11. awee Roxy is adorable <3

    taht ice cream looks SO goood

  12. i love ribolitta – it truly does stick to your ribs

  13. That ice cream looks to-die-for! It always seems like the best flavors of ice cream are only limited editions, which is a good thing because otherwise my diet would consist of mainly ice cream :-)

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