Guessing Game

If you had guessed…

…that I was up working on my cinnamon rolls at 6:45 this morning you would be right.

…that I waited to eat breakfast until I got the ladies brunch this morning (late, I might add), you would be right.


All the food was so good!

4 different kinds of egg bakes, 2 types of cinnamon rolls, chocolate covered strawberries, tangerines…coffee, tea, oj, cider…




My first plate: tangerine, chocolate dipped strawberry, cinnamon roll, egg bake with potatoes, ham, and peppers.


Yum. I had some coffee with way too much fun conversation, lots of laughs, and just some good girl time today.

It’s nice to have that sometimes – just a room full of ladies, catching up on everything and having fun.


I also had a piece of this french toast bake – oh man. This stuff was amazing! I’m going to have to get this recipe.

I thought it would be super sweet, but it wasn’t! Even with the cream cheese topping and maple syrup, it was just the slightest bit sweet and way too easy to eat ;)

I’m kind of surprised I only had one piece!


I had a great time this morning, and I think we’re going to do this more often. I hope so!

After leaving the brunch, I ran a few errands…and…


If you guessed

…that it actually snowed here today…you’d be right!


I was so excited!!! And it snowed almost all day today. Everything was so beautiful. It was actually snowing at 6:30 this morning when I got up and didn’t stop falling until around 3 this afternoon.

Some of it’s already gone, but it was so much fun! I love how snow just makes everyone feel like a kid again.

By the time I got home from running errands, I was ready for dinner.

Brunch was later than my normal breakfast and I was out and about around lunch time (and not hungry anyways), so dinner was my lunch + dinner together.


And if you guessed

…that we had leftover pizza for dinner, you’d be right again.


We split the leftover pizza for dinner and I had a huge salad on the side for some veggies today and some Abita Amber.


Romaine, carrots, red onion, garlic almonds, Newman’s Own Caesar dressing.


Leftover pepperoni/mushroom pizza + leftover pesto/chicken sausage pizza.


All together.

My stomach is a bit happier now, but I already know I’m having some sort of snack tonight. Not having lunch just made me hungrier once I finally ate dinner! I hate when that happens.


Uh…and if you guessed…

…that we ate this while watching football?


You’d definitely be right.

Sweats + long sleeve tee + football + cold weather = Perfect Saturday night.


30 more minutes until Texas/Nebraska + Georgia Tech/Clemson!!!

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  1. You ladies know how to eat! Yum!

  2. amazing food fare — what a way to kickstart your weekend!

  3. I love that breakfast spead. I can’t wait to hear that recipe since I’m looking for things to try out for our Christmas Sunday breakfast!

  4. That is an awesome spread!

    I hope you watched Alabama roll over Florida on that TV :)

  5. Wonderful breakfast spread, and that french toast looks amazing.
    Mhm, I craved pizza yesterday, I wish I had a few slices like yours :)

  6. HOORAY for snow! snowed here too. that brunch looks so good!

  7. We we supposed to get snow here today but it never happened, I am so glad. They whole city goes nuts when we have snow.

  8. Your cinnamon rolls look delish!!

  9. That looks like so much fun!

  10. A lady’s brunch sounds so fun! And look at that food–*drool*!

  11. snow! perfect for December.

    you’ll have to post the french toast recipe. looks amazing.

    enjoy your football game! our league is over for the year. will have to wait until June.

  12. yay for snow! and brunch with ladies looks amazing.

  13. Wow, all that breakfast food looks terrific! Perfect night to stay in and wear sweats!

  14. I think we have the same couch! Is yours bagie suade a sectional?

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