The Giving Season

Wow – I got so many great ideas on homemade Christmas gifts!

  • Cookie mixes in jars
  • Chocolate covered popcorn
  • Framed Pictures
  • Picture Books
  • Ornaments
  • Accessories
  • Flavored Vinegars
  • Flavored Vodkas
  • Granola
  • Family Calendars with all the birthdays included
  • Mixed CDs
  • Homemade nut butters
  • Oranges studded with cloves
  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Soup mix
  • Sugar scrubs
  • Baked goods basket
  • Tea basket
  • Jam
  • Wine & Cheese Basket
  • Homemade scarves and blankets
  • Dinner invite

Nick and I already have a few things on the list of what we’re going to make to give for gifts this year, but I definitely have a few new ideas now!

I can’t wait to start getting things ready, and I guess we better start soon. Christmas is going to sneak up on me!


Lunch today turned out great, considering I really just wanted leftover pizza :)

I made a wrap with some TJ’s garlic hummus, spinach, romaine, and shredded carrots.


Plus some Garden Salsa Sunchips on the side – the best flavor! I haven’t had these in forever. I love Sun Chips.


And a clementine!


Eh…today has been super busy with work…and I’ve got to get back to it.


But first –

Football games – this is Championship Weekend!

12:00 PM ET No. 5 Cincinnati at No. 15 Pittsburgh

12:00 PM ET No. 21 Houston at East Carolina

12:00 PM ET No. 23 West Virginia at Rutgers

3:00 PM ET New Mexico State at No. 6 Boise State

3:30 PM ET Arizona at No. 18 USC

4:00 PM ET No. 1 Florida vs. No. 2 Alabama*

6:30 PM ET No. 19 California at Washington

8:00 PM ET No. 3 Texas vs. No. 22 Nebraska*

8:00 PM ET No. 10 Georgia Tech vs. Clemson*

8:00 PM ET South Florida at Connecticut

11:30 PM ET Wisconsin at Hawaii


In keeping with the giving season…

*You can still give to help Holly raise money for the well in Cambodia! Just click here!


What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

Best you’ve given?



  1. I cannot wait to go to the Texas game! My voice will be completely gone. Great list…I needed some ideas.

  2. Those are some great ideas! Love homemade presents, so much more thoughtful :-)

  3. I am ready to watch the Tide roll over Florida :)

  4. Definitely didn’t know flavored vodkas could be homemade, cool!

    Gosh, those are tough questions! As far as usefulness goes, I guess receiving a laptop for Christmas tops my list! And I remember I was really proud one year when I gave my dad a box set of James Bond films…they’re his favorite.

  5. Those are some great looking gift ideas!!! I’m going to look into the sugar body scrubs :)

    Good looking lunch too!! :D I had mediterranean, so your hummus looks sooo good right now!

    Best gift I’ve received is probably my ipod from JC. Best gift given would be a Zippo lighter with JC’s initials engraved into it on one side and a claddagh engraved onto the other side. Hmmmmmmmph stoooopid JC.

  6. I made Andy a photo album when we were dating. He loved it! It was a fun project.

  7. I don’t know how long you’ve been reading my blog, but my husband had a knee replacement removed because it was infected – last December 22 on our anniversary no less!

    He was pretty much confined to the lazy-boy for THREE MONTHS.

    My parents in law came over to celebrate a late Christmas when he got home from the hospital.

    My FIL asked my step-son to help him bring something in. In they come with a 52″ flat screen high definition television! I was so dumb founded. They knew he would be cooped up for a while – it still blows me away when I walk into our living room!

    Happy Friday Brandi!!

  8. I love homemade presents :)
    Im making cookies right now for some freinds! :-)

  9. I haven’t had SunChips in AGES! Those used to be my favorite chips!

  10. Best gift? The first Christmas together with my boy. I was decorating the tree with my parents and sister, and didn’t know when I’ll see my love. So, I was doing some stuff around the ornaments, when suddenly, he appeared near me, kissed me and gave me few books I wanted. It was amazing

  11. leftover pizza is the BEST and garden salsa sunchips basically are heaven!

    The best gift i was ever given was probably my pink bike when i was like 10!!!

  12. Great list! I’m bookmarking this for inspiration next year! :-)

  13. I like the surprise presents that show people were listening. Hunni bought me the footie PJ’s I’ve been drooling over but wouldn’t buy for myself. We had agreed to not exchange gifts so it was a surprise to me. I am wearing them now since we can’t ever wait to exchange them.

  14. Hum… I’m trying to think of the best gift. When I was in high school my parents got me and my brother a puppy. Our family dog had passed away and we all needed a four legged friend in the house.

    West Virginia
    Boise State
    Georgia Tech

  15. I really couldn’t pick the BEST gift I’ve gotten. I usually don’t even care too much about getting presents, but instead just love being with the whole fam. Although my KitchenAid mixer comes in a close second. :-)

  16. Maybe you’ve seen this, but if not, it looks like a link you’d enjoy. Homemade gifts from Real Simple

  17. Thanks for sharing all of the home-made ideas!!! I may have to steal the framed pictures, mixed cds, jam or granola ones :)

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