Good morning and happy Friday!

I’m feeling back to normal today, thank goodness, and am ready to start the weekend.


My oatmeal is European today!



My oatmeal base is the usual:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 cup water
  • pinch salt
  • cinnamon
  • 1/2 banana, sliced

But with fun toppings!

  • 1 Tbsp Nutella
  • 1 Tbsp biscuit cookies in the package I got yesterday from Nicole  :)


Nutella is just so good – and I’m getting close to the end of that jar…


These biscuit cookies remind me of those little cookies I used to get at McDonald’s when I was younger – does anyone remember those? They were shaped like the McDonald characters.


New Christmas / holiday related question!

What would you make for Christmas gifts to give to others?

My family is doing all (or mostly) homemade gifts this year, so we can save money for a trip to Honduras next summer + send money to Jovenes for things they need instead.

I already have a few ideas of what we’re going to make, but I can’t say them on here – my family reads the blog and I don’t want them to know! :)


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  1. I always make ornaments and accessories.

  2. I’m going to make jars filled with cookie mix!

  3. Nutella for b-fast is the best way to start the day! I usually do the cookie jar mix or hand made picture frames with a pic of us.

  4. Oh nutella, I’ll have to try that combo! I love homemade gifts that use family photos in some way.

  5. Oooo if you have any other cooks in the family I learned how to make this amazing tarragon vinegar last weekend at a Cooking With Herbs class… it is so amazingly delicious and would make a great addition to any kitchen (salad dressings esp!) All you do is combine fresh tarragon and white wine vinegar in a pretty, decorative bottle and allow it to sit for 2-4 weeks…. voila! Beautiful and delicious :) I think I may be making some for a certain mother of mine this year ;)

  6. Cookies are always good, or granola – I make that a lot and put it in cute jars. Or cookie mixes like Jessica said – those are super cute!

  7. i think homemade gifts are so special!! great idea!


  8. I have never ever had Nutella–I always intend to buy some, but forget! I want to try making some Xmas cookies with it.

  9. Homemade gifts are the way to go!!! Im making cookies and whatnot as some gifts for people I work with!

    I love your oatmeal mix this morn.. looks delicious!! :)

  10. I’ve done a family calendar for my grandparents with everyone’s birthdays in it. You could also do a “mixed tape” of whatever medium you choose (CD, MP3, whatever).

  11. Hi Brandi!

    What ever happened to those McDonalds cookies?

    Sorry, I am not crafty at all, but I love the idea of Stephanies vinegar jars!

  12. homemade nut butters are a great idea if you have a good food processor.

  13. I’ve made flavored vodka for gifts before (if you have drinkers in the family). You can make both savory (pepper, horseradish, garlic/dill) or sweet (cranberry, coffee, blueberry). All you do is fill a glass container with a mid-priced vodka, add your ingredients (and a little sugar for the sweet ones) and let it sit for about 1-4 weeks. Strain and put in pretty bottles. The best one I ever made was rhubarb – yum!

  14. I loved those little cookies!!! Grimace was my favorite, but I think they got rid of him too???

    I love making oranges with cloves stuck in them. They are wonderful gifts b/c they give off such a good aroma and they last for-ev-errrr!!!! :D Have a great day Brandimuffin!!! :D

  15. Your oats topping looks delicious, and I TOTALLY remember those little cookies from McDonalds! Ahh, good times :)

  16. Will be seeing oats in a jar with your nutella jar?

    For Christmas gifts in the past I have painted picture frames and picked a picture that would be meaningful to the person I was giving it too.

  17. One year I layered the dry ingredients for cookie mix in canning jars and attached a little tag with the recipes. People really like these! You could also do hot cocoa, soup, sugar scrubs….


  18. LOVE those toppings! Can I come over for breakfast next time you have that?! I’ll bring some HIMYM DVDs as a hostess gift ;)

    I always do a big, baked goods basket every year.

  19. That looks awesome, nutella makes everything better.

    I always make some kind of cookies, everyone likes cookies!

  20. I love making gifts! This year I am making choc. covered popcorn for neighbors and co-workers. I love making photo books too!

  21. This year, we are making homemade peanut butter, local honey and some nice crackers. Our families have not caught onto the idea of homemade gifts but hopefully they will enjoy our gifts anyway. Last year, we made vanilla sugar and cookies. They were not that appreciative but that says something about them, no us.

  22. In the past I have made, tea baskets, wine and cheese baskets, albums, cookie or bread mix jars and homemade jam.

    I personally preer homemade gifts over store bought ones :) Have fun making them.

  23. I’ve been making my family scarves and blankets. It’s fun to do, plus I love giving homemade gifts :)

  24. Hey girl, I just found your blog. That bowl of oats looks spectacular!
    I like to cook and bake for my friends and family. Inviting someone over for a good meal is a great present IMO!

  25. I *heart* Nutella! I can’t keep it in the house because the jar will only last about 2 days… ;)

  26. I love homemade gifts!

    If I had all the time in the world – I would make individual books with stories to give to people. I saw a book once that a grandson made for his grandfather (the mom made it) about his journeys throughout the year as a 2-year-old. The grandfather was so proud.

    I’m making Christmas cards again this year and trying to figure out the design. I know I want it to include a giant picture of Scone, I’m just not sure how :)

  27. I’m dipping pretzels in chocolate/white chocolate and putting red/green/white sprinkles on them!


  28. homemade gifts are the best :) I wish I could still get away with drawing my parents a picture for their christmas presents ;)

  29. I’m helping a friend make her gifts this year for her family. We’re going to make macaroons and some other fun holiday desserts that she can wrap up and give to them.

  30. Oh, I remember those cookies. Nasty as heck. I was totally a gummy bear girl….

  31. I miss digestive cookies from Europe. Such goodies. I love the international aisle at the grocery.

    Hunni and I exchanged really inexpensive gifts. We prefer to save and do stuff together instead of collecting more stuff that we eventually have to move for our next appointment with this job.

    We only buy gifts for our moms and for my two little cousins.

  32. i will probably try to give some baked goods as gifts to a few friends. my parents aren’t too picky though!!

  33. I LOVED the McDonaldland cookies. Why did they ever get rid of them?

    For Christmas this year I plan on sending out photos of the new little one if he ever decides to make his appearance. You will get one so be on the lookout!!

  34. Your oatmeal looks & sounds amazing. Nutella is sooo good! :)

    I once made infused oils and vinegars and put them in pretty little bottles. They made nice gifts.

  35. Glad to see another fellow Nutella lover out there! I always forget how good this stuff is, but when I saw it on sale a few weeks ago, I decided to change up my usual nut butters and enjoy this.

    Your oats look super delicious! Here is another idea for making them even more incredible….
    Try adding toasted Hazelnuts, Banana and raspberries with a little Nutella. Ohhh wow, this is one good bowl of oats!

    Hope you have a great weekend hun and I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. ;)

  36. I loved those cookies. I’ll still steal them from my daughter.

    I’ve made ornaments, bread, cookies, soup mix in a jar as well as cookie mix in a jar for gifts. I want to make bread and cookies this year.

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