Yoga Goal

One thing I wish I did more often is yoga.

I don’t belong to a gym or yoga studio that offers classes, so all of my yoga is done on my own via, videos, or an awesome DVD from Polly :)

I love how I feel during yoga and after and want to do it more. I have been to yoga classes, and I do enjoy being a class setting more than doing it on my own, but that’s my only option right now.

After seeing Holly’s posts about her goals and the notion of “just doing it”, I realized I don’t need to wait until 2010 to start!

I’m not exactly sure of the details – I just know I want to do more yoga.

That doesn’t mean I have to do it every day or for an hour each time I practice: I just want more of it in my life.

I feel better when I do – not only about my outward appearance, but because of what happens on the inside. It gives me that quiet time to deal with everything that is going on in my heart and in my mind. I feel strong, I feel limber, I feel centered and balanced. And those are feelings that often get lost in day to day frustrations.

I want to have that time to devote to clearing out all the mess I store inside, to spend some honoring what I have been given and what I have to work with.


The main thing I need to figure out is when to do it. I would love to get up early and do yoga before work, and since I’ve actually been getting up on time this week, it might work.

But I’m not going to set everything on that – because when I pick one way I want something to work, and it doesn’t…I usually just give up. And doing it after work would work, too.

I just need to see what routine I want / need and what will work for me each day.

Even without yoga this morning, I think it’s going to be a good day.


Smile! Today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday!


I made some eggs in a basket for me this morning with Nature’s Pride 100% whole wheat bread.


I also sliced up an apple to share with Nick this morning, and made my favorite little “sandwich” with my breakfast rounds.




2 Questions for Today!

– Are you a morning or afternoon/evening exerciser?

– What is making you smile today? I know some people that need a few smiles in their life today, and there is always something to be happy about!! I want to know yours.



  1. I’m definitely a morning exerciser! I have worked out in the morning for over 10 years – can’t imagine it any other way!!

  2. I am so with you! I feel much better when I do yoga. I need to start making more time for it as well. CUTE breakfast (and delicious). Love fresh apples. I like doing half morning workouts half evening! I really enjoy teaching in the morning and wish I could do it more often. Whats making me smile? The thought of getting our Christmas tree this weekend!

  3. yeay for more yoga!!! I always feel great after a yoga session!!!
    I’d like to be a morning exerciser, but currently I do after work.
    what makes me smile today? your breakfast!!!

  4. I love doing yoga as well–I have a class Tues and Thurs, but on days that I do it at home, I usually do it mid-afternoon once I get home from class! It’s just a matter of finding when works best for you so that it’s not rushed :-)

  5. I hear you on the doing yoga more often dealio. My goal is to do it two times a week (at a yoga class), but I don’t always acheive it. I rely on yogadownload, too! But I too often just select the 20 minute workout.

    I am definitely a morning exerciser. Unfortunately, I have to be at work at 6:30 with about a 30 minute commute, so it’s not an option for me, so instead I’m a 4:30 p.m. exerciser haha.
    Christmas music and the upcoming cruise is making me smile currently:)

  6. for a while I was exercising in the evenings – because I was burnt out from exercising in the mornings, but now I’m back on track and prefer to exercise in the mornings so I can have my evenings to myself, grocery shop, errands, etc. plus, I have more energy when i exercise in the morning! even when I’m really really tired, I can still get up at 530 and go workout and don’t feel tired at all during the day like I used too when i had less than 7hrs sleep (today was an exception as I had done a am/pm workout yesterday i needed a break today)

    I’ve actually been doing 2 a day workouts 3x weekly just to keep myself in the groove of workingout morning & evening.

    of course I slept in this morning so I’ve got a double workout tonight. such is life!

  7. Hi Brandi!

    Morning exerciser, it always makes the day go easier.
    Plus I get in 24oz of water before 7am.
    I am smiling today, because we are going to Disney on Sunday.

  8. I am not an exerciser at all. I don’t like it. I am trying to make an effort at it though. So far I am liking AM workouts best.

    This morning Jack Johnson is making me smile! And before I left the house it was my dog Piper wanting to play. She always brightens my day!

  9. Love the mini Nutella sandwich!! I’m an AM work out girl. It gets my day started and if I do it in the PM, I usually half ass it. I’m smiling because it’s technically my Friday :)

  10. I wish I did more yoga too. Or, any yoga at all. I’ve told myself I won’t go to a class until I truly learn some moves via DVD. Although, I have yet to do that. But, I know it would be so important for my body and mind.

  11. For the longest time I was an evening exerciser, but now I do mornings. I think I prefer evenings, because I tend to snack at night if I’m home.

  12. Definitely morning! I move better in the morning and there just aren’t any excuses!
    I’m smiling because my dog is curled up at my feet being adorable, and I am touring a culinary school later, then going to a party at PNC Park in Pittsburgh!

  13. I swear, the more i’ve incorporated yoga in to my life — the more at peace i’ve been. I do think it’s really important though that you don’t set a requirement for yourself (i.e. I MUST do yoga 3 times per week). It shouldn’t feel like an obligation, but moreso.. a relief from having obligations :) it’s the best! Hope you are able to get your zen on, love!

  14. I think I am the only one so far, but I am a midday excerciser. I am in college, so it is what works best for me. I have a different schedule each day, so I just fit my exercise when I have an hour or so to spare, whether it is at eleven or four. Ohh and I am happy today because I went out last night, had such a great time, came home with my wonderful roommate and shared goofy stories over bowls of cereal at 2 AM. Sometimes nothing is better than that:)

  15. I love the smiley face breakfast! :)

    Usually an exercise in the evening type, although yesterday morning I tried yoga before work and it was just lovely :)

    What is making me smile today is the fact that I am okay after the nasty car accident I got in last night that most likely has totaled my car and was the scariest moment of my life spinning and crashing into a cement wall on the expressway overpass…. I am smiling bc I was able to walk away okay and this morning all I have is some minor back pain. I am smiling bc somehow in rush hour traffic no one was hurt. I am smiling bc that incident made me put everything in perspective and realize how easily anything can be taken away…. I am smiling bc it’s a beautiful morning, I woke up to my dog and my amazing boyfriend, and I am okay :)

    Have a wonderful day girl!

  16. Morning! What’s making me smile is that there’s 4 more hours of class in the semester. And I’ve never tried yoga, but it sounds interesting

  17. i love the idea of yoga but honestly… it’s not for me. it just feels like less fun ballet, with weirder music. i think it’s got too much in common with ballet that i love (the stretching, getting to know your body, mostly being a solitary thing, etc) and my brain just feels cheated that there’s no twirling.

    makes me smile-i have christmas cookies!

  18. thank you for the morning smile!!

    i find if i work out in the a.m. i am absolutely drained for work, so i try to work out before or after dinner.

  19. Haha love the smiley :-) I definitely prefer the morning! But sometimes my bed is too tempting and I have to push it back ;-)

  20. 1. Recently I’ve been a no-time exerciser, but when I do get off the couch I fluctuate between mornings and evenings.

    2. The Coke Zero I decided it was ok to drink before 10am is actually putting a pretty big smile on my face!

  21. I am a morning exerciser. I definitely need to try yoga in the mornings. It’s so nice and relaxing.

    What’s making me smile right now is the fact that it’s Thursday and I will hopefully get some delicious mexican food for dinner with friends tonight!

  22. Hahaha. That smile just grabbed me. I love it.

    1. I am totally an afternoon/evening workout person. We’ve had this discussion before – I can barely wake up before 7:30 a.m. (lately it’s been 7:45 – I’m terrible).

    2. Today I’m smiling because I listened to some good music on the ride to work, and I didn’t get stuck in traffic!

  23. more yoga is a great goal!

    i definitely prefer exercising in the morning, because my day ends up turning out so much better–i’m more focused and i have more energy. evening exercise is tough for me, because that is my hungriest time of day, so to work out at 6 PM when my tummy is ready for dinner always seems to be a struggle for me. however, there are some yoga classes that i LOVE in the evenings, so i try and have a healthy snack beforehand to help me make it through.

    today i’m smiling because i’m going to do my favorite yoga class tonight, with a new friend, on my new pink yoga mat :-)–and its almost friday!

  24. Definitely morning! Although I do go one or two evenings/week – and it’s growing on me!

    Hmmm – what’s making me smile today? It’s snowing here for the first time this year! Yes, I hate to drive in it, but it is absolutely beautiful when it first falls. :-)

  25. Your breakfast is so cute!! I’m more of a morning exerciser-get it out the way when I first wake up.

  26. I like to work out at night during the week, but early in the morning on the weekends.

    My co-workers made me smile today!

  27. Morning for sure! After work I’m way too tired! And the thing that made me smile today – that it was 55 degrees in NYC this morning – in DECEMBER! YAY!

  28. Ah, your breakfast is so cute!!

    I definitely change between exercises. Usually it’s the morning though. But it’s easy to go in the evening when it’s a fun class and a bunch of my friends are willing to go too!

    And the sun is making me smile today :) And the fact that I have leftover pizza for lunch waiting…

  29. You are the sweetest! :) I wish i could be that 5:30 waker upper and work out but i’m just not that type of person. I hope one day to be though! I’m better at doing the afternoon thing!

    Things that are making me smile today are definitely the fact that at the end of today its the beginning of my weekend, and that today in sewing class i’m 95% finished with my blouse that i’m making! YAY! :) I hope your having an amazing day too today love!

  30. Awesome goal & fabulous breakfast (the picture made me smile)

    – Are you a morning or afternoon/evening exerciser? – It depends. I used to get up in the am and do the 30 Day Shred or Yoga, but I haven’t been. Although I think it’s time again that I make myself get up and do yoga a few mornings a week. I know I benefit from it!

    – What is making you smile today? I got a really nice e-mail from someone who thanked me for all of my help and said that it’s people like me that help make the world go round. I needed that today. And your picture of breakfast made me smile and remember my Grandma. She used to make me eggs in a basket.

  31. yay for yoga! i say you go girl – the lovely thing about yoga is it requires nothing more than you. even if it is 15 minutes here or 10 minutes there, it will be so worth it girl!

    thanks for the smile – tea makes me smile, especially holiday gingerbread tea which is what i am drinking right now!

    i wish i was a morning exerciser…but it usually doesn’t happen :)

  32. I’ve been finding it tough to find motivation to exercise at all! Luckily, my job provides us with a gym, so twice a week I take 1 yoga class and 1 cardio. My goal is to fit in at least 2 more workouts at home. I just love yoga too and I’m fairly new to it.

    What has made me smile today? Boy that’s a tough one since I’m going thru a major ordeal in my life today, but it would have to be my whacky co-workers. Thank goodness for them keeping me grounded!

  33. I’m the same way with yoga. I love how it makes me feel and I’m pushing myself to do it more…even just a little at a time.

    I’m an evening workout person. I like the feeling of morning workouts but don’t like to get up that early. Evenings are the only other time that fits my schedule.

    I’m happy today because I got to sing Christmas Carols for 3 hours this morning while standing Christmas Kettles. I’ll probably have no voice later but it was awesome.

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  36. I love that you are trying to do more yoga. Yoga is amazing and you were so right when you said it helps you to honor what you’ve been given and what you have to work with. That’s exactly how I feel when I’m in class. I try to go to class as often as I can and when I don’t, I’m just not the same. But like you, I try to make too many harsh rules/commitments for myself and when I don’t live up to them, I get mad and frustrated. I need to work on that! And doing a few stretches in the morning or after work just to get the blood and breath flowing helps, even if it’s only for a few minutes. I really like this goal, Brandi!

    I am more of a morning exerciser, but recently I have been exercising at night. It helps to keep things interesting!

    My goddaughter is moving to Italy on Jan. 1. She is only 2 years old and while it will be sad, it makes me smile knowing that she’s moving to a beautiful place. Plus, I spent time with her yesterday and she’s an amazing little girl – so full of love and smiles!

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