Happy Humpday!

This week feels like it’s going by fast for some reason – that’s always a good thing after you get back from a break.

The only bad thing about today? It is nasty here – pouring down rain and only in the 40s…all day long.

I did have a good breakfast to start the day, though.


I made the same breakfast I had on Monday – it was so good, I just couldn’t wait to have it again!


I’m sure it may have to do with those chocolate covered coffee beans ;)


  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • cinnamon!
  • 1/4 cup TJ’s trail mix, choc. coffee beans saved for top



Oh! and I did get my nails painted last night :)



I used my Essie Real Simple color for my fingernails, and this OPI color (Wine Me, Dine Me) on my toes.


I love dark colors on my toes, but I always chip it so easily on my fingernails!



Random question, but a fun one!

What’s your favorite Christmas decoration (at your house or family’s)?

Mine is this blinking green + red wreath that my parents always hang over the fireplace every year. We’ve had it forever, and it is not Christmas until that wreath is up and blinking away.



  1. I love Wine Me, Dine Me! I have an obsession with OPI and can’t wait for all the new colors to come out each season. My favorite decoration is the staircase at my parents – it is so pretty!

  2. Those colors look really beautiful!!
    About the favorite Christmas decos, I have to say it is a fairly new favorite but as of last year I finally got my own Christmastree, but not a ‘real’ one… I had no desire to deal with all the stuff (buying and after getting rid of the tree) so I just painted a small cute tree in a corner of my living room and made cut-out paper christmasballs and for the candles I just put some nails into the wall and hung electric christmas lights around them!! LOVE LOVE LOVE my little tree!! I will definitely make a post about it in the future!! ;)

  3. I love both of those nail colors!! I haven’t had time to do my toes or nails lately, hoping to have some time for that this weekend!

  4. Gorgeous polish!

    Favorite decoration = the stained-glass star at the top of tree. It’s been in the family for 3 generations.

  5. very comforting bowl of breakkie! :)
    I need to do manicure urgently!!! :evil:

  6. Good Morning Brandimuffin!!!!!!!! :D Favorite decoration?? Probably my dad’s old glass ornaments for the tree, especially the little birdies that clip on the branches and have those cute little tails. :)

  7. My fave decoration this ceramic Christmas tree with colored lights that my parents and grandparents have. I got to use it as my Christmas tree in my first apartment, before I got the real thing!

  8. We got our first dumping of snow yesterday :-( I have a feeling winter is moving in! I love OPI nail polish–it’s my fav..stays on for a long time and goes on great!

  9. Yeah dark colors on the toes are so much easier! I always mess up my hands 5 minutes after I paint them ;-)

  10. Your oats look delicious.. healthy and filling!!

  11. LOVE OPI’s nail polish – that’s a pretty color! I think I’m going to have to make a TJs trip soon between last nights dessert and those coffee beans. Happy Wednesday :)

  12. i always loved the nativity. we were very insistent as kids that jesus couldn’t go out till christmas, and then we’d also move the wise men through the house until epiphany when they arrived.

    i think my mom loves that we no longer do all this to her nativity, and she can just set it up and leave it

  13. Great polish colors! My favorite decoration, my xmas stockings

  14. Bill’s parents gave me a lobster ornament last year, and I love it!

  15. 20 years ago McDonald’s gave away stuffed reindeer at Xmas…my Mom kept them and still puts them in our bedrooms every year…they’re hysterical and remind me of being a little kid at Xmas!

  16. I always stick with light colors on my fingers and deep, dark colors on my toes too!
    I always like the houses with white candles in the windows and wreaths.

  17. love the new colors form the OPI collection, currently loving “gimme more” its a deep purple/black :)

    I dont celebrate xmas so I dont have any decorations, but I think lights on the streets are pretty!

  18. Ooh, both of those are very pretty colors! I like light on my nails, and dark on my toe nails, too. – Mostly because of chipping, too.

  19. I always put dark on my toes too! Every once in a while I’ll try it on my fingers but they really do just chip and then it looks all tacky! Love the colors!

    My favorite is just probably our tree–I could stare at it for hours at night when it’s all lit up! :)

  20. Mine is the tree! It’s just the best!

  21. yay for hump day!!
    i am OBESSED with nail polish.. i love that color girl!!
    my fav decorations are prob christmas lights :)

  22. Chocolate covered espresso beans are the best!

    I love the tree, it just seems magical to me once it’s all decorated

  23. I sometimes wish I could paint my nails but it isn’t allowed with the uniform and I wear that 6 days a week. But I usually get a clear manicure and I get color for vacation.

    For Christmas my favorite things are my polish christmas ornaments that I got from a polish friend while living in Europe as a kid. My college friends called them voodoo dolls but I love them because of the memories.

  24. This week IS going fast. It’s almost as though the idea of vacation time is silly because I just make up the same amount of work later.

  25. Yey! pretty nail colors. I tend to do the same. Always darker on my toes and lighter on my fingernails. The polish on my fingernails always chips within a few days so thats what I keep the lighter stuff on them=)

    My favorite decoration is the christmas tree! (Does that count as a decoration?) Its just makes the holidays complete and lights up the room so well. I love it. Plus at my parents house they still hang all the ornaments that me and my sister made when we were little so we just laugh at those.

  26. My favorite Christmas decoration is at my mom’s house. It’s these little 70s style elves that are so creepy that they are cute. I know that makes zero sense, but I love them!

  27. I love that wine me dine me color! I want! LOL

    My favorite decoration at my parents house is the little drummer boys that play Christmas tunes on little bells that hang over their shoulders. Each little drumstick lights up as it hits the bell. We’ve had it for years. My parents move every two years so we are never around family or close friends during the holidays if we stay at home. The drummer boys are one constant thing during the holidays for our family. I know it sounds silly but it’s hard to explain. lol

  28. MMM! I have yet to try chocolate covered coffee beans…who knows why, they look GOOD!

    MY favorite Christmas Decorations are the two little santa hats that we have for our dogs. Which they hate. Does that count? haha

  29. Oooh I love Essie nail polishes!

    Happy Hump day to you too, magoo! <3
    (still having high hopes for my package :( )

    favorite christmas decoration.. our manger that my dad made.. actually, my dad made ALL our christmas decor.. our sleigh, our mantle for our stockings..
    oooh <3 the holidays!

  30. This week is going by fast for sure! The weather is like that here today too. Hate it.

    My fave decoration(s) is my Mom’s Christmas village set. It’s so pretty!

  31. love your nail colors! My favorite decoration is a ballerina bear tree ornament I’ve had forever…it always has to be the first one on the tree!

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