Needles No Good


I got my HINI shot today. :(

Did I mention I hate needles?  Boo.

I’m not sure if I actually needed it, but I do work at an educational institution, so I thought it would be good to get – especially since they were offering it at work today…uh, for $20!!!

Am I the only one who thought flu shots were free? Oh well.

I ended up going over to the clinic today on part of my lunch break, so I ate even faster than normal!


I pulled a serving of the meatball + pasta dish from last week out of the freezer for the main part of my lunch, and had some broccoli + celery + hummus on the side, along with a clementine.



Red tomatoes + orange clementine + purple eggplant in pasta, skin on + green broccoli and celery + white garbanzos in hummus = good variety of colors today.



Lunch, alongside my “Office Quote for Today””

(At Dwight’s Beet Farm)

Jim: I’d say one in six.

Pam: What?

Jim: I thought you asked me what our chances were of being murdered here tonight.

I love this little calendar – each day’s quote makes me laugh!


What is/was your favorite sitcom?

Some of my favorites:

Full House

Growing Pains

Family Matters

Boy Meets World


Perfect Strangers

The Office

How I Met Your Mother



  1. I hate needles when they first go in. But I am kind of a freak and watch once they are in. Weird huh?

    I love Friends, Full House, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Boy Meets World and a few others. I tend to be a drama person more than comedy. But I could watch Friends episodes over and over and never get bored. We recently started watching old episodes of Yes, Dear and King of Queens too.

  2. LOVED Full House! I could also watch Friends and Will and Grace for hours and never get tired of them! Now HIMYM and Big Bang Theory top the list!

  3. Needles don’t really bother me too much. I have been wondering if I need the H1N1 flu shot since I will be traveling by plane soon. But I never got the seasonal flu shot before and I travel a lot with no problems so.. I am just on the fence… hhmm..

  4. I loved Full House and Boy Meets World – and Saved By The Bell. I still watch all 3 if they are ever on. Now I love The Office.

  5. That’s tough. I could never choose just one. HIMYM or The Office? But how can I compare that to old school shows like Boy Meets World and Saved By the Bell?!??!?!?

  6. oh i hateeee needles. i know not to be scared but i still tense up so bad.

    which is why i have never had a flu shot :-)

  7. Love the office! Seinfeld is prob my all-time favorite though :-)

  8. I loved Boy Meets World, Growing Pains and Friends. Currently, I love the Office and How I Met Your Mother.

  9. Friends, Growing Pains, Full House, you know, the good ones!

  10. looks like we liked the same sitcoms growing up. my fave was “just the ten of us” which was the growing pains spinoff.

  11. i still watch Full House sometimes! ha i just love it so much

  12. omggggggg
    full house
    boy meets world
    fresh princee!
    those were the dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyys

    meatballs look tasty!
    i got the h1n1 nasal spray! it was sweeeeeeeet and easy and not that uncomfy

  13. My insurance carrier pays for my flu shots – I just have to get them from my doctors office.

    My daughter is in limbo though – she’s 17 and her pediatrician (who she loves and can still see him until she’s 22!) is out of flu shots, and she’s too young (have to be 18) to get one at the pharmacy!

    I used to love Felicity!

  14. HAHAHA! I thought you meant ‘hinney’ shot when I read the first line of your post. But now I know you meant ‘H1N1’! I’m such a goof sometimes!

    I loved Boy Meets World. Remember Topanga? That girl had the biggest hair! I love The New Adventures of Old Christine and The Big Gang Theory. But I also have been liking Modern Family and Cougar Town.

    Thanks for letting me reminisce with you today!

  15. LOVE that calendar, I have it too!!

    Fav sitcoms??

    The Office
    Flight of the Choncords

  16. full house!!!!!! friends and how i met your mother, too :)

  17. I hate needles too! You’re a braver woman than I!

    Friends, hands down. Oh and I love the new Modern Family. Hilarious.

  18. I hate needles too! I haven’t got any flu shots yet! Full house! I was obsessed! I still am haha.

  19. Wow. I must be so jaded by healthcare. i love that you thought they were free and I thought, oh wow that’s a good deal. Proof my health insurance sucks.

  20. 20 bucks? sheesh.. it sure isn’t cheap to stay healthy these days!

  21. What? I thought they were free too! Now I feel better about not getting one

  22. Aw I hate flu shots in general, at least you got yours over with!!

    hahah LOVE the Office.

    Others: Glee, Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier (okay, i’m old school), how I met your mother…

  23. Full House is DEFINITELY my favorite. More specifically, Uncle Jesse ;-)

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