Easy Indian

Blech. I think I’m having a bad reaction to that flu shot. I’ve never had one before – I never get them – and I just feel sick tonight.

Work this afternoon was pretty good – a little slow, but I was able to get some stuff done.

I snacked on some Oikos + this little mini Luna bar!


I like having something sweet with the tart yogurt. It’s the perfect combination.


I started feeling kind of off right before leaving work, so I was happy that dinner was quick and easy tonight.

No leftovers, but I did have some help from Trader Joe’s again!


After seeing these mixes on Erin’s blog all the time, I finally remember to buy a few when I went to Trader Joe’s for my quarterly trip.


Such a great ingredient list!

I also tried this new mix with dinner tonight. Now, I normally like making my own rice/grains, but this one sounded pretty good and the ingredients weren’t too bad, either.


This was brown rice, quinoa, and roasted garlic! A great base for the Indian mix.


I wasn’t sure what else to have with it or on the side, so I took 1.5 cups of frozen green beans and heated them in a pan until they were thawed. Then I added the TJ’s packet and 1 cup or so of tomato sauce.


While the green bean mix was heating through, I cooked the rice packet in the microwave and toasted a piece of TJ’s whole wheat Naan for each of us.



I love this Naan – so chewy! And the Dal Makhani was great. I loved all the spices in the mix, and it went great with the rice mixture and green beans.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do tonight…maybe take a bath with my book? I’m going to try to stay awake for the first part of the Top Chef finale…but we’ll see. Those 10 pm shows are hard to watch! I always end up missing the very end.

I do think I’ll do my hand scrub/lotion stuff since I painted my nails last night.

I guess we’ll see how motivated I am once I hit publish ;)



  1. You should pick up some of the indian simmer sauces at TJ’s. I was going to buy a premade meal, but I went with the simmer sauce and made my own lentils, which worked out well and now I have extra and can do it again :-)

  2. I’m DVRing ‘Top Chef’ – tooooo exhausted to stay awake for it, haha.

  3. That naan bread always looks so good. i remember seeing it at TJ’s and i’ve never picked it up, but it looks awesome and so versatile so i think next time i’m going to get some!


  4. I see you’re having fun with all your Trader Joe’s finds! I don’t remember if you posted which frozen ones you bought, but the butter chicken meal has my personal seal of approval. And it doesn’t even taste buttery.

  5. OOOOOOOOH YES Get the simmer sauces!!!!!!!!! ALL OF THEM are awesome!!!!!!!! I love them all so much!!!

    Okay, that was quite exciting! I hope you get some rest tonight Brandimuffin!!!!!! :D Feel better!!

  6. love those indian dishes….such a lifesaver on nights when i’m too tired to think.

  7. I love quick and easy meals like that.

    I usually feel tired after a flu shot but it goes away quick.

  8. I’ve had TJs Indian boxed meals but not that one – sounds good! Love the Luna in the yogurt!! I’ve only tried z-bars but a Luna sounds fun :)

  9. I had Indian too! And yes it is always a struggle with those 10pm shows :-)

  10. thanks for featuring that mix, I always see it at TJ’s, but never got it. Now I will!

  11. That really is a great ingredient list! So clean and pronounceable, haha :) Your dinner looks great, and I love Naan. have a nice night!

  12. i LOVE your easy indian – i am going to have to look out for that package! enjoy your evening :)

  13. i love love indian food :)
    this looks so great! and that really is an awesome ingrediant list!

    I have to go get my flu shot on friday! bleh

  14. that is a great dinner! I need to eat my indian asap!

  15. I <3 Trader joe's indian meals – soooo good and convenient! Naan really makes the meal for me! next time you should pick up their butter chicken indian entree in the refrigerated section – so good!

  16. I never get the flu shot, so unfortunately I can’t help ya out on that front. However, that meal sure would make me feel 10 x better if I was feeling down!! Yum :-)

  17. Sounds like a great, easy dinner. And the naan looks great! I have to pick some up again… :)

  18. Sorry you’re not feeling well. I’ve never had a flu shot either but I’ve heard they can make you feel terrible for a while.

  19. Perfect for Indian Food Wednesday!

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