Trader Joe’s Day

It was chilly today! No rain, thank goodness, but you can tell winter is coming.

Nick and I had to go to the post office at lunch to mail some stuff and you want to know what I did?!?

I felt so dumb.

I had 2 envelopes  – one already had a stamp, and I needed to buy a stamp for the other.

Well, I dropped one in the “out of town” box without double checking, and I dropped in the letter without the stamp! Doh!

So…I had to ask the guy at the counter to get it out of the pile so I could buy a stamp for it…I’m sure he’s had that happen before, but still! I’m such a dork.

I snacked on some broccoli, celery and TJ’s garlic hummus this afternoon while working.


This garlic hummus is so good! Super, super garlicky, and I don’t care if I can’t really talk to anyone after eating it. It’s that good.

And dinner tonight was a new recipe!


Chicken and Spinach Tortilla Bake


I saw this recipe in a Rachael Ray magazine at my parents’ house this weekend, and it went right on the menu plan!


I ended up making a few changes, but it still turned out great. And it was easy and quick, which are my favorite things for weeknight dinners.


  • I used leftover rotisserie chicken instead of cooking it tonight
  • 1 only used 1/2 cup part skim ricotta + 3/4 cup TJ’s Green Salsa
  • I forgot the red onion!
  • 5 corn tortillas instead of 4 flour
  • I only used about 1.5 – 2 oz. of a pepper jack cheese that grated over the top


This was tasty – I’m liking all the tortillas we’re having this week ;) The TJ’s green salsa is just a little bit spicy, and it went perfectly with the ricotta, tortillas, and spinach.

Our side dish was just a mixture of frozen peppers + onions, corn, and black beans with some garlic, salt, and scallions.

And now…dessert.

Also from TJ’s :)


I bought these cookies the last time I went to Trader Joe’s, and we never even got to bring them home. We opened them at my parent’s house, shared with everyone, and I only got 1.5 cookies!

This time…we waited to open them until we got home. Sneaky.


And, as I’m eating my 2 cookies, there’s only 1 left which Nick just ate. I’m glad I grabbed my 2 when I did! He is a cookie monster, so I have to make sure I grab what I want, or I’ll miss out :)

I think I’m going to paint my nails tonight…that didn’t happen last night and my lunch is already packed.





  1. Oooh, what color will you paint your nails?? :-D

  2. Hehe, I was just thinking about all the trader joe specialty items I want to get next time I go. I’m still mad they don’t have milk chocolate peanuts though!

  3. Love TJ’s! We just had those cookies but I left my boyfriend with them and they are now missing ;-)

  4. I miss Trader Joe’s!

    I laughed at the post office thing, because I have done that before. Glad I am not the only one!

  5. ahh i need to paint my nails!
    those cookies look DANG GOOD!
    i get so jelous everytime i hear about a trader joes..ive never been!

  6. ohhh..i went to tj’s today…:)

    nom nom.

    and great recipe!

  7. Mmmmm those cookies look good. And your post office story made me laugh– Im sure that has happened many times before!

  8. those cookies look of this world! can always rely on TJ’s!

  9. Lacy’s are made in my home town <3 <3 <3

  10. I’ve had that recipe turned down for months, I’m glad it’s good!

  11. i would so do just what you did at the post office :-)

  12. I love when most of my food for the day comes from TJ’s. If I lived closer I’d do more of my shopping there.

  13. yummy cookies! they remind me of fancy bakery ones

  14. I used to love those lacey cookies before I stopped eating gluten, ironically, the dear husband didn’t like them at all. Weird, he eats anything :)

  15. oh those cookies look amazing! yum!

  16. Nothing better than a Trader Joe’s day!

  17. I have seen those cookies at TJ’s before. I’ll have to pick some up soon! :)

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