Hot Hummus

Happy HIMYM Day!!! :) I’m watching right now – it’s a rerun, but still hilarious.

Work was nutso today! Emails, emails, emails…rescheduling things…processing…nonstop!

I made myself a little snack around 4:15 today. I’m usually digging through the cabinets around 3:30, but my lunch held me over really well.


An apple mess, a la Jess  :)


I diced one tiny gala apple and popped it in the microwave for 1:30 with some cinnamon. Once that was softened, I topped it with a tablespoon of peanut butter, an little drizzle of pumpkin butter, and some graham cracker crumbs.

Yum! This was also a great choice because I was freezing and couldn’t even think about having yogurt today.

Once Nick got home, we headed over to the chiropractor. Is it sad that I’m upset when I don’t really need adjustments? ;) I just miss that feeling of having everything put back in place – does that make any sense? Probably not. Either way, it was a good visit!

I was excited for dinner tonight!


I dreamed this up the other night and have been waiting to have it ever since.


When I went to TJ’s this weekend at my parents’ house, I bought a package of their whole wheat Naan bread. I mainly bought it to go along with some of their Indian meals I also bought, but I had the best idea the other night.


Hot Hummus Flatbreads


It was even better than I thought it would be!

For the flatbreads, I just put the Naan on a foil-lined baking sheet and Nick and I each made our own with whatever toppings we wanted.

On mine, I layered:

  • spinach
  • TJ’s Garlic Hummus
  • black olives
  • sprinkle of feta
  • diced red onion
  • diced sundried tomatoes
  • crushed red pepper
  • parsley

After we had the toppings on, I popped them in the oven for about 15 minutes until they were hot and the bread was a little crispy.


This TJ’s hummus is super garlicky – that’s all I can taste! But it’s so good.

We also had some salads with more olives, feta, onion, and tomato.


All that’s left for me to do is pack my lunch for tomorrow, fold one more load of laundry, and maybe paint my nails? I meant to paint them while I was at my parents’ this weekend, but that never happened in between all the eating + shopping  ;)



  1. That looks SO good, love the naan from TJ’s.

  2. Looks great!!! I love naan and hummus

  3. okay I have to ask because .. what is HIMYM day? I’ve seen it all over blogworld and have no idea. I feel so out of the loop!

    • It’s How I Met Your Mother :) K and I started saying that to each other because we both love the show! :)

  4. That apple mess looks yummy! But what really caught my eye is the flatbread creation! Hello!

  5. Love the sound of that flatbread

  6. Super yum! I love that crisp looking salad too.

  7. Oooh that flat bread looks delicious…! And so glad you’re a HIMYM fan…makes my Monday!

  8. Never heard of HIMYM until now…very funny…by the way, your hot hummus looks delicious, nivce way to serve hummus :-)

  9. that pizza looks amazing! i think hot hummus would be soo tasty!!!! :)

  10. The apple mess looks fantastic! What a great snack idea :) Your dinner looks so delicious and gourmet, too!

  11. That dinner sounds AMAZING. I looooove when hummus is all hot and steamy!! haha….

    And yayy, so glad that “baked apple” snack has been put to good use!! I’ll have to try the pumpkin butter addition once i’m back home for winter break! I’ve never thought of that combo before, but i’m sure it was delish!! Have a great night!

  12. Apple messes, YUM :D

    your hot hummus looks awesome <3

  13. i’ve been doing the same thing with apples but topping it off w/ a homemade pb chocolate chip bar. Nommmmm.

  14. What a creative way to use Naan! I have only had it to dip in Indian soup before–although I have recipe for making homemade Naan, and plan on doing it as soon as the holidays are over!

  15. Those toppings are right up my alley! Love that idea!

  16. What an awesome idea! I love your usage of sun dried tomatoes, feta and olives. It’s so Mediterranean! Thanks for giving me another item to buy at Trader Joe’s. That place is like heaven!

  17. dang~taking naan+hummus to a whole new level. YUM!

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