You Butter Believe It

Want to know the most exciting thing I bought at Trader Joe’s the other day?

Butter. I think my heart started beating faster when I saw it.

Nick and I got to try this Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter at the Foodbuzz Festival and fell in love. I don’t really know how to explain how it tastes, but it’s about 100 times better than normal butter.

I can find 2-3 of the Kerrygold cheeses at home, but I haven’t found a place near us that carries their butter.

I bought salted + unsalted to take home, and I convinced my mom to buy one, too ;)


Dinner last night was leftovers and some green beans my mom made.


I had a little turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato/apricots, a roll with that butter, and a bunch of green beans.


These green beans were awesome! She just cooked some frozen green beans with some sliced peppers, oregano, garlic, and onion and tossed in some sliced almonds at the end. Yum!

I did have some veggies + hummus during the football game today, but I can’t find the picture! Oh well – my mom made a hummus tray with some carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, celery, and sliced peppers and we ate it all. It was a good “light lunch” to carry us over until dinner and get us some veggies.

The boys + Melissa went to a hockey game last night, and me and my mom went over to visit some family friends last night for a few hours. Too much fun…I don’t think we ever stopped laughing.

Isn’t it crazy when you see people again that you’ve known your entire life and all the kids are grown up now? It’s weird seeing everyone as tall as me and graduating and going into high school.


Oh, and I know I forgot to post the games yesterday! I can’t believe it – my brain has just been fried from all the family, friends, food, and nonstop shopping…so we’ll just consider this week a break – back at it next weekend for championship games!


I’m going to help make breakfast – once we eat and finish packing up, Nick and I are getting on the road to head home. I’m ready to see Roxy, but I’m sad this weekend is over already.


  1. Next time I’m at TJ,s, I’m going to look for that butter!!

  2. i don’t want this weekend to end either!! so sad. but you had such a fun one!! be safe driving home! :)

  3. The weirdest thing for me was the day my male cousin (who’s 9 months older than me) had a deeper voice – then I KNEW we were growing up! This weekend should never end!!

  4. That butter sounds really good!! I think I need to build a Trader Joe’s next to my apartment.

  5. Glad you found your butter–reminds me of Paula Deen lol!

  6. i love when you get those random trader joes finds! the good and bad there is that you never know what you’re going to find…

  7. I think that butter is like the Icelandic butter I got at Whole Foods – it’s so hard to describe but it is just sooooo good, agreed!

  8. I don’t think I could ever get that excited over butter. Peanut butter on the other hand…

  9. It was soo good seeing you!! I will be looking for that butter when I go to TJ’s!!! Glad you finally go to meet Al!!!

  10. I bought Kerrygold yesterday, too! Felt kind of guilty because I try to buy local stuff – and we have great local butter – but it was SO good at Foodbuzz!

  11. I agree…best butter ever.

  12. wow what a great way to eat green beans! very creative..go mom!

  13. Oooo real butter is amazing. Have you ever made your own? So much fun :-)

  14. I’ve never even heard of Irish butter! I didn’t know it could get any better! haha

  15. Yum, butter! Sounds like you had a great time.

  16. i know what you mean about kids growing up…every time i see cousins and such it blows me away; they’re not allowed to be taller than me!

  17. i LOVED that butter! so good!

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