I love the camera!

We actually have 2 Rebels now, so it’ll be great! Nick and I will both be able to take pictures on vacations or when we go hiking or just everyday and not have to worry about sharing or passing the camera back and forth. It was fun playing with it last night.




OH, and I made Nick take a picture of me in my new boots this morning, too ;)


I apparently just woke up – it barely looks like my eyes are open!

We ended up changing our plans for today once we talked to Nick’s family last night.

We got up and left the house this morning at 7:30 to drive to Richmond so we could eat breakfast with Nick’s parents and sister and her husband.


Before we left this morning, I had an apple and Nick and I split this Clif bar.


We also made a pit stop on the way and I got a cup of coffee from Hardees, but it was disgusting! I only had 2 sips and decided I would wait for coffee at the restaurant.


We met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and sat there for almost 2 hours! I know I’m lucky to have a family that gets along great…and I love it.

I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t this way. I love being in the middle of this group when everyone is cracking jokes, telling stories, and laughing so hard they have tears in their eyes.


I had coffee + water to drink and a huge pancake breakfast!


I had their normal pancakes, but took the butter off so I could put my eggs on top ;) Seriously – if you like eggs, you need to try this.

Pancakes + over easy eggs + maple syrup = Perfection


I had some turkey sausage on the side and ate every. single. bite of this plate. This is basically breakfast AND lunch and I was starving by 10:30 when we ate.


After finishing brunch, we headed over to Short Pump and shopped for Nick’s sister for a bit. I don’t know how us girls have so much fun, but we do. We can’t quit pulling stuff off the racks to try on…it feels like we just take over the stores!

After we each spent some money, we headed back to the cars to say goodbye and we got on the road around 1 to head back home  :(  It was such a short trip, but so fun! I’m glad we got to see everyone.

I’m actually in the van right now writing this so  I can hit publish as soon as we get home – there’s a Hokie game on at 3:30!


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  1. FABULOUS camera shots!

  2. I love the cracker barrel breakfasts. I need to get there after all this craziness. I love their pancakes :-)

  3. yay for the camera!! i love the foot shot! :D

  4. LOVE the boots!! :)

    And mmm hot coffee and pancakes sounds so delicious right now! Is it crazy that i’ve never had coffee AND eggs with maple syrup before?! Never thought to combine the two!

  5. I’m so jealous of your camera, I’m asking for one for Christmas, but I don’t know the first thing about Rebels!

    Sounds like a fun morning, I would have been famished by 10:30am as well! :)

  6. Your brunch sounds terrific. I definitely agree how nice it is when everyone laughs and has a good time

  7. ah I can not wait to view the beautifully yummy pictures that the rebel captures :)

    I am slightly bitter at how gorgeous you look in the morning. I don’t allow myself to be seen for at least 2 hours after waking up ;) It’s scary!

    p.s. love the new boots!

  8. What brand are your new boots? :)

  9. i would never think to put an over easy egg over pancakes like that, but it sure looks good! i love over easy eggs sooo much, especially when toast and you soak up all the yolk! Glad you had such a good day! :) oxoxx


  10. You were right down the street from my house girl! We coulda ran into each other over at Short Pump, I was over there today too :) Don’t you LOVE that mall… it’s dangerous that I am close enough to walk there hahaha

  11. Cute boots AND cute doggie!

  12. WOW – I loved your pictures before…but these are amazing! LOVE your boots, too. I have a bit of a boot obsession lately.

  13. loving the boots + fun with the camera! i looove runny eggs on pancakes. yum. and i caught up on all your delicious eats while back home.. mmmm, you did well! loved the fudgey pie. have fun watching football.. i am actually watching a game right now can you believe it? no idea what is going on though…

  14. You are so lucky with 2 rebels! I just want one, sheesh! :)

  15. ahhhh i am so jealous of your new cam! your pics are always gorgeous, though :)

    ummm your boots are ADORABLE! i love them. and there is no shame in a gal finding every opportunity to shop. no shame.

    and i will be trying eggs + pancakes + maple syrup – that sounds like the perfect hangover cure :)

    love you girl!

  16. Your boots and the puppy are adorable!!

    And, congrats on the new camera :) It seems like you are having lots of fun so far and I know you’ll take amazing pics with it, even if it’s not a Nikon, haha! ;)

  17. great camera shots!! i LOVE cracker barrel..such a homey feel too! ive never put egg on my pancakes.. umm genious!

  18. I have my eye on a Rebel and I am so jealous!

  19. Really cute boots girl! Love em! That camera looks awesome!! Takes amazing photos I bet. I havent been to a cracker barrel in so long, but I remember it having all the awesome comfort I love. Your breakfast looks so good. I laughed cause I used to always put maple syrup on my eggs (ssoo good!) I havent tried the eggs on top of pancakes yet though but I bet that is really good too! Looks fabulous and Im so glad you had a great time!!=)

  20. Congrats on the new camera (way jealous). I’m a new reader and am very excited to read more.

    ~ Hillary

  21. Loooving the boots! :-)

  22. Looove the boots! I bought about 5 new pairs on Black Friday! When you live in MN it’s a must ;-)

  23. love your boots and love CB………… yummm

  24. I am so jealous. A Canon Rebel is definitely on my wish list!

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