Mexican + More Shopping

Okay, I’m finally home for good tonight!

We went to one of my family’s favorite little Mexican places for dinner tonight – I was hungry! All that shopping today kicked up my appetite.


I got a bean and mushroom quesadilla with some guacamole salad and some rice. Their rice was actually pretty good, but all I wanted was the bean-y, cheesy mushroom filling in the quesadilla  :)


And no, these pictures aren’t taken with the Rebel! ;) It was charging at home, but I’ve already been playing with it and am in love.

My mom, sister, Mammaw, and I all went to Kohls after dinner, too. It’s an addiction! Once I get in the shopping mood, that’s all I want to do.

I did find a few sweaters at Kohls, though, so it was worth the trip.

We got back home a while ago and have been sitting around talking and watching the football games….and having more pie.

Or I did!


Gotta get it while I can.

We have another early morning tomorrow – we’re going to meet Nick’s parents, sister and her husband for a few hours, and I can’t wait to see everyone.

My feet are killing me and I’m ready for pajamas.



  1. I don’t think I’d have your stamina. I had some random quesadilla pizza thing I made tonight for dinner and it was good but I’d love some of your dinner.

  2. 1:20 am and I’m reading food blogs. Your chocolate pie picture actually made my stomach growl. Jessica said it best…it really does look sinful. So, I’m repenting for lusting after your pie and I’m going to bed. HA ha!

  3. I need to figure out how to make that pie gluten free…

  4. that pie looks amazing! :) have fun at your hubbys parents house! :)

  5. Sounds like you had a fun day filled with shopping! :)

    Your dinner and the pie look delicious!

    Enjoy your weekend! :)

  6. That pie still looks delicious! I need to eat more mexican

  7. Man that pie looks amazing. I’m such a sucker for undercooked, gooey, anything :)

  8. Oh! I bought that saigon cinnamon!

  9. Wow! MORE shopping! I looove me some Khol’s though :)
    That chocolate pie looks amazing, Brandi!

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