Black Friday Fun!

Well, my mom, my sister and I are about to leave the house for some Black Friday shopping!

It’s one of our traditions to go – we always go to the same mall, and we’re usually done shopping around lunchtime when the crowds start getting really bad.

We never go to places like Walmart where the people are just insane – we just take it easy, walk around and look at whatever want, and barely ever go near a long line  :)

I was up and ready for some shopping today and just finished eating breakfast.



I was hungry when I woke up today, too, which is a good sign: that means I didn’t eat way too much yesterday!

I cooked up 2 eggs and some oatbran, sprinkled on some salt + crushed red pepper and have an apple for the road.



and there WILL be coffee once we hit the mall ;)

Wish us luck! I’m on the lookout for a few gifts + boots for myself.


Do you go out for Black Friday shopping?


  1. No shopping for me – too many people out, haha ;)

    Enjoy the $ales!

  2. No shopping for me either, I just can’t handle the crazy people!!

  3. Have fun! My dad and I almost went to Target at 5 this morning but there wasn’t enough this year to be motivating

  4. I’m thinking about going shopping. Can’t decide yet.

  5. Fun! My mom and I went to Kohls at 4am this morning, haha. It actually wasn’t too bad :)

  6. Good luck today! Hope you score some deals and make it home with all of your limbs still attached ;)

  7. I was going to go to a store nearby, but got up and looked outside and it was pouring, so I went back to bed :)

  8. happy thanksgiving dear brandi! loved all your posts – the food looks delish and it looks like you got to spend some quality time with fam, which is obviously most important :)

    apparently the walmart here had to STOP allowing people to come inside because it was that insane. seriously. target may be in my future later, but who knows :)

  9. GOOD luck hitting the mall!! you are a beast for that.. im not brave enough!

  10. I used to go around 9 or 10am before all the busy afternoon but after the crazy early morning.

    I went at 5am this year and NEVER AGAIN!! It was nuts!

  11. I sure do! I just got back, and I am so excited for the Holidays! I even wore a Holiday colored outfit haha, I am a bit ridiculous. :-P

  12. I wanted to go but I was too scared of the crowds! Good luck at the mall ;-)

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