Road Fuel

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving Eve :)

Yesterday afternoon was pretty busy at work, so I finished things up as fast as I could while I snacked on some Oikos, pom arils, and dark chocolate chips.


Last night, we ended up going out with a few friends to play pool, have some snacks + drinks, and listen to the Hokie radio show – it was so much fun! We got home around 10 (which is late for me!) and Nick and I went right to sleep.

At least we didn’t have to wake up to an alarm clock today! We’ve been having a nice morning at home.

We just moved my dresser back upstairs and I’m about to start packing so we can leave the house in an hour or two.

I didn’t have any pumpkin left for oatmeal, so I had eggs!




I took 2 slices of Nature’s Pride Whole Wheat bread, cut holes in them with a biscuit cutter and then cooked them, one at a time, with an egg cracked in the middle.


We had some pineapple that needed to be eaten, so we both had some of it with our breakfasts today.


And I also had a mini nutella sandwich with my bread rounds :)

Plus coffee!


I’ve still got to pack my entire bag, but once that’s done, we’re ready to hit the road!


See ya when we get there!



  1. Hey sweety!! Your snack looks sooo delicious!! I so have to buy some Pom ASAP!! I already saw some at the turkish shop near me!! Have to have a snake like yours!!
    Have a safe trip! And I hope that by the time you’re back my package has finally arrived!!! It’s a little annoying, so sorry for that!! Hug n.

  2. hope you get all the packing done asap so you can hit the road and begin your Thanksgiving!!! yay!!! be safe!

  3. Love the mini nutella sandwich :-) Happy turkey day!

  4. Hi Brandi!

    Have a wonderful Holiday!

    *I need a tutorial on pomegranates.
    I am dying to buy one.
    Future Blog Post Maybe?
    How do you pick one at the market and how do you cut it?

  5. i LOVE your cute mini nutella sandwich!! have a safe trip

  6. Yum, I think I’m going to need to go with eggs for lunch because that looks so good

  7. I love popping the pom arils in my mouth so I would probably love that yogurt.

    Have fun for the holiday :-)

  8. i LOVE your mini nutella sammies – they are so cute! safe travels dear brandi!

  9. The mini nutella sandwich gets me every time! Have a safe trip!!

  10. Looks so delicious! Have a wonderful trip!!

  11. Yummmmy! your pomegranite, chocolate chip yogurt mess looks soo good, brandy! ooh, i want . :)

    I love pineapple. expeically when it is going ripe :D nice and sweet, and super juicy! one of my favorite fruits!

    have a safe trip :)

  12. Yum, mini nutella sandwich sounds awesome!

    Travel Safe!

  13. ahhhh the mini rounds are SO SO SO CUTE! And what a wonderful way to use up the bread…nutella is totally the way to go. I also love that you have both sweet and savory in 1 meal. Mmmmm….

  14. i love eggs in a basket! havent had them in a bit. have safe travels sweetie!! xoxo

  15. Another beautiful brekkie! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Nutella and eggs sounds like a fabulous way to start the holiday weekend. Safe travels!

  17. Glad you had a fun night out with friends :)

  18. sure a road fuel!! hehe!1 great one!!
    cheers and happy thanx giving!!

  19. have a great holiday, Brandi!

  20. Wishing you a safe trip and a wonderful Thanksgiving dear Brandi. Enjoy every moment of this glorious holiday! :)

  21. I bet the arils and dark chocolate go together wonderfully!

  22. Hi , it is Thanksgiving Day! I’m happy with my extra day off, and I am planning to make something fun that’ll probably involve a bike ride and seeing something new in Fremont I haven’t seen yet.
    You write something new at Thanksgiving?

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