Reduce and Reuse

Happy fake Friday to me! I’m so happy today is my last day this week…I’m ready for days full of laughter, food, and family.

I had to put together some random stuff for lunch today – I did not pack anything last night and didn’t have much to choose from this morning, so I just grabbed what I could and hoped it would taste good!


Salad with:

  • Romaine
  • Broccoli
  • Leftover roasted acorn squash + eggplant
  • Leftover roasted sweet potato
  • Spicy hummus


Plus an apple!


Not the best planned lunch ever, but I didn’t want to waste any of this food.

I’m going to have a busy afternoon, finishing up things before heading out of town for a few days, but I did want to share this awesome promotion from Stonyfield Farm.

We are now rewarding our consumers for buying our yogurt in quarts with a free reusable yogurt cup!

“When consumers buy our quarts instead of single-serving cups, they pay less for their yogurt, but we know that a quart is not as convenient as single-serving cups for on the go consumption,” says our President and CE-Yo Gary HIrshberg. “The reusable yogurt cup gives our quart buyers the convenience of the Stonyfield 6 oz cups by providing a way to create easily transportable single servings for anywhere, anytime.”

Yogurt lovers just have to buy four Stonyfield yogurt quarts through December, and mail in the foil lids (describing this offer), and they’ll receive the reusable, eight-ounce yogurt cup made by Preserve®. Made from 100% recycled plastic, the cup is perfect for yogurt-lovers on the go, the ideal size for breakfast or a snack, with room to stir in fruit or granola. It’s dishwasher safe, BPA-free with a screw-on lid – and it’s made in the US.

Consumers will also get $4.50 worth of Stonyfield and Preserve coupons along with the cup.

Our recycling partner since 2000, Preserve uses innovative methods to turn used materials (including used Stonyfield yogurt cups) into stylish, useful household products like toothbrushes, colanders, cutting boards and tableware. Preserve products are 100% recycled and recyclable too.

Consumers can mail clean foil lids, with name, address and phone number on an index card or 4” x 6” sheet of paper by February 28, 2010 to:

Stonyfield Farm

Reusable Cup Offer

PO Box 4840

Manchester, NH 03108-4840

Cups will be shipped starting in January, 2010 with delivery in 10 to 12 weeks. This offer is good only in the US, while cup supplies last, and is limited to one cup per household (to better spread the love around).

Who doesn’t need a cup to carry yogurt in? I know I do. I would much rather buy the bigger tubs of yogurt so I don’t waste so much material, but some containers just don’t work well for yogurt.


What’s your favorite yogurt? Do you like flavored or plain?


  1. My favorite is 0% Plain Fage. But I actually like pretty much any kind of yogurt!

  2. Honestly I’m just a plain vanilla girl–any brand works for me!

  3. I always go for plain greek and Oikos rocks! I can’t wait to get me a container

  4. I like plain and add my own flavor. Although I did buy the Trader Joe’s new vanilla greek yogurt and ate the entire container yesterday :-/

  5. I like plain and vanilla – so I can add stuff to it!

  6. Salads with leftover veggies are always yummy and satisfying… in fact, I had one today!

    As long as the yogurt is Greek-style, I’m typically a big fan :).

  7. i found 4 oz containers (rubbermaid easy find lid ones) and managed to get them for a quarter each (sale + coupon!) and i LOVE them for taking yogurt… cause the big ones are cheaper and less wasteful (and schools dont have a plastic recycling bin. at home i do-it it’s a difference of NO waste being thrown out vs lots of little cups)
    i buy plain and add things. i love nancy’s honey whole milk stuff

  8. I’m a plain yogurt girl too! I am looking forward to getting my own container for yogurt- such a great idea!

    I’ve had lots of days when I just throw stuff together in the morning and sometimes it just doesn’t work out, but you lunch looks good!

  9. I could defninately use yogurt container. It would be cost effective as well as eco-friendly :)

  10. Love yogurt! Stoneyfield Farms, Wallaby and Oikos are among my favorites. Pretty much like all flavors except for rasberry. Just don’t like it for some reason. Plain is great with fresh fruit mix-ins! Yay for short weeks and Holidays! Have a great Thanksgiving :)

  11. i usually go for the plain stuff because i like flavoring it myself with whatever i feel like at the time. I love adding in cocoa powder or some fruit in it. Peanut butter is always a good addition too!

  12. that is great that stoneyfield is doing that! i think i will have to repost that on my blog. thanks for the tip. my favorite yogurt is actually oikos plain! you are so lucky that today is your friday! enjoy your extra long weekend my dear!

  13. i’ve always loved plain yogurt because then when you add things in, it takes on that flavor!!!!

    Happy Fake friday! :)

  14. I like plain as a substitute for mayo or sour cream. I also like to mix pumpkin butter or almond butter with it. But if I’m eating yogurt plain I prefer fruity like raspberry.

  15. That’s pretty cool of Stonyfield to do!
    I like plain yogurt the best. That way I can doctor it up they way I like :D

  16. I’ve recently made the switch from vegetarian to vegan, so I just started eating again. I’d have to say my favorite kind is “Siggi’s.” It’s Icelandic-style skyr strained non-fat yogurt and it comes in awesome flavors like grapefruit, orange and ginger, acai, pomegranate and passion fruit, and just plain and vanilla and other normal flavors. I lurve it. ;-)

  17. I love random thrown together lunches- that salad looks great!

    I’m not sure I am convinced about the reusable yogurt cup- it’s essentially tupperware? *confused*

    I am a die-hard Fage fan ;)

  18. I like plain Greek Gods yogurt a lot right now.

    Lunch looks great even if it was random!

  19. I am obsessed with flavored greek — but the plain is a great substitution for sour cream!

  20. I like both flavored and plain – just depends on the mood.

  21. definitely a plain greek yogurt girl! i like to add my own sweetness!

  22. such a creative meal there!

    i love greek yogurt..but also vanilla too!

  23. Stonyfield farms is always having really good promotions and such going! I actually love Wal-Mart’s Great Value Light Banana Cream Pie the best!

  24. I love meals like that. Plus, how can roasted veggies ever taste bad?! Right, they can’t :)

    My favorite yogurt is no doubt Fage 2%. Plain all the way! I had a blueberry Chobani a week or so ago, and it was just way too sweet for me.

  25. Thats so awesome about the re usable containers! :D

    favorite yogurt. SoNice vanilla. WholeSoy lemon ( i soo wish they made this in Canada! ), and YoSoy blueberry :)

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