Not N’Sync

I had a funny dream last night – probably one of the strangest dreams I’ve had in a while.

In my dream, I was at an amusement park with a bunch of bloggers I met in San Francisco a few weeks ago and N’SYNC. Weird, right?

Apparently, I was also married to J.C., which is weird enough because when I was listening to N’SYNC back in the day, I was totally a Justin girl.

Anyway – even though we were married, J.C. and I couldn’t hang out at all in public because he always needed to look single or something, so I ended up walking around the park with Kelly from The Pink Apron and talking about shoes.

Of course, I wanted to find out what happened in the dream, so I ended up turning off my alarm clock and Nick never set his for today so I woke up late again.

Then Roxy decided to do an encore of last Monday morning…and it’s gray and gloomy and rainy. And I feel a headache starting.

It seems as though Monday is trying to sabotage me today, but I’m going to fight it!


First, with a good breakfast.


Pumpkin oats, actually.

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • cinnamon!
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin
  • 1 Tbsp crunchy pb
  • 1 Tbsp dark chocolate chips


If K starts almost every morning with Reese Oats, I figured I would try, too.

Even though it’s nasty and rainy and Monday…I’m going to have a good day!


Funniest dream you’ve had?

Or an easier question? N’SYNC or Backstreet Boys?


  1. Backstreet Boys!

    Don’t fret girl, it’s really Wednesday today!!! No Monday blues, the week is already half over!! :)

  2. N Sync baby! I went to 4 of their concerts :)

  3. Too funny – sometimes I wake up, remember my dreams and am like huh?? Where does this stuff come from! Haha! I’d have to say I was a Backstreet girl…memories!

  4. Thats a great dream. I never can remember my dreams when I wake up.

  5. Thanks for the shout out!! Reese’s oats are the best – love your combination with the pumpkin. Sounds delicious :)

    I loved N’SYNC but I was also a Justin girl, still am! One of my trainers used to make fun of me because she said that Justin sang like a woman – maybe he does but I don’t care, he’s hot!

  6. I was a Hanson girl :)

  7. Weird but funny dream, and I was never a crazy fan or follower of either. I still don’t know the difference between the 2!
    Great oatmeal, love the chocolate chip addition!

  8. I had weird dreams last night too…one of them about reconnecting with a friend I haven’t seen in a good 10-15 years!

    N’ Sync.

  9. My funniest dream I have no idea. But I was totally a NSYNC girl. I just didn’t know about Lance because he was my favorite :-)

  10. haha i’ve been having some crazy dreams recently too!

    PUMPKIN REECES OATS!! i love ittttttttttt

  11. I’ll aadmit I liked the both but I think Backstreet Boys is the “classier” answer, haha.

  12. Oh man I was totally an Nsync girl!! I was obsessed. And I was totally a Justin girl too. That dream is hilarious.

  13. Haha! Great dream!
    Personally, I was a BSB girl all the way, but I did love me some N’Sync every now and again :)

    And I WANT your bowl of oatmeal. I am at work and I’m starving because I had no time for grocery shopping this weekend :(

  14. I had the EXACT same breakfast today! No lie. ok minus the banana and plus nutmeg and ginger but apart from that we are breakfast twins! It was awesome, wasn’t it? ;)

  15. That sounds like a fun dream! I wish my dreams were like that!

  16. Yum, I want pumpkin oat! My store was out of canned pumpkin yesterday…crazy!

  17. Both! But if I had to pick, probably N*SYNC!

  18. N’Sync! I used to like JC, but now I can’t get enough of Justin! I can’t remember what my funniest dream was but I remember dreaming about my cousin, Justin, and I wanted to get his attention so I yelled his name in my sleep. My husband was sleeping next to me and thought I was dreaming about Justin Timberlake. I tried to explain to him that I was dreaming about my cousin but he wouldn’t believe me! Your dream was hilarious, BTW! Have a good Monday!

  19. N Sync! Ah, now I am going to spend my evening searching for youtube videos…90’s music rocked.

    Hope your Monday gets better!

  20. I was totally an N’sync fan, and i was a J.C girl. totally jealous of your dream,i wanna marry him lol

  21. Nice dream Brandi! I can’t wait to see you over the break!!! I’m trying to think of my weirdest dream, because I know I’ve had some, but I just can’t think of any right this minute! Love ya!

  22. I totally had a dream about JC from N’Sync a few months ago and I was a Justin girl too. That’s too funny.

    Sorry your morning started off rough again. I hope your day got better!

  23. hahaha oh my gosh what a funny random dream! i didnt like ANY boy bands. i was actually into punk rock during that time! yummy oats.

  24. whatever one that Justin Timberlake was in ( is it bad that I cant remember!?? haha )

    and hot dang, brandy! your oatmeal looks to die for <3

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